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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2021 Results


Here are the results for the Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2021 PPV, airing July 17th from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. You can catch up on the latest results from Thursday’s episode of Impact here.

Decay (Havok and Rosemary) defeat Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz) (C) : Tag team match for the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships:


The crowd made their presence known straight away on their return. Huge pop for Decay as they made their entrance, followed by duelling chants as the match started. Havok would assert her dominance early on, throwing around Tasha Steelz with ease. As both participants tagged in their partners, the dominance continued for Decay. Fire ‘N Flava would start to push on, maintaining control by isolating Rosemary away from Havok. Keeping Havok out of the match only lasted so long, as after Rosemary and Steelz dropped each other Rosemary made the tag. Havok was the recipient of a huge reaction from the crowd as she went back and forth with Steelz. Hogan would jump to the outside wiping out the rest of Decay as the action between Havok and Steelz continued in the ring. Hogan would then blind tag herself into the match, lasting some time before she found herself caught on Havok’s back. Havok twisted Hogan around before dropping her with a tombstone piledriver, as Decay picked up the 1-2-3. Massive reaction from the crowd who were rooting for Decay from the start.

Unfortunately not for the first time, this match suffered from the commentary team talking about everything but the match for large portions of this match.

Josh Alexander (C) defeats Petey Williams, Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Chris Bey and Rohit Raju: Ultimate X match for the Impact X Division Championship:

Trey Miguel and Ace Austin are the first two participants, with Austin noticeably making his entrance without Madman Fulton who is banned from ringside. This is also the case for Rohit Raju, who enters without Mahabali Shera who is also banned from ringside. Of the six participants, it’s Chris Bey who enters to the loudest audience reaction.

As the match kicks off, Chris Bey makes an immediate push for the title. He climbs along the cable only to be pulled straight down. The ring empties as Josh Alexander stands alone in the room. Ace Austin tries to meet him, only to be greeted by a huge german suplex. Raju attempts to climb the rope but his height works against him as he can’t reach the rope. A rapid exchange of acrobatic manoeuvres happens on the outside as one by one they wipe out their fellow participants. Raju again finds himself alone in the ring with the title on his mind, not risking his height working against him again, he produces a bull rope and attempts to lasso his way onto the cable. His plan fails, as the group scramble to make a play for the cables, each attempting to get near the title. Raju’s bag of tricks is not empty quite yet though, he finds both a hook and a chair as he tries to hook down the title. Trey Miquel leaps across the ring, taking the chair out from under Raju. Petey Williams locks in a tight Sharpshooter on Austin as Alexander climbed along the cable, sensing the danger, Austin throws Bey up as Alexander catches him in an ankle lock. Every participant in the match has one another locked in a submission of some sort as the crowd voice their approval. Raju rolls out and throws a chair at Alexander to ensure he fails to grab his title. A leaping cutter from Bey on Austin, two Canadian Destroyers from Williams, the match is moving at one-hundred miles an hour. Williams spots his opening as he begins to make his way across the cable. Alexander puts Bey on his shoulders, and Williams performs an incredible Canadian Destroyer on Bey off Alexander’s shoulders.

Raju finally makes his way along the cable unassisted and it looks like he has a free pass at the title, before Miguel manages to pull him down. Dispatching Raju he climbs onto the turnbuckle, but Josh Alexander greets him and sends him flying with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope. Both Alexander and Bey climb along the cable from separate sides as they work to pull down the title. Both manage to get the belt loose as they hold the belt in the air. Ace Austin leaps for the belt in an attempt to steal the win, but he misses by a mile. Alexander then knocks down Bey to the floor as the Walking Weapon retains. An electric start to the main card of Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary 2021.

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green vs Brian Myers defeat Tenille Dashwood w/ Sam Beale and Kaleb with a K: Intergender tag team match:

Huge boo’s for Dashwood and Myers but equally big cheers for Green and Cardona. Green was greeted by audible “welcome back” chants. The match has a short brawl before the first bell rings. As the match gets started, it quickly heads to the outside. Cardona wipes out both Kaleb and Sam Beale, before Myers lays him out with a flatliner onto the stage. Complete dominance from Myers as Cardona fails to garner any momentum, as he finally has a glimmer of hope reaching for the tag, Green is pulled down by Dashwood. Myers heads to the corner and whilst performing a tribute to Edge he lines up Cardona for a spear, only for Cardona to hit one of his own. Cardona manages to get the hot-tag as Chelsea gets involved for the first time. They head to the outside, but Dashwood rolls back in and attempts to hit another low blow on Cardona, bad news though as Cardona had a cup in his trunks. Dashwood holds her arm in pain, as Cardona wraps the cup onto Myers’ face. Sending Myers into Green, she hits a Canadian Destroyer on him. Dashwood then heads back into the ring only for Green to lay her out with the Unprettier for the win.

