Victory Road Results – 9/28/17


Welcome to Victory Road. No spoilers and keep the politics in the off topic section. Thank you.

Trevor Lee def Petey Williams to retain the X Division Title. Great back and forth match. The end came when Petey Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer but Caleb Konley pulled the ref out of the ring. Petey pleaded with the ref to not DQ Trevor. The ref kicked Caleb out from ringside. Trevor hit Petey with the belt but Petey kicked out. Petey went for the Canadian Destroyer again but Lee countered and sent Petey into the ropes and hit the jumping Double Knee finisher for the three count.

Sienna, Taryn, & Taya def Allie, Rosemary, & Gail in a Six Knockout Tag Team Match. Most of the feuding women avoided each other throughout the match. The end came when things broke down and everyone started brawling. Taya jumped off the top rope onto Rosemary on the outside. Gail dove off the apron onto Taya. Allie went for reverse springboard bulldog on Taryn but Sienna pushed her into the corner and rolled her up, putting her feet on the ropes, for the three count.

Eli Drake cut a promo backstage about how he gets no respect and he’s going to take out Johnny Impact tonight.

James Storm cuts a promo in the ring about the AAA guys who jumped EC3 and Eddie Edwards last week. Texano comes out and they jaw back and forth. It turns into a fight. Fantasma comes out and they attack Storm. EC3 comes out makes the save, sending Fantasma and Texano out of the ring. After walking away from James Storm’s extended hand, EC3 returns and shakes hands with him.

Backstage, Storm and EC3 storm into Jim Cornette’s office. They demand a match with Texano and Fantasma. Cornette says he thought they hated each other and they both responded, “We Do”. Funny moment. Then Storm lays down the threat that AAA won’t be happy with the way they send their boys back to them. Cornette asks them not ruin the affiliation.

O.V.E. def LAX to become the New Tag Team Champions. The match started as a total brawl on the outside. Once in the ring and the match officially started, LAX dominated for a good while. O.V.E. made the come back and they hit a superplex into a powerbomb for a two count. LAX regained control and went for their finisher. Santana got pushed off the top rope onto the steps and then O.V.E. made a blind tag. One of the Crist brothers hit Ortiz with some reverse underhook carry over into a DDT for the three count. Very nifty move and entertaining match.

Bobby Lashley is at the gym with American Top Team. The leader puts Bobby over in a promo talking about how he’s home he’s the perfect combination of size, speed and explosion to be a multi time MMA champ. He called Impact Wrestling a circus before kicking the cameraman out.

Backstage, Desmond Xavier is congratulating O.V.E. on their win. Johnny Impact comes up and congratulates them. There’s a mini celebration and they tell him to go get his World Title.

Eli Drake def Johnny Impact to retain the World Championship. Early in the match, Chris Adonis got caught by the ref tripping Impact and he got kicked out from ringside. The match ensued and there was great action from both men. Impact turned up the octane and hit a series of moves include a shining wizard and a standing shooting star for a two count. Impact put Drake on the top rope and hit a Spanish Fly off the top rope for a two count.

They battled back and forth and Eli Drake hit Blunt Force Trauma for a two count. He goes for a clothesline but Impact ducks and Drake levels the ref, knocking him out. Adonis made his way back to the ring and distracted Impact while Drake got the belt and hit him with it. A second ref comes down but Impact kicks out at a close two. Eli argues with the second ref and then punches him. Adonis gets in the ring and they double team Impact. Adonis holds him while Drake goes to hit him with the belt but Impact ducks and he hits Adonis. Impact hits a swinging neckbreaker onto the belt. The first ref comes to and it was a very, very close two count.

Impact goes for the Countdown to Impact but Eli Drake hides behind the ref. He pushes the ref forward and when Impact comes off the ropes, Drake kicks him below the belt and hits the Gravy Train for the three count.

After the match, Eli grabs the mic and says to shut his music off. Adonis holds Impact on his knees while Drake talks trash on him. They start stomping him and Garza Jr comes out and takes both Drake and Adonis down. LAX comes out and attacks Garza Jr and Impact who was still down. Outside the ring, Konnan pushes a fan that was mouthing off to him. LAX tried breaking up what was becoming a very confrontational situation. Konnan laid out a security guard. The refs got back in the ring just as Eli and Adonis made their way back to their feet. Adonis the Master Lock on one of the refs. Drake cleared the ring of Garza Jr and the other ref. Jim Cornette came down along with a bunch of security to clear out LAX. Cornette yells at Eli and Adonis as Eli stands tall and poses with the belt.



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