Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 3/17/2020


Gloom and doom was announced a few days ago that Lockdown and Breakdown would be postponed in light of the Coronavirus stuff. That should make this episode of IMPACT! interesting since Lockdown was supposed to be 2 weeks away; so I can only imagine what was slated.

Positively though, we are supposed to the get reveal for ICU tonight. So Sami can finally return to programming.

Let’s see what’s going on tonight, but I always enjoy when Kiera Hogan is on the show. So at least we’ve got that.


IMPACT! Ratings:

  • World Tag Team Championship: TJP & Fallah Bahh vs The North (c): The North retain via Northern Assault – *** 3/4
  • Chris Bey vs Damian Drake: Chris via Beymouser – **
  • Cancel Culture (RVD w/Katie Forbes & Joseph P. Ryan) vs The Deaners: RVD wins via 5 Star Frog Splash – * 1/2
  • Kiera Hogan vs Lacey Ryan: Kiera wins via Face the Music – **
  • Jake Crist vs Daga: Daga wins via Double Underhook Gutbuster – *** 1/4

IMPACT! Results:

After being hacked last week, there is no superstar taking over Twitter this week. But in lieu of that…here’s a some Joseph P Ryan:

World Tag Team Championship: TJP & Fallah Bahh vs The North (c)

We’ve seen a few solid matches; both singles and tag between these four. The North take early turns separating TJP from Fallah; just dominating the smallest competitor in the match.

Fallah gets the hot tag and starts to help the challengers equal things out. A few big spots, a great Pop-up Powerbomb gives the Filipino team the first glimpse of a chance. After the commercial break, The North have the advantage again; but things are much more competitive. A few big trading spots leave all four men down on the mat, and then we start trading finish attempts. The North gets Fallah up for the Tandem Inverted Mat Slam; but Fallah kicks out. They go for a Tandem Crucifix Bomb, but a Double Clothesline gives Fallah the chance to tag in TJP.

TJP gets a visible tap out from Ethan when he has him in the Regal Stretch; but the referee was knocked over while Josh and Fallah were scuffling. Fallah hits a big dive, but Page manages to cut off the momentum. They block an attempt from TJP at the Detonation Kick, and hit him with the Argentine Backbreaker/Spinebuster combo, which Don Callis calls Northern Assault. Damn good match, and I’m glad they finally have a damn name for that move.

Eddie names his Lockdown team, but as we know; Lockdown is postponed. There’s even a disclaimer during the promo. They better get to it later in the year, Lockdown was always my favorite TNA PPV; so I was looking forward to bringing it back.

The Real Housewives of Slam Town? Okay, Rosemary and Taya are great together…and both do well in campy cornball segments. So this was pretty enjoyable, in a cringey parody sort of way.

Chris Bey vs Damian Drake

This is a pretty by the numbers enhancement match. Showed off Bey being smooth as butter in the ring, charismatic and a little full of himself. Drake got in a quick pin attempt, but Bey kicked out at 1; and promptly set up his finishing move. A Springboard Famouser, which he calls the Beymouser.

Did a great job to portray Chris Bey as someone who could make waves in the X Division.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Ken Shamrock’s NWA Title Win

Alisha Edwards meets up with Jordynne Grace trying to talk her way onto Grace’s…now irrelevant…Lockdown team. It shows Alisha as kind of a dork, but Jordynne seems to dig her anyway. I’m not a fan of Alisha, but it wasn’t a bad segment.

Chase Stevens returns to hype up TNA No Place Like Home, so of course; Moose shows up to disrespect the TNA talent. Chase throws the good ole, “How many titles have you won” at Moose; so we get a small scuffle. It is nice seeing these older names I haven’t seen in a while. I always enjoyed the Naturals; especially with Shane Douglas as their manager.

Cancel Culture (RVD w/Katie Forbes & Joseph P. Ryan) vs The Deaners

I wonder if the P, in Joseph P Ryan, stands for Penis?

The pre-match promo basically says they won’t be doing the shtick that they are all popular for. RVD even made a reference to The Deaners drinking already; and it’s irresponsible to wrestle while under the influence of a substance.

As for the match, it was somewhat plodding, but each member of Cancel Culture basically did the “You want it, you can’t have it”; spot towards the crowd. Katie interfered and then started yelling at Cody Deaner for staring at her body. Super Kick from Joseph, 5 Star from Rob, and the match is over.

A pretty throwaway match, but I think that’s kind of the point. They are anti-fans since the fans are the ones who rag on them. It’s like Right to Censor, but a modern take where it’s not trying to remove sexuality; and more trying to punish everyone because of the vocal IWC critics. I don’t hate it yet.

Ace Austin and Willie Mack in the back. Ace tried to enlist Willie as his partner, but Willie declined and referenced the championship scramble match next week.

Kiera Hogan vs Lacey Ryan

Lacey is a fairly impressive upcoming talent. She’s got some height and athleticism over most of the Knockouts; but Kiera has brought a new fire to matches. The more aggressive Kiera attacks Lacey midway through her entrance; and doesn’t relent until Lacey hits a few moves to slow her down.

After that point it was a fairly basic competitive match, which highlighted Kiera’s new attitude and made Lacey look pretty solid. Kiera pulls things out with the Swinging Neckbreaker, but it was a decent enough match.

I’m a big fan of Kiera, so I like how they are slowly building her up…seemingly separating her from Madison.

Again, Michael Elgin picks his Lockdown team; but it doesn’t matter since it’s postponed. These are honestly just making me a little sad now.

Jake Crist vs Daga

A rematch from Sacrifice, we see just as competitive a match as we had then. Both men are proficient in multiple styles; and can adjust at any point in a match. Daga brought a lot of strong standing strikes and suplexes; while Jake hit a flurry of kicks and creative Cutters.

The match started looking like Daga’s to lose when he got two near falls after a La Magistral directly into a Doctor Bomb. Jake almost won out of no where, catching Daga coming off the ropes with a Cutter; but Daga is finally putting some momentum together. He hits his Double Underhook finish and evens the score with Jake.

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