W.Morrissey defeats Eddie Edwards: Singles match:

The pair faceoff as the match starts, and the height difference is massive, Morrissey mocks Edwards pushing him away twice, but Edwards keeps coming back. Morrissey is visibly enraged by this as he starts to completely dominate Edwards, with the latter getting less than a handful of moves in for the first five minutes or so. Every time Edwards gets a move in, Morrissey responds with deadly intent. Morrissey begins to trash talk Edwards, but the crowd quickly drowns out his comments with “let’s go Eddie” chants. A last-ditch suplex from Edwards gets him a few moments of hope. But as soon as he attempts a dive onto Morrissey through the ropes he is caught with a chokeslam onto the ring apron. Morrissey drags him up the ramp by his hair, attempting to send him through the state only for Edwards to reverse the move. Morrissey is then greeted by a stiff shining wizard on the outside. Edwards goes for the countout victory, but Morrissey rolls in at the 7 count. Edwards keeps up this momentum in the ring, a powerbomb off the turnbuckle, followed by his blue thunder bomb. As he goes for the pin it looks Morrissey’s undefeated streak is over, but it’s a close two count. Morrissey gets a two count of his own, before Edwards sends him to the outside. Whilst on the outside, he removes a chain from his boot and lays out Edwards who comes to get him. He follows this up with a powerbomb for the win. Morrissey remains undefeated in Impact Wrestling.

A cinematic plays after a Moose promo that states “long live the Drama King”, seems to indicate the arrival of Matt Morris fka Aiden English in Impact Wrestling.

Impromptu Match – FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) defeat Madman Fulton and Mahabali Shera:

Fulton and Shera storm the ring to voice their displeasure at being barred from ringside for the Ultimate X match from earlier in the night. Scott D’Amore arrives and brings out the returning FinJuice for an impromptu match.

The match lasts just a few minutes as Shera/Fulton never get on the same page. FinJuice take advantage and the former Impact Wrestling, Tag Team Champions pick up the quick win on their return.

Chris Sabin defeats Moose: Singles match:

Duelling chants as the match started with the crowd audbily split. Moose tried to make use of his power, whilst Sabin used his speed to duck, dive and dodge. Both men would showcase the best parts of their movesets early on, with Sabin performing a beautiful hurricanrana, before Moose responded by lawn-darting Sabin into the turnbuckles. Moving to the outside, Moose delivered two of the stiffest chops you’ll find this side of the Pacific Ocean to Sabin. Shushing the crowd before going for a third, Moose instead decided to flip off the crowd.

Back in the ring, Sabin would bite at Moose’s hands trying to create space for himself. It seemed to be in vain at first, until Moose missed a Moosesault before being sent back to the outside. Sabin smelling blood in the water would unleash a barrage of quick abuse, unleashing a wide range of moves. Sabin would climb to the top rope, looking to keep his momentum up. Moose appeared out of nowhere meeting Sabin at the top, performing a incredible fallaway Moosesault on Sabin. Again back to the outside, Moose pop-up powerbombs Sabin onto the apron, before slamming him off the guardrail multiple times. Sabin just manages to beat the referee’s ten count, as Moose looks set to get the win. Sabin sneaks two quick roll-up two counts, before rolling through a third time with a victory roll where he secured the 1-2-3.

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) defeat Violent By Design (C) (Rhino and Joe Doering) w/ Eric Young and Deaner, Rich Swann and Willie Mack, Fallah Bahh and No Way (Jose) : Four-way tag team match for the Impact Tag Team Championships

It’s Rhino and Joe Doering who will be representing VBD at Slammiversary 2021. No Way (no longer Jose), starts off against Rich Swann as the pair seem to mirror each other’s offence. Karl Anderson seems sick of Swann and No Way having fun so tags himself in for Swann. No Way and Fallah Bahh make some quick tags getting offence in on Anderson before No Way is tagged out for Willie Mack. Mack keeps Anderson in his corner as he and Swann work him over. Anderson makes it to “Big LG”, Doc Gallows who proceeds to dominate Swann. LG and Anderson keep Swann completely isolated away from the three other teams as the pair ensure Swann can’t find any help. Both Willie Mack and Fallah Bahh are knocked off the apron, leaving Swann with no choice but to tag in No Way when he finally gets away from the Good Brothers. Joe Doering breaks up a two count, before tagging himself (and VBD) in for the first time in the match. A brawl between all four teams happens in the middle of the ring as Doering stands tall. Tagging in Rhino, he is lining up No Way for the Gore, but a referee distraction allows Karl Anderson to hit a Gun Stun on Rhino. Gallows tags himself in off No Way, before the pair hit the Magic Killer on Rhino for the win, giving us our first title change of the Slammiversary 2021 main show.

