Impact Wrestling Results (9/9/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing September 9th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: September 2nd

Impact Wrestling Results (9/9/2021)

#1. Tasha Steelz (w/ Savannah Evans) vs. Rosemary (w/ Havok) — Winner: Rosemary

Post match, Tasha steals the belts and provides enough of a distraction to help Savannah get the upper hand over the champions.

– Ace Austin feels prepared to face Christian Cage for the Impact World title. He has been prepared for a long time, and Victory Road is only 9 days away. Madman Fulton wants to have a conversation with Scott D’Amore, so they leave the interview.

Austin thinks Christian should have an opponent next week, and Fulton isn’t scheduled for a match either, so how about it? Scott thinks it’s a great idea, let’s make it happen. No wait, let’s turn it in to a six-man tag. No! Even better, let’s make it a 10-man tag! Thanks for the suggestion Austin, although I don’t think that’s what he was looking for. They go searching for partners right away, and the first invitation goes to Brian Myers. He’s in. One down, two to find.

– Rhino was left alone in the cell for a week. Sometimes evil is a necessary good, and violence is the cure. It is time to fulfill their destiny. Rhino has been baptized again by the holy waters of change. The world doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to us.

#2. [Bunkhouse Match] Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows) vs. Rich Swann — Winner: Karl Anderson with the Gun Stun

– Mickie James redefined her career in Impact as Hardcore Country, and it seems Deonna Purrazzo has forgotten what that is all about. She’s going to get it sooner than later.

– Matt Rehwoldt says art is creation, it comes from within, what they do day in, day out, it is art. He wants to express himself so badly, so just wait for next week.

– Josh Alexander thinks it’s not so great that Chris Sabin lost the X-Division title 8 times. Christian Cage walks in on his interview, he has a question for him. Does he want to join his team tonight? Alexander grew up not far away from where he did and looked up to his example, so of course he’d join his team. Still, he respectfully wants to step in the ring someday for the world title.

– Rohit Raju would apologize for what he did to Chelsea Green last week, but he looked in to her eyes and she wanted it. She wanted a real man to take control. Matt Cardona isn’t enough of a man for her.

#3. Chris Bey vs. David Finlay — Winner: David Finlay with an assist from Juice Robinson

Hikuleo is here! He takes FinJuice on while Bey introduces a steel chair. Chokeslam! The Bullet Club put a chair on Robinson’s ankle and Bey lands on it hard. That was certainly too sweet for them, but not for Juice.

– Scott D’Amore is with Josh Alexander and Chris Sabin. He’s very excited about this one, all the terms are sorted out, so they should give it a quick review if they like, otherwise let’s make it official. Alexander says this is more than a match, it’s about building a legacy. Nobody has beat him for this title yet, and Sabin isn’t doing it at Victory Road. D’amore understands one of them is coming out of the match as the winner, but they are pillars of the X-Division and the Impact brand, so he hopes they would shake hands afterward.

After Scott & Josh walk out of the room, Christian Cage walks in to give Sabin an invitation. He is more than happy to accept.

– Johnny Swinger asks the odds for him getting in this main event tonight, daddy… but the odds aren’t great. TJP, Fallah Bahh and No Way turn up at Swinger’s Palace, and TJP puts money on Steve Maclin beating Petey Williams. No Way almost gets banned for being disrespectful. Su Yung’s bridesmaids pop up to see what’s going on.

#4. Petey Williams vs. Steve Maclin — Winner: Steve Maclin with an assist from TJP, Bahh & No Way’s conga line

– Sami Callihan can’t believe Eddie Edwards won’t accept his help after what happened last week. Christian Cage is here to ask if they will join his team next week, which Callihan accepts, but Edwards wants nothing to do with it while he’s on the team.

– After being asked if he knows anyone else who would join his team, Austin says he always has an ace up his sleeve. Moose & W. Morrissey chime in by saying that if either Eddie Edwards or Sami Callihan are on Christian Cage’s team, they want in.

#5. Moose vs. Eddie Edwards — Winner: Moose with the Spear and help from W. Morrissey

The two big guys beat down on Eddie until Chris Sabin makes the save. Brian Myers & The Professionals rush out to tip the scale in the heels favor. Josh Alexander helps out, but then Ace Austin & Madman Fulton double team him. Here comes Christian Cage! He hits the Killswitch on Fulton. Christian & Eddie work together on Austin and Christian goes after him when they throw him out.

W. Morrissey & Moose double team Eddie, and his wife Alisha comes out with a kendo stick. She tries her best, but Morrissey stops it is about to chokeslam her… “ICU”, Sami Callihan appears from nowhere. He has a baseball bat for Eddie and they scare Moose & Morrissey out of the ring. Christian Cage asks if they will both join his team and they eventually accept. Cage’s team is himself, Josh Alexander, Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan. See you next week!

— Impact Wrestling Results (9/9/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (9/9/2021)

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