Impact Wrestling Results: Thursday, January 4th: Four Title Matches


Impact Wrestling is back with four title matches tonight, as well as James Storm vs Dan Lambert in a Career vs Career match. Please do not post spoilers. Thank You and Enjoy.

Ishimori def Trevor Lee to become the new X Division Champion. There was a lot of great action in this match. A lot of counters. Ishimori hit the inverted front buster and the 450 splash for the three count.

Backstage, Desmond Xavier congratulated Ishimori on his win and reminded him that he beat him last time they wrestled and next time, he’ll do it again for the title.

EC3 def Fallah Bahh and Matt Sydal to retain the Grand Championship. The first round was a close call but Fallah Bahh got it. The 2nd round went to EC3 rather handily. In the third round, Fallah Bahh went for the bonzai drop but EC3 dumped him over the ropes. Sydal then took the fight to EC3, hitting him with some knee strikes and an axe kick. He hit the Shooting Star but time ran out before the three count. The judges gave the third round to EC3 in controversial fashion and he retains the title.

Backstage, McKenzie is interviewing Allie. Laurel Van Ness attacks Allie and beats her down.

Dan Lambert def James Storm in a Career vs Career match. James Storm is finished with Impact Wrestling. There wasn’t even a match. American Top Team interfered at the onset. Storm fought his way through it though, laying them all out with Last Call Super Kicks. But then KM hit Storm with a beer bottle before he could get his hands on Lambert. He still kicked out and it took King Mo and another member to hit double beer bottle shot to finish him off.

Storm had a tearful good bye, hugging people in the back and talking to his wife and kids on the phone. JB and Josh were nearly in tears as well.

Joseph Park’s Brother def a jobber with a roll up.

Highlights were shown of Eli Drake successfully defending the World Championship against Alberto El Patron at a recent Wrestle Pro Event.

LAX def OVE to become new tag team champions. The win also means LAX doesn’t have to leave Impact Wrestling. They picked up the win when Ortiz countered Jake Christ into a roll up and then got him up onto his shoulders and LAX hit their Doomsday Blockbuster finisher for the three count.




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