Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 3/3/20


Impact Wrestling is bringing us a smidgen of history! Taya Valkyrie will be challenging Tessa Blanchard for the World Championship!

Tessa being the face of the company, builds excitement to seeing how this match plays out. We also get to see if Su Yung will send Havok to the Undead Realm with James Mitchell.

So there’s something for everyone on this show. Speaking of something…here’s another ICU code to scan!

IMPACT Ratings:

  • The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) vs Fallah Bahh & TJP: TJP wins via Bridging Sunset Flip Cradle – *** 1/4
  • Moose vs Petey Williams: Moose wins via No Jackhammer Needed – ** 1/4
  • Joey Ryan vs Acey Romero: Acey wins via Running Elbow – * 1/2
  • No DQ: Havok vs Su Yung: Su wins via Mandible Claw/Noose Choke – **
  • Swing Dancing (Johnny Swinger & Glenn Gilbertti) vs The Deaners (Cody and Cousin Jake): Cody wins via Deaner DDT – ** 1/4
  • Impact World Championship: Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard (c): Tessa retains via Buzzsaw DDT – *** 1/2


IMPACT Results:

We’re told that Gail Kim will be controlling the Twitter page tonight. 


The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) vs Fallah Bahh & TJP

After two singles losses, we get a tag match; to see if The North can stem the bleeding. They start off by keeping the pressure on TJP and keeping him away from Fallah. But Fallah got the crowd chanting ‘Kuya’ (which is like big bro in Tagalog); to try and rally TJP. TJP makes the tag and Fallah puts in some solid work.

Fallah fights off Alexander and they have a really solid back and forth. We see some great tandem moves from The North with a Tandem Iconoclasm and Tandem Crucifix Powerbomb. TJP fights out, and they start building momentum. TJP looks like they’re about to put away The North, but Page stops the top rope attempt. They try to take out Fallah, but TJP and Alexander are the legal men. So TJP jumps off the top rope, Sunset Flip style on Alexander; with a bridging flourish to pick up the surprise win!

Eddie Edwards makes his feelings clear, if he wins the best of 5 against Elgin next week:

Moose vs Petey Williams

Instigated last week by Moose discrediting all things TNA. Petey decides to try and take the pride of the TNA originals at Mr. Impact. The match wasn’t bad at all. Moose got cocky and paid for it at times, but Petey going to the Destroyer well at every chance; comes to bite him as per usual lately. A roll-up almost gives Petey the upset, but Moose hits his Spear for the win.

ImpactPlus Amazing Red vs Kid Kash, X Division Championship, April 3, 2003

Madison is in the back doing her Golden Challenge Gut Check…whatever. Kiera Hogan gets in her face, one of the hopefuls steps up to Kiera; so Madison may have a new pet.

Joey Ryan vs Acey Romero

So this match was more just watching Joey Ryan lose his motivation for his gimmick. He didn’t oil up, halfheartedly attempted Sweet Tooth Music, and stopped the YouPorn Plex. So Acey took advantage of the distracted Joey Ryan, and picked up the win. The match was plodding and awkward at points; but the wrinkle in the evolution of the Joey Ryan character could be fun.

Swinging…Disco…Balls? Disco and Swinger have a little segment with Willie Mack and serve as amusing comedy.

No DQ: Havok vs Su Yung

Not really sure what I expected here, but I suppose it delivered on expectations. A few cool spots, a neat usage of Su’s mist and plenty of screen captures for questionable intent. The finish being Su strangling Havok with a noose while also applying the Mandible Claw…yeah, you’re welcome fetish people.

Su tries to send Havok to the Undead Realm via the coffin, but she fights out. 

Swing Dancing (Johnny Swinger & Glenn Gilbertti) vs The Deaners (Cody and Cousin Jake)

Swing Dancing went with the old school roll of quarters, loaded punches; as they worked over Cody Deaner. Granted they seemed to have more fun passing the roll, than building towards a finish. So after Glenn misses the YMCA Elbow, things start to fall apart. Swinger has Cody held for the punch to the head, but Cody moves; Glenn clocks Swinger and then Cody wins with the Deaner DDT. Entertaining, but not like it was a mat classic.

Impact World Championship: Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard (c)

Two women vying for the Impact World Championship is definitely a historical moment. The fact that they’ve had a rivalry for well over a year; adds to the match mattering for more than cultural reasons. When things make sense with wrestling logic and tap into something going on in society; it’s always an interesting moment.

As for the match, this was pretty good. Taya applied a lot of her personality and almost took the match lightly early on; since she thought she had Tessa’s number. Tessa started turning the tide with her intensity,quick strikes, and drop kicks; but Taya countered most momentum before any real damage happened. When we get to the finish, John E. tries to interfere on Taya’s behalf;malfunction at the junction happens, allowing Tessa the chance to slap on the Buzzsaw DDT.

Overall Score: 7.25/10 

IMPACT was a good show. Bookended with good matches, some nice story progression with The North, Joey Ryan, Su Yung and even Swing Dancing added things to the show. The main event also proved that the two women were in their spots for more than just checking a box; during a time when equality seems to be more of a gimmick than an actuality.

Next week we get the conclusion to the Elgin and Edwards best of 5; and thusly the next challenger for Tessa. Perhaps we’ll finally get a new dynamic to the ICU stuff as well. It’s most likely Sami Callihan, but the same thing for 4 or 5 weeks straight is getting a little stale.

Still this week was good and allows for anticipation towards next week!

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