Impact Wrestling Results (9/29/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing on September 29, 2022. Did you miss the previous episode? You can catch up with the results here: 9/22

Impact Wrestling Results (9/29/2022)

#1. Bullet Club’s Ace Austin & Chris Bey (w/ Juice Robinson) vs. Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid — Winners: Bullet Club

#2. [Digital Media Championship] Brian Myers (c) vs. Crazzy Steve — Winner: Brian Myers retains

Brian Myers says he has made the Digital Media Championship the most prestigious in all of Impact Wrestling. But where’s the competition? At Bound For Glory, he is issuing an open challenge to anyone who will step up.


– Johnny Swinger’s former Swingeralla who he was engaged to shows up, but he can’t remember their wedding. John E. Bravo returns for the first time in forever. After some hijinks with Taya Valkyrie, Jessicka, and making light of Wrestle House 2, they tease a return of Swinger’s Palace.

– I believe in Joe Hendry song time! Let’s do this.

– Rosemary is frustrated that Jessicka is acting like a human, so she asks Father James Mitchell to do something. He’s too busy with Max The Impaler, though. Taya Valkyrie doesn’t understand why she won’t accept Jessicka for who she is. Will she help them to prepare for Bound For Glory? Rosemary is in.

#3. Black Taurus vs. Delirious — Winner: Black Taurus

– Bobby Fish only wants to face legitimate competition, and there’s nobody more legit than Josh Alexander. He also has a lot of history with Eddie Edwards. He’d like to challenge Alexander or Edwards after Bound For Glory.

Honor No More’s Victory Road victory celebration

Eddie Edwards says we are here to celebrate their success at Victory Road. They proved exactly what Honor No More is capable of, and that he can beat Josh Alexander. But no matter how great it was, there were still some setbacks. Once again, he needs to look at PCO… he lost to the Motor City Machine Guns. They had one job, to soften them up before Bound For Glory. The problem was he steps up at the wrong moments. Who does he think he is? He will make this simple.

He steps up when he tells him to, otherwise he steps back and shuts his mouth. Vincent puts a black bag over PCO’s head to calm him down. Matt Taven takes the microphone and says Impact has done nothing for them. They’ve done everything they can to stop them. Management is a bunch of melvins, because the tag titles now belong to the OGK’s. That wasn’t a fluke, it was pure talent, and come Bound For Glory, Edwards is going to pin Josh Alexander again.

Mike Bennett says he was the first person to pin Alexander since Moose did it at last year’s BFG. Maria says that it’s even bigger than that because when Moose pinned Josh, he’d already had a match, so he was taking advantage of that. What Eddie did was win clean to a fresh Josh Alexander. So, that makes him the better man and wrestler. In celebration of that victory, she has prepared an artistic and soon to be trending video package. We see Eddie beating Alexander repeatedly.

Maria gets a chant for what was a lame package. Eddie says fortune favors the bold, and yes, he made a bold decision when he turned his back on Impact for Honor No More. The thing about fortune is it favors the righteous. He turned on everyone he fought for because they turned their backs on him. At Bound For Glory, he will win again, because what they fight for is truly righteous. Here comes Josh Alexander, the Impact World Champion. He laughs at the comment of being righteous.

Eddie sounds like a broken record. Josh says this is all about fear for him and every member of Honor No More. They are afraid of being overlooked and insignificant. This will be like any fight he has ever been in, only this time they see the prize differently. Edwards sees the title has job security, while he sees it as whoever holds it as the best wrestler on Earth. This isn’t an imaginary war; it’s about finding out the best really is. Edwards says he has been blinded by management’s lies.

It’s clear that his eyes will need to be forced open in eight days, when he regrets the decision not to join them with all of his soul. Walking in to Bound For Glory, he has momentum, and his family Honor No More, while he walks in all alone. Alexander says he should know better. The second he turned his back on everything, he fights on behalf of everyone he betrayed. Pay attention and hear this. The only one who is outnumbered at BFG is him.

Edwards says if that’s true he would fight all of Honor No More right now. He has no problem with that. Josh walks right into the group and is swarmed. Rich Swann arrives to back up the champ. Heath isn’t far behind. Motor City Machine Guns too. The fighting has to stop because they have a match scheduled.

#4. Heath & Rich Swann vs. Vincent & PCO — Winners: Rich Swann & Heath with the Phoenix Splash

– Moose admits that there was a deal with Steve Maclin, but after Victory Road that is out of the window because he’s entering it. In eight days, he becomes two-time Impact World Champion. Maclin doesn’t like the sound of that so they start fighting.

– Sami Callihan had so much fun at Victory Road he wants another triple threat with Moose & Steve Maclin. Scott D’Amore says that he’s such a pain in his ass that he will give him the next best thing, which is a singles match between Maclin & Moose with him as special guest referee.

#5. [Monster’s Ball] Masha Slamovich vs. Allie Katch — Winner: Slamovich with a Snowplow into thumbtacks and cut up soda cans

–Impact Wrestling Results (9/29/2022)–

Impact Wrestling Results (9/29/2022)

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