Impact Wrestling Results & Review 2/25/2020


Impact Wrestling continues the tapings from Sam’s Town in Vegas! The fourth match in the Elgin and Eddie saga; with the main event of Tessa and Ace for the X Division title.

Elgin and Eddie are always good, even if they’re getting a little stale at this point. Tessa versus Ace has a lot of potential to be better than Sacrifice. So with all that said, this could be a good show.


Let’s get to the ICU interruption first, scan the code if you don’t know the drill; and now on to the show!

IMPACT! Results:

  • RVD w/Katie Forbes vs Daga: Daga wins via Countout – * 1/2
  • Rohit Raju w/Mahabali Shera & Gama Singh vs Wentz w/Dez & Trey: Rohit wins via Double Foot Stomp to the Back – ***
  • Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Miranda Alize w/Madison Rayne: Jordynne wins via Grace Driver – * 3/4
  • Best of 5: Match 4: Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin: Eddie wins via Gedo Clutch – *** 1/4Edwards 2 – Elgin 2
  • X Division Championship: Ace Austin (c) vs Tessa Blanchard: Tessa wins via DQ – *** 1/2

IMPACT! Review:

At the top of the show, they announce that Willie Mack will be tweeting during the show on the Impact official Twitter. 

Impact Wrestling Results

RVD vs Daga

RVD did some decent character work with this douchey character who’d rather make out with Katie Forbes than wrestle. Even though he was half-assing it, as is the current gimmick; RVD was handling Daga early on. Katie was distracted by haters on Social Media the entire time. So she missed celebration spots and was just a general distraction while looking at her phone. Katie walked to the back and RVD didn’t see where she went; so he just leaves mid match to go find her. Daga wins via countout in a match that was kinda rough when it comes to in-ring work; but worked alright with the gimmick.

Well RVD finds Katie, and someone else for a post match segment:

Rohit Raju w/Mahabali Shera & Gama Singh vs Wentz w/Dez & Trey

Not a bad match between these two. The addition of Shera, has helped to raise the Desi Hit Squad to competitive contenders for tag titles. Hell, it even seems like it’s rubbing off well in singles matches. Solid back and forth, but nothing overly spectacular. Just a good somewhat basic Junior Heavyweight style match.

Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Miranda Alize w/Madison Rayne

So Jordynne wants to be a fighting champion, and that means a match against…some rando. Madison is trying to take this Locker Room Leader thing to the next level; by helping young talent come up and get chances. This is probably leading to Madison’s own self interest coming to light; but I guess for now it could just be a parade of Indie talent. Aside from a small flourish, Miranda didn’t really have many spots to shine; and she looked outclassed nearly the entire time. Let’s not give enhancement talent title shots, okay Impact?

Best of 5: Match 4: Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin

This match comes from Sami Callihan’s promotion in Ohio, The Wrestling Revolver. I am still surprised that all of these matches have been non-gimmicked matches. All of their matches follow a similar enough formula, but Elgin added a few early wrinkles with the Cartwheel Clothesline from the top rope, and pulling off a Shouten Kai.

Part of Elgin’s story must’ve been that he didn’t want to go for the Powerbomb since Eddie countered it last time; so we see more attempts at the Western Lariat. Eddie went for the Small Package as reference to how he won last time, but Elgin gets out of it. A few more attempts at pinfalls, we see Eddie pull off a Gedo Clutch! Gedo Clutch gets Eddie the win to even up the scoreboard.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson, Ladder Match, Heavyweight Championship, Against All Odds February 13, 2011

A little bit of a backstage segment hyping up the TNA: No Place Like Home event; during WrestleMania weekend.

Swinger shows up to continue his pitch to Willie Mack, but Disco Inferno shows up out of nowhere! They get into a small verbal disagreement, but I think it ended up in Swinger and Disco becoming a team.

X Division Championship: Ace Austin (c) vs Tessa Blanchard

Well, we saw an awkward match between these two at Sacrifice; so what do we get tonight?

Ace continued a little bit of his lecherous persona, but this was more of an X Division style match. A lot of solid quick strikes, Tessa with the Low Dropkick and a nice Hanging Codebreaker; set the tone very early.Ace was on the back foot, until he was able to slow Tessa down a little and apply a couple submission moves.

Wearing her down with strikes and limb work helped Ace quite a bit. Tessa still tried to fire through, with her trademark intensity; but Ace was in control until he missed The Fold. Tessa took advantage, nearly pulled off the Buzzsaw DDT; but we get this whole match punctuated with a Spear from Taya Valkyrie. The match gets thrown out as a DQ, and Taya starts her quest to challenge Tessa for the World Championship.


Overall Score: 7/10

Yes, there were a couple clunkers of matches; but so much story got pushed forward. RVD worked a bad match, but it added a possible interesting wrinkle for his newer personality. Swinger and Disco could be gold. Let’s all remember how great Disco was last year; when he sort of kicked off Tessa’s intergender angle. Eddie tying up the Best of 5 series is unsurprising, but still nice. Capped off with the possibility of two women wrestling for the World Championship; that has to be unprecedented in Nationally Televised wrestling history.

With all that said, how could this be less than a good show? I definitely enjoyed this episode of IMPACT!, a lot more than Sacrifice.

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