Lucha Underground Results; 5/31/17 – The Mack vs. Johnny Mundo In A “All-Night-Long” Match


Welcome To The Lucha Underground Season 3 Opener

Date: 5/31/17

Johnny Mundo & The Mack (Willie Mack) Kick-start their feud that ended Season 2 in a match that will last the entire episode.

 The show kicks off with a flashback to the ending of season two where Mundo laid waste to The Mask. The Lucha Underground Championship is on the line, the competitor who has the most falls within the show, will be crowned the new Lucha Underground Champion.

The match kicks off with The Mack & Mundo both trading hard slaps to the face. The two are trading one-count pinfalls and then Mundo hits Mack with a brutal shining wizard for a two-count. The Mack takes Mundo to the top rope, Mundo slides down the ring post evading all of The Mack’s punches. Mundo then pushes Mack off of the top rope & hits him with the “End Of The World” for the first fall. Mundo up 1-0

Commercial Break

And we’re back. Mack hits Mundo with a modified suplex for a near 3 count. With 30 minutes left in the match, the Lucha Underground crowd is chanting “this is awesome. Mundo is taunting and holding back on giving Mack another “End of the World”. The Mack countered, then Johnny Mundo countered into a roll-up, grabbed the tights for a second fall. Mundo is now up 2-0.

Mack quickly recovers as he does an impressive senton over the top rope. The Mack catches Mundo off of the top rope & hits him with a power-bomb for the three count. The Mack is down 2-1.

Commercial Break

Both competitors are trading deafening blows. Mundo follows up with a standing spanish fly for a near fall. Mack hits Johnny with a maneuver but Mundo is too close to the ropes, grabs them before a three count. Mundo climbs to the top rope and does a corkscrew. Mundo grabs his knee as the referee throws up the X. Vampiro calls for the medical team as they bring the stretcher out and Matt Striker states that this match, most likely will not be continuing.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the commercial break, fans are split apart between “Johnny’s crying” & “no he’s not” chants. Once The Mack turns his back, Mundo attacks him from behind faking the leg injury. Mundo bring the stretcher into the ring, DDT’s The Mack onto the stretcher for the three count. Mundo is now up 3-1. They both head up to the stairs trading blows with the stretcher. Mack power-slams Mundo onto the stretcher, straps him up and slides him down the stairs.

Commercial Break

The Mack tosses Mundo back into the ring and hits him with a stunner for the three count. The Mack now is down 2-3. PJ Black, one of Johnny’s boys was dressed up in the same ring gear as Johnny and ran out of the building. Mack chased Black and was eventually led back into the building and was beat down with kendo sticks by both men. After being beat down 2 on 1, Son Of Havoc comes to save The Mack to even up the numbers.

Son of Havoc goes to knock on the door of Dario to get beers to wake up The Mack. Mundo & PJ Black get back in control and Mundo gets cocky and tells the Mariachi band to play a victory song.  One of the singers jumped from the rafters onto Johnny Mundo & it turned out to be Sexy Starr. The Mack then takes Mundo and sitout piledriver’s Mundo into two tables, throws him back in the ring. The Mack ties the score, it is now 3-3 with 10 minutes left.

A ladder finds itself into the match as both competitors put it to use. Mundo positions The Mack for a End Of The World onto the ladder & The Mack gets out of the way. The Mack positions Mundo onto a table & climbs a ladder. Ricky Mandell comes out and holds the leg of The Mack. Sexy Starr & Son Of Havoc come to get rid of Mandell. Mack jumps off of the ladder but he cannot recover in time as the match ends in a draw.

Dario comes out and makes a rematch for next week, Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack for the Lucha Underground Championship. The Mack ends the show hitting a stunner On Mundo.

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