WWE Monday Night RAW Results – August 26, 2019: Sasha Banks Returns, KOTR Continues


Winner: Sasha Banks

After the match, Sasha gets another Bank Statement on Natalya before leaving again.

Backstage, AJ Styles says his match with Braun is a bunch of bull. But he says that Braun will not be walking out with all the gold because tonight, he is going to give Braun what he deserves. Nothing. Cedric Alexander vs. Cesaro is up next.

Cedric Alexander vs. Cesaro

Cedric and Cesaro slap each other before Cesaro gets a series of uppercuts. Alexander gets some knife edge chops before Alexander gets a reverse hurricanrana and a dropkick sending Cesaro out the ring. Alexander goes for a dive before Cesaro cuts him off for another uppercut.

Cesaro then gets a gutwrench suplex which gets 1. Alexander responds with a big boot and a slam from the 2nd rope. Alexander gets an outside dive and a forearm for two. Cedric gets a clothesline that sends Cesaro outside.

Back from commercial, Cesaro continues with more uppercuts and a leg hold. However, Cedric fights back with an enziguri and a Mchinoku Driver for a 2 count. He attempts to do a top rope move but the leg won’t let him. Cesaro cuts him off and gets a top rope suplex with Cedric outside for 2. Cesaro then applies a Half Crab. Alexander fights out gets a mid-air Spanish Fly for a 2 count.

Cedric goes for a back suplex but Cesaro reverses into a crossbody and another Half Crab. Alexander reverses that into a cover and a back elbow. Alexander goes for another enziguri but Cesaro reverses that into an Ankle Lock. Cesaro goes back in, but Alexander gets a Lumbar Check for the victory.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Back from commercial, we get a recap of the 24/7 Title changes from over the weekend. Backstage, we get an interview with Roode and Ziggler. Ziggler says sometimes you see another superstar with a twinkle in his eyes and Roode was that person. Ziggler says that they will take advantage of the internal turmoil between Seth and Braun.

Roode says that when you got it, you got it and when you’re hot, you’re hot. They say they came together not on a whim, but through destiny. They call themselves the best looking tag team in WWE, and guarantee victory at Clash of Champions. Ziggler says it will be, and Roode says…Glorious.

More Street Profits, and Ford recaps more events. We also get a video package recapping The Fiend.

AJ Styles (C) vs. Braun Strowman – United States Championship

Strowman sends Styles over the top rope and bulldozes Styles on the outside twice. Styles fights Strowman off in the corner and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Strowman gets a chokeslam. That gets a 2 count after Styles has his foot on the ropes. Strowman gets a big boot on Styles and sends him to the outside.

Back from commercial, Styles has a sleeper hold applied on Strowman. Strowman fights out and goes for a big boot in the corner but Styles escapes and works over the left leg. Styles gets a forearm to the back of the head and a moonsault for 2. Another forearm to the back of the head transitions into the Calf Crusher. Strowman fights out and slams Styles’ head for 2.

Strowman gets a series of shoulder blocks and goes for the powersrlam but Styles fights out. Strowman is sent into the ring post. Styles hits Strowman into the ref and he is knocked out. Styles rakes the eyes and hits a low blow while he is out. He then grabs a chair and goes to work on Strowman with the chair. However, Braun fights out and gets the powerslam and goes for the cover. The ref is still out and can’t make the count.

Gallows and Anderson comes down and jumps Strowman, but Strowman fights out. He fights out Gallows and Anderson with a chair, and then Styles falls on his back pretending to be hurt. The referee wakes up and sees Strowman with the chair and disqualifies him.

Winner by DQ: AJ Styles

After the bell, Strowman is livid and hits all members of the OC with a running powerslam and stands tall.

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