Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 3/31/20


Tonight we get our usual Impact Wrestling, followed by an additional hour of TNA! We get a couple sprinkles towards the TNA throwbacks and some build towards the Rebellion Triple Threat.

Sami Callihan is also supposed to address the public after his attack against Ken Shamrock.

All in all, not jam packed on paper, but the quiet shows tend to over preform a little. Let’s see what happens.

Okay also, I’m very bias, but it’s great to know Kylie Rae is with Impact Wrestling!

IMPACT! Ratings:

  • Eddie Edwards vs Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page: Alexander wins via Jacknife Pinfall – ***
  • Kylie Rae vs Cassandra Golden: Kylie wins via STF – **
  • Kid Kash vs Moose: Moose wins via No Jackhammer Needed – N/A
  • Old School Rules: Tommy Dreamer vs Sami Callihan: Callihan wins via Cactus Special – **
  • Joseph P. Ryan vs Cody Deaner: Deaner wins via Deaner DDT – **
  • Tessa Blanchard vs Ethan Page w/Josh Alexander: Tessa wins via Magnum – *** 1/4


IMPACT! Results:

Eddie Edwards vs Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page

This started off quick, and was a nicely paced strike heavy encounter. Eddie pulled out his signatures with the Blue Thunder Bomb, Tiger Driver, Machine Gun Chops and those shots of caffeine. Alexander ate all the offense, showed great fortitude when he lowered his singlet straps and went for the strike exchange. Eddie was lining things up for Boston Knee Party, Ethan distracts him and Josh picks up the surprise Jacknife cover, for the heelish win.

The North beat on Eddie, but Tessa makes the save. Ethan cuts a promo after the fact.

Kylie Rae vs Cassandra Golden

Kylie gets beaten to the punch on the intensity early, but she starts to fight back. A few evasive maneuvers in the corner, Kylie hits the Kylie Special and a Cannonball Senton in the corner, but only for two. Cassandra Golden finds an opening, nearly pulls off what could’ve been a Death Valley Driver; but Kylie wrestles her down and locks in an STF for the victory.

Nothing special, but a solid IMPACT! TV debut match for “Smiley” Kylie Rae. 

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Steiner Math Promo

Moose comes out looking like he skinned a Ninja Turtle for his outfit, but it works. Kid Kash comes out to basically tell Moose he wouldn’t have cut it in TNA.

Kid Kash vs Moose

Kash gets in a quick early flurry; but Moose leapfrogs over Kash, bounces off the ropes and hits the No Jackhammer Needed. Moose continues to run through all of the old school TNA talents that try to confront him.

Promo introducing Triple XL, Acey Romero and Larry D as a new tag team force in Impact. Fallah Bahh and TJP say hello in a tweener way. TJP is a little heelish and Fallah offers them food. Entertaining purely for TJP and Fallah.

Rich Swann home interview gets crashed by Ace Austin. Rich tells him off a bit when Ace tries to drive a wedge. Ends with a knock at Rich’s door and the assumption that Reno Scum ‘paid him a visit’.

Sami Callihan comes out to a new entrance theme and just a larger feeling entrance. Sami starts cutting a promo basically saying legends have to go through him and aren’t just handed opportunities like “other companies”. Dreamer comes out, because he’s Tommy Dreamer…blah blah, now it’s a street fight.

Old School Rules: Tommy Dreamer vs Sami Callihan

So, this goes the way that we have grown to expect from a Dreamer extreme match. Trash cans, beer/water mist, chairs…but the new wrinkle was dueling staple guns. Dreamer gets the best of the staple guns since he staples Dreamer’s ding dong. Dreamer goes for the Death Valley Driver on chairs, Sami counters it, hits one of his own and then the Cactus Special.

Rhino runs in after Tommy starts getting beat down, oVe shows up to help Sami. oVe and Sami stand tall afterwards, and before the ‘Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down’ the lights go out and Sami disappears. 

Rosemary bar segment. This time she’s coming to terms with what’s gone on the last few years and how she’s going to move forward.

Stabbing is apparently bad…who knew?

Joseph P. Ryan vs Cody Deaner

Comedy match, with Joey doing the Cancel Culture thing and Cody being Cody. Not awful for what it was, but this wasn’t gonna be a barn burner.

Tessa Blanchard vs Ethan Page w/Josh Alexander

Ethan takes Tessa lightly early, but then it becomes a solid match after that. Ethan displays his power advantage, but Tessa applies a lot of speed and quick spots. She gets caught occasionally, even eating a brutal Pump Kick, but kicks out of the pinfall. Josh gets involved towards the end, and even though she didn’t want the help, Eddie Edwards takes out Josh.

Tessa launches off the top rope, hits Magnum and picks up the win.

Michael Elgin hits the ring, and we get a short preview of the Rebellion Triple Threat.

Overall Score: 7/10

So the official television debut of Kylie Rae as a knockout, Sami Callihan settling back in and the return of Susie; who’s fully aware of what Su Yung did. IMPACT was also bookended nicely by solid matches.

Lots of movement in storylines, solid wrestling and amusing vignettes. A little bit of something for everyone.

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