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ResultsINDIENWA USA Results December 10, 2022

NWA USA Results December 10, 2022



Welcome to this week’s edition of NWA USA coming at you from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee! This week’s episode is a continuation of the Champions Series that began on Tuesday night’s Powerrr. We begin our show with a highlight of the teams for the ongoing Champion Series, featuring the captain and members of each team toting for their respective teams and its leadership. Next we open to our first match in Skyway Studios.

KiLynn King defeated Angelina Love

This is the first women’s bout to take place in the Champions Series tournament. Angelina Love is Team Great and KiLynn King is Team Fixers. King dominates the match from the start, utilizing her speed and strength advantage against her opponent. Love has a few brief comebacks that are put to a quick end by KiLynn King. King nails a Death Valley Driver for a close two count. She avoids a high kick from Love and attempts a Cross-face maneuver but it is reversed by Love into a chokehold. King reverses into a Cross-face and Angelina Love submits. Kilynn King wins, Team Fixers are awarded 6 points. 

Tyrus insults Thom Latimer for being a part of Team Brickhouse, saying he is less of a man and a competitor for being on his wife’s team for the Champions Series.

Question Mark II defeated Carnage

Carnage and Question Mark II exchange heavy blows back and forth with Carnage gaining the advantage with a big body slam. No managers are allowed at ringside during the tournament matches but Aron Stevens can be seen yelling loudly to his client Carnage in the ring. Question Mark II has a few hits in on Carnage but remains mostly on the mat as the crowd gets behind him. Carnage attempts to unmasked Question Mark II but is over powered with some Monrovian chops. Question Mark II hits a strike. Captain Brickhouse approaches the ring apron and yells instructions at her team member. Question Mark II hits a second chop and then locks Carnage into the Monrovian Death Lock. Carnage submits, 6 points to Team Brickhouse. 

We see another collection of team members talking about their respective teams as well as some trash talking towards other teams and their captains.

Missa Kate defeated Marti Belle
The match begins with an exchange of collar and elbow tie ups with Marti Belle taking Missa Kate down to the mat. The two women have a back and forth exchange of head locks on the mat. On their feet again, Belle lands a few well placed elbow strikes that puts Kate on the ropes. A quick jump from the corner of the ring puts Kate in control. Missa Kate shows some aggression with some hard shoulder strikes in the corner. Belle eventually powers back, landing a cutter for a close two count. The action spills to the outside with Missa Kate hitting a drop kick through the second rope. The referee begins a count. With the two exchanging blows he reaches a count of 8 just as Missa Kate slides back into the ring. Marti Belle just misses the count and the bell rings. Missa Kate wins via count-out, Team Great is awarded 2 points and knocks Team Fixers out of the tournament. Team Great advances to the second round.
Madi/ Samantha Star versus Allysin Kay/ Kayla Kassidy (DRAW)

Samantha Star and Kayla Kassidy begin the match. Star overpowers Kassidy and keeps her contained in her corner where her partner, Madi, takes advantage, pulling her hair. Allysin Kay shows no interest in helping her partner, going as far as to avoid a tag from Kassidy. Madi and Kayla Kassidy end up in a tussle on the mat where Kassidy pulls her opponent’s hair. The referee calls for the bell and Madi and Samantha Star are awarded a point for their team. The match continues. Samantha Star is tagged in and continues to over power Kassidy in the corner. Kassidy makes a slight come back with forearm strikes but is then blind tagged by Kay who strikes her own partner on her way in to the ring. Allysin Kay gets Samantha Star into a Boston Crab. The bell rings, as a time limit draw has been reached.

Team Tyrus and Team Brickhouse are now tied at 10 points a piece. Alternates will now be used to break the tie and determine who will move on to the second round of the tournament

Jeremiah Plunkett versus Rolando Freeman

Rolando Freeman and Jeremiah Plunkett go back and forth with Freeman landing a bulldog that puts Plunkett on the defense. Plunkett lands a hard punch that puts Freeman down to the mat. Freeman lands a drop kick to break the onslaught of punches from Plunkett. A hard shoulder tackle by Rolando Freeman puts Jeremiah Plunkett down. Plunkett comes back with a belly to back suplex and a DDT for a two count. Freeman is able to break the pinfall with a foot on the bottom rope. Rolando hits a headbutt, his Biggest Boot kick, and scores the pinfall victory. Team Tyrus advances to the second round.

Be sure to turn in to NWA Powerrr this Tuesday on Fite TV to see the second round of the Champions Series tournament.

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