Impact Wrestling Results (9/1/2020) — Edwards vs. Young


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing September 1st, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Emergence Night 2

#1. Sami Callihan vs. Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) — Winner: Sami Callihan

Rob Van Dam is such a sore loser he attacks Callihan with a chair and Katie’s booty. It’s a pretty lethal combination.


– Fallah Bahh loses in arm wrestling to Hernandez. Reno Scum turn up and tell him there’s no Heath in the building. There’s no way they can lose. This time, Reno Scum want the whole thing upfront. Hernandez says if they take out Rhino, it’s theirs.

– Rosemary sits down, as does Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Bravo to tell their sides to this story. Bravo doesn’t know what to do. Rosemary thinks that maybe this was it, but then the Valkyrie made it clear they have unfinished business. Bravo kept the truth from her. Taya feels betrayed. Rosemary felt they were getting on the same page, but Taya’s pissed they kept it from her. Tonight, Bravo might walk away with neither. Taya says they are not leaving til she says they are leaving. It’s Wrestle House time!

– Swinger lost the blindfold match last week, so he is embarrassed to come out of his room. Susie makes everyone promise they won’t laugh at him. It works, and Swinger comes out looking like a clown. They lightly insult him, and Swinger wants out of this as soon as possible. Moving on, Tommy Dreamer tells Johnny Bravo he will be the referee for the match between Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary.

#2. [Handicap] Rhino vs. Reno Scum — Winner: Rhino with an assist from Heath’s finisher, the Wake Up Call

– Scott D’Amore is out with security, because Heath does not work for Impact and is trespassing.

– EC3 is giving Moose an opportunity. An allotted time to show him what he can do, otherwise, he will send him the TNA title in pieces. Moose grabs a guy backstage and tells him to call the police, because there’s a hostage situation. EC3 is holding his title hostage.

– The Good Brothers are telling a story about them at a bar, when big LG (Luke Gallows) fell asleep while standing up like an elephant. Rascalz are invited to listen to them, but they don’t seem interested and walk off.

– Swinger’s giving Bravo some advice, but he can’t be taken seriously while dressed as a clown. The Deaners tell Bravo to follow the #1 rule of WrestleHouse: never listen to anything Johnny Swinger says. They get in the face of Larry D again and ask him if he took their beers. Apparently the truce is off this time? So they start brawling.

#3. [Wrestle House Brawl] Triple XL vs. The Deaners

Somehow, this brawl turns in to an epic table tennis match between Acey & Cody. Meanwhile. Larry & Jake have a more traditional fight. Cody falls in to a trailer and Acey wants to take out the trash, but is countered. Romero takes the elevator, so Cody frantically runs down the stairs to catch him unaware. The action is so ridiculous it’s hard to call. In the end, Cody finds a beer bottle under Larry’s bed, which spurs him on to knock Larry out cold.

Acey comes to save him, but Larry transforms in to the “ring rust” wearing, romancer dude again. Susie appears… and seriously hates what she is seeing. She loses the plot, as Su Yung begins to creep out of her psyche. Susie leaves the room and her hands are covered in blood, which Tommy discovers after declaring her the winner? He quickly runs away. What happened to them?? Did she kill Triple XL and The Deaners for breaking the truce??

Winner: Susie??? She killed everyone???

#4. The Rascalz, Dez & Wentz vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton — Winners: The Rascalz with a Spiral Tap

– Motor City Machine Guns turn up. They think they are deserving of another shot at the Guns. There seems to be a lot of respect shown, but Motor City Machine Guns are confident they will defend their titles against The Rascalz. Austin & Fulton have other ideas, attacking them from behind. MCMG run down to make the save.

– Deonna Purrazzo is not impressed with what others will be wearing to her “Black Tie” event. She asks Kimber Lee if she will be her curator, to ensure no one will trash her event. Moose pops up and asks if anyone has seen EC3… “NO!”

– TJP interrupts Rohit Raju talking to his X Division Championship. He’s straight to the point, asking for a title shot. Chris Bey still has his rematch, so if TJP arranges a match with him and can take him out? Then there’s a chance.

*During the next match, you can see Triple XL & The Deaners at ringside and they are all bandaged up. This implies Susie did not kill them, but did injure them to some degree*

#5. [Wrestle House Match With Johnny Bravo On The Line] Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary (w/ Special Referee Johnny Bravo) — Winner: Taya Valkyrie with the Road to Valhalla

After the match, Rosemary looks dejected. Johnny Bravo pulls out a ring and proposes, explaining that he can still be Taya’s manager and marry her. The business side of life should not affect his personal life. Valkyrie gives her stamp of approval. Kylie Rae says this is the sweetest thing she’s ever seen, but can they get back to the Impact zone now? Rosemary asks Taya if they should? And she agrees.

We wrap it up with Crazzy Steve admitting it was he who took The Deaner’s beer, but only because he couldn’t read the labels (I believe he is at least partially blind?). The cast gather in the ring one final time, and collectively teleport out of the Wrestle House dimension.

Deonna Purrazzo’s Black Tie Celebration

Kimber Lee introduces the first-ever Ironwoman of Impact Wrestling. Let’s raise a glass to her being the Knockouts Champion. She has painted a masterpiece since coming to Impact. If there were any doubts she is the greatest technical wrestler in the world, they were dashed when she defeated Jordynne Grace at Emergence. Nothing, and no one, can ruin her night.

Jordynne Grace enters, albeit under dressed for the occasion. She congratulates Deonna on her victory… she deserved it, but she won’t hold on to it forever. It’s not going to last. Tenille Dashwood’s music plays… she’s here! It’s been a while. Wow, well this is amazing. She recognizes how special it is that everyone turned up for her return. It’s all about her after all, so it makes sense.

She understands Deonna getting a little emotional, but she has never defeated her. Jordynne angers quickly and fires at Tenille, because she couldn’t be bothered to turn up to work. Suddenly… the Wrestle House cast appear in the ring via teleportation!! They are all back in the Impact zone! Kylie Rae takes out Kimber Lee with a Super Kick and has hold of the Knockouts title. Purrazzo is upset that her event was completely ruined. Kylie is excited to be back in the Impact Zone, so can she finally have her shot at the title someday soon. This officially ends the first, and possibly last season of Wrestle House? We’ll see.

#6. [World Championship] Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Eric Young — Winner: Eric Young uses a hockey mask behind the referee’s back, and then drops Eddie with a Piledriver to become the NEW Impact World Heavyweight Champion!

The World Class Maniac reclaims the Impact World title! Honestly guys, I did not see that coming. At the end of the show, Moose walks in to a room and comes across a wall of pictures. They are all of him… has EC3 been stalking him for months?? He rips the photo-boards down and a message is revealed on the whiteboard underneath… “You Have Been Warned”.

— Impact Wrestling Results (9/1/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (9/1/2020)

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