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ResultsINDIENWA Christmas Special Results December 24, 2022

NWA Christmas Special Results December 24, 2022



This week on the eve of Christmas we interrupt your regularly scheduled NWA programming for a very special NWA USA holiday celebration! Next week the Champions Series will continue but until then get warm by the fire, grab that eggnog, get comfy and join us for the spirit of the season, NWA style! It’s got wrestling, it’s got heart, it’s got awkwardness from your hosts who may or may not have gotten into things early. It’ll be just like being home for the holidays!

NWA US Tag Team Champions The Fixers defeat Alex Caytal & Shepard Lutz

The titles are not on the line in this bout. Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky begin with a heavy assault on Alex Caytal. Bradley tags in Legursky and he takes his time hammering away on both Caytal and Shepard Lutz. Neither smaller man is able to topple the large man. Jay Bradley is tagged back in and he continues the heavy strikes to Caytal. Alex Caytal hits a jab to Bradley’s nose and makes the tag to Lutz. Lutz takes to the top rope but misses a crossbody attempt. Bradley and Legursky isolate Lutz from his partner and hit a double chokeslam. Bradley covers Lutz and The Fixers score the pinfall.

The Country Gentlemen AJ Cazana and Anthony Andrews talk about the importance of family during the holidays. They also state that 2023 will be the year for The Country Gentlemen.

Eric Jackson defeats Soda Pop

The match starts with a fast pace with both men exchanging waist locks and quick reversals on one another. Soda Pop begins to dominate with a series of drop kicks and a leg drop. A few quick roll ups and a missed leg drop puts Eric Jackson back in control. Jackson attempts a Boston Crab but it is reversed into another roll up by Soda Pop. The action makes its way into a corner of the ring where Soda Pop lands a Russian Leg Sweep from the second rope. From out of no where Eric Jackson lands a high and tight German Suplex and holds for the pin. A three count and Eric Jackson wins.

AJ Cazana & Anthony Andrews defeat Rush and Rolando Freeman

Rolando instructs his brother Rush to begin the match against AJ Cazana. They exchange a series of wrist locks and collar and elbow tie ups. AJ lands a few hard strikes and tags in Anthony Andrews. Rolando yells for the tag and takes Andrews down with a drop kick before he tags in AJ Cazana again. Rush finds his way back in and takes AJ down with an arm lock. Rush tags in Rolando and they attempt a dance maneuver but AJ clobbers them both from behind. He lands a big boot to Rolando and isolates him in the corner. Anthony Andrews is tagged in and he takes to throwing the smaller Rolando around the ring. AJ Cazana tags in and they continue a two on one attack. Rolando rolls out of a headlock and makes the tag to his brother, Rush. Rush in off of the tag takes down both of his opponents. Rush powerlifts his brother and throws him at Andrews and Cazana. They quickly recover and throw Rolando out of the ring. Andrews hits a spinebuster slam and covers Rush for the pinfall victory.

Ricky and Kerry Morton wish all the NWA viewers a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Rhett Titus defeats Gaagz The Gimp

Gaagz The Gimp keeps Rhett Titus at bay in the early moments as he attempts to lick him. Titus seems apprehensive to lock up with Gaagz. Rhett Titus locks in a headlock and takes Gaagz down with a suplex. Titus attempts a pinfall but Gaagz spanks him and it is broken up. Gaagz continues his strange offensive tactics as he backs Titus into the corner and delivers heavy should thrusts as he “stimulates” the horns on his mask. Rhett Titus turns things around with knee strikes to the mid section and a body slam. He lines up for a big boot in the corner but Father James Mitchell pulls Gaagz from harm’s way. Rhett blocks another attempted lick from Gaagz, lands a belly to belly suplex, and scores the pinfall.

Pretty Empowered defeat The Renegade Twins

Ella Envy and Roxy represent Pretty Empowered. The match begins with trash talk between Ella Envy and one of the Renegade Twins. Ella is taken down with a hard shoulder drop and tags in Roxy. Charlotte Renegade is tagged in and keeps Roxy grounded until Ella Envy distracts her and Roxy takes her down. Ella is tagged in and she takes to stomping the Charlotte Renegade. Roxy comes back in and they continue to keep her isolated from her partner. Charlotte makes the tag to Robin Renegade and she takes Roxy down. The twins attempt a double vertical suplex but Ella breaks up the move. Ella lands a shot with her tag title to her opponent and lands the pinfall victory.

Kratos defeats Blake Troop

Blake Troop goes directly for Kratos who takes him to the mat by the waist. Troop breaks the lock and both men make it to their feet. Blake Troop lands a take down on Kratos but he makes it back to his feet quickly and lands an arm drag on Troop. The two men exchange heavy punches with Kratos dominating. He pulls Blake Troop up into a deadlift suplex for a close two count. Troop catches Kratos off of the corner into a high side body slam for a close two count of his own. They continue to exchange heavy blows and lock ups on the mat. Blake Troop backs Kratos into the corner and hits him with repeated elbow strikes to the jaw. Kratos is locked into a Guillotine head lock but powers back. He lands a diving lariat on Blake Troop and follows it up with a high elbow strike in the corner. Manager for Troop, Silvio, distracts the referee from the outside and Blake Troop hits a low blow on Kratos. Kratos hits a high knee strike out of no where and lands the pinfall victory.

Tyrus joins us with BLK Jeez to wish the NWA viewers a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Be sure to tune in to NWA Powerrr this Tuesday at 6:05pm EST on Fite Tv for the continuation of the Champions Series!

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