Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 3/10/20


Impact Wrestling continues their Sam’s Town tapings from Las Vegas! We get the finish to the Eddie versus Elgin best of 5; and more of Jordynne’s open challenge.

I suppose we’ll also see an ICU intrusion, but hopefully the 3.17.2020 date ends up moving this along. Things tonight should start to tie up existing situations and; maybe even build up for the upcoming nostalgia boner that are the TNA shows.


Let’s get to the Impact Wrestling show!

IMPACT! Ratings: 

  • Madman Fulton w/oVe vs Rhino: Rhino wins via Gore – ** 1/4
  • Mahabali Shera & Rohit Raju w/Gama Singh vs Dez & Wentz: Dez wins via Spiral Tap – ***
  • Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Lacey Ryan w/ Madison Rayne: Jordynne retains via Grace Driver – ** 1/2
  • Swing Dancing (Johnny Swinger & Glenn Gilbertti) vs Willie Mack & Ace Austin: Mack wins via 6 Star Frog Splash – ** 1/4
  • Best of 5 Match: Match 5: Elgin vs Eddie Edwards: DRAW – ****


IMPACT! Review:

So Impact Wrestling has a wrestler take over their Twitter for the night. Tonight’s is Cousin Jake.

Impact Wrestling

Madman Fulton w/oVe vs Rhino

The Crist brothers got kicked out to the back immediately, and from that point we had a big guy match. Fulton dominated a little in the early goings, but Rhino stood his ground and returned some of the big shots. The match was a little generic and plodding, but good enough I suppose.

The Crists show up afterwards to try and beat down Rhino, lights go out, a wild Sabu appears. A few chairs, normal Sabu stuff; most likely leading towards something for the TNA throwback shows.

Very by the numbers promo from Tessa, basically saying it doesn’t matter who wins the best of 5; she’s ready for either of them.

Mahabali Shera & Rohit Raju w/Gama Singh vs Dez & Wentz

Desi Hit Squad has been on a roll since Shera returned; while The Rascalz have been on a bit of a slide. Rohit is fairly athletic, but he usually allows for his old school heel tactics to shine over his ability. Dez and Rohit have a decent bit of back and forth. But when Shera gets in the Hit Squad starts to take control. Rascalz try to keep some quick tags; but when Shera and Rohit go for their tandem finish, Dez manages to come back. A few nicely placed Spinning Kicks sends Rohit flying and rocks Shera; Wentz hits the Swanton and Dez lands Spiral Tap for the first visible pinfall loss for Shera since his return. Or I’m fairly sure it is.

RVD, Katie, Joey and The Deaners…this is a great backstage segment.

Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Lacey Ryan w/ Madison Rayne

Early on this was one sided for Grace; which made it difficult to get invested. Eventually we started seeing Lacey’s power and ability to absorb some slams. She started getting the better of Jordynne; nearly matching her in the power department. Grace manages to catch Lacey in mid Roundhouse Kick, sets her up for the Grace Driver; and then that was all there was. At least Lacey seemed to be a somewhat decent threat, but these rando challenges are awkward at best.

Fallah and TJP are a great babyface team. They have nice moment where they hype up possibly becoming the first Filipino Tag Team Champions; and you get a good glimpse at their personalities.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Ultimate X: Michael Shane vs Chris Sabin vs Low Ki vs Christopher Daniels, X Division Championship, January 7,2004

Chris Sabin shows up to hype the TNA throwback stuff and mention he will be the special guest referee for the King of the Mountain match. This was a great segment, cause once Moose shows up; it’s a clever way to explain the rules, make a joke and break the 4th wall a little.

Swing Dancing (Johnny Swinger & Glenn Gilbertti) vs Willie Mack

So Glenn and Swinger pull a lot of classic heel misdirection, multiple brass knuckles/rolls of quarters; just cheap short cut tactics, that start getting the job done. As Disco hits the YMCA Elbow, we see Ace Austin rushing to the Willie’s corner. Willie counters the Chart Buster, with a Stunner of his own and tags in Ace. Surprisingly, Ace and Willie work alright together, Ace hits The Fold on Disco and then tags Willie in so he can get the pin. What in the blue hell is Ace Austin up to?

After the match we get a scene in the back with Su Yung stalking Havok, and there’s a bit of a brawl the breaks out.

Coming back from commercial we see Disco and Swinger arguing. It ends with a combination of quitting, firing one another; and just general comedic ignorance over their egos.

Best of 5 Match: Match 5: Elgin vs Eddie Edwards

We’ve been building up to this final match. Eglin started off strong, and then Eddie got a few wins catching Elgin with Roll-ups and opportunistic pinfalls. Can Eddie keep his Call Your Shot trophy or will Elgin prove he’s the best?

The match started off quickly, like most of their previous encounters; but this was given a bit more time. We see three commercial breaks, and the match started with about 30 minutes left in the show. Eddie pulled off an Avalanche Butterfly Suplex; while Elgin pulled out a Fireman’s Carry X Factor and Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex. This was a great back and forth match, but at this point we’ve seen most of it before. Elgin did try for the PG-13 Burning Hammer, but Eddie managed to get free of it.

For the finish we saw Elgin apply the Crossface, and Eddie turned it into a pinfall. Since there were two referees, after the ref bump knocked one out, we get simultaneous pinfall/tap out. Each referee only saw the one finish, so we get controversy.

Tessa Blanchard comes out to finish the argument and say she’ll face them both at Rebellion. So we’re gonna see a Triple Threat for the World Title. 


Overall Score: 7.5/10

Impact Wrestling was a pretty damn good show. Some decent wrestling, a great main event; and a lot of fun story wrinkles and backstage vignettes. Now, since ICU hacked the Impact official Twitter, it did make getting my usual gifs difficult. So there isn’t as much stuff inserted in the article, but check their YouTube for highlights.

The biggest question I have after this episode is:

Does the Triple Threat give Impact the easy out to take the title off of Tessa, without having to beat her cleanly? 

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