NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11 – Full Results (1/4/2017)


Hello everyone, and welcome to eWrestlingNews’ first ever live play-by-play coverage for New Japan Pro Wrestling! Tonight we will witness NJPW’s biggest event of the year in Wrestle Kingdom 11, otherwise known as NJPW’s annual January 4th show at the Tokyo Dome.  Live, detailed coverage will start shortly with the pre-show battle royal in 30 minutes!

Pre-show Battle Royal

We’re off with the pre-show battle royal! And the first entrant is…..Michael Elgin! Making a return from injury, Big Mike appears to be confident.  Second entrant is…BILLY GUNN!!! Coming off a decent performance in the World Tag League, Billy Gunn is back for some battle royal action. Elgin and Billy Gunn face off and exchange some words, testing each other’s strength with pushes and strikes. Third entrant comes in and it’s….BONE SOLDIER!!! Elgin pushes down Gunn and attempts to carry him over the ropes, but Gunn holds on. All three men engage each other and the two Gajin wrestlers team up on Bone Soldier. Fourth entrant is coming and it’s….CHEESEBURGER!!!! Cheeseburger runs and throws cheeseburger props into the crowd on his way to the ring. Bone Solider runs at Cheeseburger, but Cheeseburger ducks and…Bone Soldier throws himself out of the ring! Bone Soldier is eliminated. Here comes the fifth entrant and it’s….JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER!

Elgin taunts Billy Gunn with his own “suck it!” insult, and tosses him out of the ring! Sixth entrant comes out and it’s…Kuniaki Kobayashi! Kobayashi runs out and goes after Liger immediately. The seventh entrant follows up shortly and it’s…..TIGER MASK IV! Elgin is resting up in the corner while Kobayashi and Tiger Mask IV go after each other. Eighth entrant comes…and it’s MANABU NAKANISHI! Ninth entrance comes…and it’s Ryusuke Tagaguchi! Wait, Nakanishi is pinned and he’s eliminated! The action continues and the tenth entrant is….Yoshitatsu! Tiger Mask IV is eliminated via pinfall while Yoshitatsu makes his way to the ring.

Yuji Nagata makes his way out as the eleventh entrant! A key member of NJPW’s third generation, Nagata goes after Tagaguchi and attempts to rip his arm off with an armbar! Here comes another member of the third generation as the twelfth entrant….and it’s HIROYOSHI TENZAN! Yoshitatsu gets eliminated in the process. Tagaguchi and Tenzan briefly wrestle each other while the thirteenth entrant comes out, and it’s…HIRO SAITO! Nagata gets pinned and eliminated by Saito and Tagaguchi. Here comes the fourteenth entrant and it’s….SCOTT NORTON! Scott Norton makes his long awaited return to NJPW and the famous Gajin appears to be interested in clearing house  and goes after Tagaguchi immediately. POWERBOMB!!! Scott Norton makes quick work of Tagaguchi and pins him. Tagaguchi is gone! Scott Norton rallies the other competitors against Michael Elgin.

Elgin fights them off and Elgin finally meets his historical precedent in Norton. Elgin eliminates Norton! Shocker! Cheeseburger, Tenzan, and Elgin are the remaining competitors. Tenzan gets eliminated by Big Mike by being tossed over the ropes. Elgin and Cheeseburger face off and Cheeseburger taunts Elgin. Elgin isn’t interested and takes a few elbows from Cheeseburger. It has no effect. Elgin knocks Cheeseburger out cold. Elgin picks up Cheeseburger for a powerbomb but Cheeseburger fights back. Second time is a charm and Elgin lifts up Cheeseburger again for another POWERBOMB!!! This one is over folks. ***

Pre-Show Battle Royal Winner – Michael Elgin

Special Attraction Match – Tiger Mask W vs Tiger the Dark

We officially kick off the main card with a special match between two anime characters from the new “Tiger Mask W” series that have come to life in the squared circle. Tiger Mask W is supposedly played by Kota Ibushi, and it appears ACH is Tiger the Dark. Tiger the Dark and Tiger Mask W make their entrances and we’re off! Tiger Mask W and Tiger the Dark quickly start off the match with a fast pace and feel each other out. Tiger the Dark forces Tiger Mask W out and quickly leaps over the rope to punish him for retreating from the battlefield. The two get back in the ring and Tiger Mask the Dark quickly continues to push Tiger Mask. Tiger Mask W does a Triangle Moonsault after returning the favor to Tiger Mask the Dark by chasing him out of the ring, and Tiger Mask W drags his opponent back in the ring. Tiger the Dark gets the upper hand back and locks Tiger Mask W into a abdomen stretch. Tiger the Dark then drags Tiger Mask W up after releasing him and attempts a Tombstone!!! Tiger Mask W kicks out and gets back the upperhand. Tiger Mask W then picks up Tiger the Dark for a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! The referee counts. 1..2…3!!! Tiger Mask W is your winner! ***

WINNER – Tiger Mask W

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship – The Young Bucks (C) vs Roppongi Vice

Our next match features The Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team belts! Both teams make their entrances and The Young Bucks seem pumped, insulting Matt Hardy out on the way to the ring. Matt and Nick start the match by teaming up on Rocky Romero, but Trent Barreta quickly gets involved and it turns into a free for all. Matt and Nick leave the ring and act like they are quitting, but lure Baretta and Romero into a trap! SUPPPPEEERRRRKKIICCCKKK!  Both members of Roppongi Vice are out on the ramp. Baretta and Romero barely make it after the 19 count and the free for all continues back in the ring. The action continues it’s frenetic pace as Nick and Matt continue to run wild on Baretta and Romero, which results in accidental friendly fire and a fallen Young Lion. Romero fights Nick and Matt back in the ring and manages to knock both of them down. Romero attempts a Sliced Bread on Nick Jackson, but Matt Jackson helps him counter for a Meltzer Driver. Romero fights back and escapes. Romero traps Matt Jackson into a hold as Baretta delivers a flying drop kick from the top rope. The two teams fight back to a stalemate in the ring as Nick Jackson lures Baretta into a trap and forces him to leap over the top rope, but no one is home! Ouch! Romero has to do as both Jacksons team up on him. Romero kicks out after a 450 from Matt Jackson! Romero is helpless though as The Young Bucks treat him to several SUUPPPERRKKIIICCCCKKKSSS! However, Romero refuses to give up and Baretta comes in for the save to prevent Nick from starting MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! Romero rolls up Matt and scores the pin! 1..2…3!!! We have new champions! ****

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