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ResultsINDIENWA USA Results December 17, 2022

NWA USA Results December 17, 2022



Welcome to NWA USA coming at you from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee! This week we bring you the third installment of the Champion Series. Thus far we have seen the elimination of Team Fixers and Team Brickhouse from the on going tournament. Six of the eight teams remain, all competing for points in various matches, with the winning team receiving title shots at the respective NWA champions. Here is another rundown of how points are awarded throughout the tournament…

  • submission – 6 points
  • pinfall – 5 points
  • count out – 2 points
  • basic disqualification – 1 point
  • extreme disqualification – 3 points   *Not obeying referee’s orders/ the match is not able to continue.

We begin with a video package discussing the debut of Team Pretty member La Rosa Negra. Taya Valkyrie also appears, discussing her excitement in returning to the NWA.

Team Pretty’s  La Rosa Negra faces Team Rock N’ Roll’s Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie begins the match in control of La Rosa Negra. La Rosa Negra is put down to the mat with a few body slams before Taya Valkyrie locks in a seated bear hug. Taya lands a knee plant to La Rosa Negra’s mid section and the screen goes black. The words on screen read:

During the course of this match, La Rosa Negra suffered serious internal injury at the hands of Taya Valkyrie, causing NWA officials to suspend this Champions Series match. Unfortunately, Taya Valkyrie would choose to ignore NWA officials and continue to assault a prone La Rosa Negra. As a result, Team Pretty received 3 points for a disqualification, and NWA USA GM Tim Storm has suspended Taya Valkyrie until 2023. Due to the severity of La Rosa Negra’s injuries and the resulting actions from Taya Valkyrie, the remainder of this match will not be broadcast.


Team Gold’s Mercurio defeated Team Rebelión‘s Joe Alonzo

Joe Alonzo wards off some trash talk from Mercurio with a hard elbow strike to start the action. Mercurio continues to try and intimidate Alonzo but is kept on the defensive. A distraction from ringside turns the tables and Mercurio lands some hard chops followed by a high back body drop that puts Alonzo down for a two count. Alonzo is hit with a tilt a whirl cutter by Mercurio but he refuses to cover and goes for a moonsault that he misses. Alonzo strikes back and lands a flying cutter of his own. The comeback is brief as Mercurio hits a second cutter on Alonzo and lands the pinfall victory. Team Gold is awarded 5 points.

Team Pretty and Team Rock N’ Roll exchange talk about the upcoming Ella Envy and Jennacide match.

Team Rock N’ Roll’s Jennacide defeated Team Pretty’s Ella Envy

Our match begins with a strong collar and elbow tie up with Jennacide throwing Ella Envy to the mat. Jennacide locks in a strong head lock and hits Envy with a few hard knee strikes to the face. With Ella Envy down, Jennacide continues to wrench on Envy’s arm and neck. Ella Envy reverses into a sleeper but Jennacide gets to a standing position and rams her opponent into the corner turnbuckle. She continues to hit Envy with judo kicks and chops as she hangs from the ropes in the corner of the ring. The action spills outside where Envy utilizes the ring post to turn things around. Back in the ring Ella Envy attempts another sleeper hold but is overpowered by a suplex from Jennacide. A hard spinning kick from Jennacide into a cloverleaf but Ella makes it to the ropes. Jennacide hits a fast knee and scores the pinfall. Team Rock N’ Roll advance to the second round. Team Pretty is eliminated.

Team Gold discusses their fear of facing Team Rebelión‘s Max The Impaler

Team Rebelión: Ashley D’Amoise and Max The Impaler vs Team Gold: Roxy and Natalia Markova

Ashley D’Amoise starts the match against Natalia Markova. Ashley is overpowered quickly by Markova. Roxy tags herself in. Max The Impaler enters the match and takes it to the newly tagged Markova. Markova escapes the onslaught and makes the tag to Roxy. Ashley D’Amoise is tagged in but is clotheslined by Max. Ashley spends the next moments ramming Roxy’s head into the mat. Markova is tagged back in and lands a Stinger and receives a close two count before Max breaks up the pinfall. Max is tagged back in and goes back and forth with Markova. Natalia Markova hits her finisher but it only puts Max down for a two count. Roxy tags back in but is quickly leveled with a lariat by Max. Max scores the pinfall. Team Rebelión advances to the second round. Team Gold is eliminated.

Be sure to tune in to NWA Powerrr on Tuesday at 6:05pm EST for more in the Champion Series tournament!


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