Impact Wrestling Results: Dec. 14, 2017 – Rosemary vs Laurel Van Ness


Welcome to Impact Wrestling. Please do not post spoilers.

Allie def Sienna, Madison Rayne and K.C. Spinelli in a fatal fourway to become the new #1 contender and will get a title shot versus the winner of Rosemary and Laurel Van Ness. Every woman had a good showing. The end came when Sienna went for the AK 47 on Madison but Allie rolled her up and got the three count.

Ishimori and Desmond Xavier def Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley. Trevor and Caleb went for a spike piledriver onto Ishimori but Xavier broke it up and knocked Konley off the ropes. Ishimori then countered into a roll up for the three count.

Alberto El Patron, Johnny Impact and Petey Williams def Eli Drake, Chris Adonis and Kongo Kong in a six man tag match. Things broke down as Albert and Impact kept attacking each other. At one point, Impact performed a diving corkscrew dive over the ropes onto Eli Drake. Petey tried a dive onto Kongo Kong but but caught and powerbombed into the fans, then got carried away from ringside by Kong. Impact hit Eli Drake with Starship Pain but Alberto pulled Impact out of the ring and DDTd him on the outside. He then climbed the ropes and hit a frog splash for the three count.

James Storm and Moose come to the ring. They call out American Top Team. Moose calls Lashley, Bitch Boy Bobby. Lashley and Dan Lambert come to the ring. Lashley and Moose jaw back and forth. Storm gets the mic and calls out Lambert for a match. Lambert says Storm is the face of Impact Wrestling and if he’s going to fight him, he has to put his career on the line. Storm agrees. Lashley and Moose start to brawl and fight their way up the ramp. Storm teases a Last Call but Lambert drops down and covers up. KM attacks Storm from behind and goes for the pump handle slam but Storm counters and hits the Last Call as Lambert sneaks away.

Laurel Van Ness def Rosemary to become the new Knockouts Champion. The match was hard hitting. They both attempted their finisher but were countered. The end came when Rosemary charged Laurel in the corner but Laurel moved and Rosemary got hung up. Laurel kept attacking her despite the ref trying to break it up. Laurel pushed the ref the down. She went back for Rosemary but Rosemary spit mist. Laurel ducked it up put her hands up. She then rubbed the mist into Rosemary’s face. She delivered the Unprettier onto Rosemary from the top rope for the three count.

Sami Callihan meets with Konnan in some park. They argue. Konnan wants the tag titles back. Callihan wants Konnan and LAX gone. Konnan agrees but threatens Callihan that his family and business associates will be suffer. He says it’s not personal, it’s business and they shake hands. Callihan throws an old school fireball into the face of Konnan and tells him now it’s personal.

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