Deonna Purrazzo (C) defeats Thunder Rosa: Singles match for the Impact Knockouts Championship:

The match starts with a series of test of strength encounters, as both Thunder Rosa and “The Virtuosa”, match each other pound-for-pound. Rosa would begin to assert more and more control, as she secured a few two counts, whilst the champion failed to offer much in the way of a response. Purrazzo would eventually strike, attempting to lock in the Fujiwara armbar. The champion would continue to edge closer to locking in the submission, only for Rosa to cinch in a tight sleeper hold. The pair would begin to trade submission attempts, until Rosa managed to secure some distance launching a stomp onto the challenger’s back. It secured a two count, but not the win. The match would go a short while longer, before Purrazzo hit the Queen’s Gambit for the win.

Post-match, the champion reached for a microphone but “Hardcore Country!” blasted around the arena, and Mickie James made her return to Impact Wrestling. James says she’s not here for a fight, but instead offers Purrazzo a space on the NWA Empowerrr card. Purrazzo throws it in James’ face, telling her to get out of The Virtuosa’s ring. James didn’t take the comment kindly, dropping the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion with a slap and a superkick.

Kenny Omega (C) defeats Sami Callihan: No Disqualification match for the Impact World Championship:

Sami Callihan gets easily the biggest pop of the night, as the crowd are rooting for their boy to bring home the gold. As Don Callis is making his introduction for Omega, Callihan decides he can’t wait any longer pouncing on the Impact World Champion. Under a minute in, and Callihan drops Omega with a package piledriver grabbing an early two count. Callihan sits himself down on a chair, and teases the use of a fork. Omega blocks it but as a result, he signed himself up for a worse fate as Callihan takes a pizza cutter out of his pocket. Making three slices with the cutter, Omega gets sliced deep with the cutter as his face becomes a crimson mask. Callihan would go for a dive to the outside, but Omega smashed him in the face with a trashcan lid to the head. Callihan would continue to take hits to the head with a series of objects, as he seemed to enjoy it. Omega would keep up his abuse of Callihan, performing a moonsault with a trashcan in hand onto Callihan’s ankle. An attempt at a rollup by Callihan saw him sent into a chair wedged in the corner, as he gets busted open. Callihan may have not succeeded to use the fork earlier in the match, but as Omega got his hands on it he went to town on Callihan’s head. As he bled heavily, Omega took several stabs at Callihan’s forehead with the fork, before pulling at his cheek with the fork. Callihan attempted a resurgence, covering his hand with his own blood before missing a chop on Omega. Omega sent Callihan into the ring apron, before covering him with a table and double-foot stomping the challenger. Omega would set up a table and go for a snap-dragon suplex through the table. Callihan fought back, throwing tooth and nail at the champion, both biting the champion and reaching for his groin, scraping a comeback. Callihan seizing his moment, would then package piledriver Omega through the table out on the outside. Callihan would make his way around the ring, throwing a series of weapons into the ring. Laying out Omega with a sidewalk slam onto a trash can, followed by a powerbomb through a board, it still only got a two count for Callihan. The challenger would then head to the outside, retrieving a barbed-wire wrapped chair from under the ring. Before Callihan could use the weapon though, Omega would lay him out with a bulldog onto the chair. The move was followed by a powerbomb again onto the chair, and a V-Trigger, and yet Callihan managed to grab the ropes the break the count. A suplex off the top rope through a stacked pile of weapons again only managed a two count, as Callihan kept fighting on. Callihan would pick up Omega and tombstone piledriver him onto the barbed wire chair, for the nearest of near falls. The referee would get knocked down, after Omega threw powder into Callihan’s eyes, leading to a disorientated Callihan attacking the wrong man. Omega would then get the visual pinfall on Calihan, but with no referee to count the fall. Once the second referee came out Omega would lay him out. The Good Brothers attempted to come to the ring but Eddie Edwards and Chris Sabin fought them off. Callihan would then get yet another two count, as the referee was slow on the count. Callihan would bring out the thumbtacks, yet before he could use them Don Callis distracted him allowing Omega to throw a handful of tacks at Callihan. Omega loaded up his knee full of tacks and hit two V-Trigger’s followed by a One-Winged Angel into the tacks for the win.

Post match – The Bullet Club logo flashes on the screen and it’s JAY WHITE!!!!!! He walks around the ring, stalking his prey. Before we can see what happens, the Impact logo plays and we’re left with more questions than answers.

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Impact Slammiversary

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