Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 3/24/20


This week’s episode of Impact will bring us back to the Undead Realm; and have the main event players of Rebellion in a tag team match.

The main event was supposed to be for team advantage in Lockdown, but we’re not doing that anymore. Aside from the Lockdown ramifications being removed; we also have a few TNA legends and returns to look forward to.

Let’s get to the show, but first…let’s acknowledge The North becoming the longest reigning Impact tag team champions.


IMPACT! Ratings:

  • X Division #1 Contender 8 Man Scramble: Willie Mack vs Rohit Raju vs Daga vs Chris Bey vs Acey Romero vs Cousin Jake vs Trey vs Jake Crist: Willie Mack wins via 6 Star Frog Splash – ** 1/2
  • Moose vs Chase Stevens: Moose wins via No Jackhammer Needed – N/A
  • Reno Scum vs Dez & Wentz: Reno Scum wins via Okie Killer – ***
  • Madman Fulton & Dave Crist vs Rhino & Sabu w/ Super Genie:Rhino wins via Gore – ** 3/4
  • Michael Elgin & Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards: Elgin wins via Elgin Bomb – *** 1/4


IMPACT! Review: 

X Division #1 Contender 8 Man Scramble: Willie Mack vs Rohit Raju vs Daga vs Chris Bey vs Acey Romero vs Cousin Jake vs Trey vs Jake Crist

Much like one would expect, there was a lot of small skirmishes and knock out of the ring moments. Mostly everyone got a little bit of time to shine. Daga showed off his hybrid ability, Chris Bey continued looking smooth as silk; and Rohit tried to pick spots like a good heel.

There was a Tower of Doom spot, but it made some sense. It was 5 guys trying to Powerbomb Acey, Rohit powdered cause he wasn’t getting involved and Daga hit a big splash on Acey after the spot; but only for a near fall since Rohit broke it up. After that, it turned into more of scramble to pick up a pinfall. Cousin Jake nearly had the match won, but Willie breaks up the pin with the 6 Star Frog Splash, and pins Jake for the win.

Decent enough, but nothing really spectacular.

Moose vs Chase Stevens

Well Moose started on Chase early, but Chase did make a decent comeback. He hits a solid Axe Kick, but Moose takes control back and hits the Spear and it’s over.

Afterwards Moose looks to take out Chase permanently, but Scott D’Amore hits the microphone and tells Moose to turn around. Suicide hits him with a Missile Dropkick, Suicide also has this undead look; pretty cool. 

Hmm…Raven is getting a decent bit of work in 2020. Good for him. His podcast got worse since losing Busby, but at least he’s on TV here and there. 

Reno Scum vs Dez & Wentz

Reno Scum jumps on The Rascalz early, and Dez never gets his hoodie off. They double team and isolate Dez for a good portion of the match. When Wentz finally gets in, there’s a small burst of hope; but Luster’s power shrugs off some of the strikes.

Luster throws Dez into Wentz, then they hit the Okie Killer and Reno Scum picks up the win. So Reno gets a win and The Rascalz got a win a few weeks ago. So the tag division is at least quite competitive.

ImpactPlus Flashback: LAX w/ Hector Guerrero & Salinas vs Team 3D, Deuces Wild Tournament for Vacant TNA World Tag Team Championships, May 11,2008

This may be my new favorite awful gimmick:

Madman Fulton & Dave Crist vs Rhino & Sabu w/ Super Genie

Held under “old school” rules, that’s just an excuse to use chairs and not get disqualified. This went mostly as could be expected. Madman looked like a monster and Dave kept trying to be Sami Callihan; but it never quite works and seems a bit sad. I mean that in the best storytelling way, since Dave has tried to replicate Sami’s leadership; he just…well…sucks.

So Sabu does a classic Sabu dive thing to take out Madman (classic being it looks somewhere between a move and a botch, but it’s totally Sabu); while Dave tries to bully the referee for no real reason. The referee gets sick of his crap, so he snatches the chair, Rhino hits the Gore; the ref fast counts a little and the ECW Originals stand tall.

Not terrible. Things started off a little rough on Rhino’s return, but his last few matches haven’t been too bad. I don’t need to see Sabu any more, ever again; but Rhino was fine.

Okay so we get another Undead Realm battle between Havok, Su Yung and James Mitchell. Done very much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer; this has that same level of camp and cheese that we’ve grown to expect from Undead Realm and Broken Universe segments. In a swerve, James tells them both to get lost. So Su wins? It’s a no contest? Do we call the Winchester brothers? 

Either way they end up in a desert or something. These segments are usually kinda entertaining but also a little face palm worthy.

Michael Elgin & Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards

This match was supposed to be for who’s team would have the advantage for Lethal Lockdown; but as we know that was canceled. So even though commentary was polished up to not mention Lockdown, we all had the feeling the heels would win. Since nearly all War Games style matches have to keep the babyfaces in peril.

Not a bad match at all. Elgin ducks Tessa for most of the match until Tessa inserts herself into situations or gets caught by a stray lariat. Eddie and Tessa had a few interesting tandem moves; and actually worked fairly well as a team. But Elgin and Taya took advantage of small openings, removed Tessa from the equation and Elgin beats Eddie in the center of the ring after the Buckle Bomb/Elgin Bomb combination.

Rosemary finds Havok and Su Yung and we get Charlie’s Fallen Angels. Still campy, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I laughed out loud with the ending.

Overall Score: 7.25/10

This might not have hit everyone the same way, since it depends on if you care for the filmed campy segments. Impact Wrestling has definitely found their niche with these types of things, and it was fun. The main event was solid even if it was predictable (with or without spoilers) and the Undead Realm hit me well.

The return of Suicide, Willie Mack becoming number 1 contender for the X Division title; and the Cancel Culture angle is amusing for now. Sure, a few of the matches left things to be desired; but since this is of the variety show style, there will always be stuff to like and dislike.

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