NWA Circle Squared Episode 2 & 3 Results & Review 3/10/20


Today, we move away from our normal Powerrr episode for another edition of Circle Squared and even better; it is a double feature! Twice the action, twice the wrestling and today’s wrestlers, some people may know, some you might want to check out! Freya the Slaya and Dani Jordyn will be our first women’s Circled Squared match and the other match will be George South against Colby Corino.

Let’s see how they do; and if they will be Powerrr bound in the future.

Circle Squared Results

  • Colby Corino vs George South: Colby Corino wins via Schoolboy Roll-Up- ** 1/4
  • Freya the Slaya vs Dani Jordyn: Freya the Slaya wins via Michinoku Driver- **

Circle Squared Review


Sean Mooney tells us about next weeks Super Powerrr next week, the Crockett Cup entries later on and giving us the second episode of Circle Squared, George South and Colby Corino.

Colby Corino comes out first with his promo saying he is born for wrestling and he’s wrestling for his family, not only for his father, Steve Corino but also for his son, Orion. The name on his taped hands like his father did for him years ago. Up next is George South, already mouthing off to the crowd before his interview. He tells the crowd that he didn’t have them then so why does he need them now and all he wanted was to wrestle with the legends of the National Wrestling Alliance and now he can finally wrestle for the NWA.

Colby Corino vs George South

Early advantage goes to Colby Corino with a shoulder tackle; and surprisingly taking George South down, until South gets the power advantage and takes Colby down; applying the Iron Claw to immobilize Colby. Colby breaks out and after going through the ropes he does a Cobra Twist but it quickly broken up by another Iron Claw. Corino gets a second wind and tries to outdo George South again but after a Tiger Suplex by South, the trifecta of Iron Claws is applied as he mouths off to the crowd.

Colby gets the final bit of wind and once George South puts on an Airplane Spin; sending Corino into the corner but reversing the splash in the corner into a Schoolboy Pin for the win.

Aftermath: Both men come to the desk and given the fan vote of either Colby or George; which they favor Colby Corino.

Joe Galli talks about The Crockett Cup and the second championship match between the National Champion, Aron Stevens will get a familiar face; facing Trevor Murdoch again. The Second Team in the Crockett Cup is Villain Enterprises, with Flip Gordon and Brody, the Third Team from Mexico is Rey Horus and Flamita and the fourth announced team is the former NWA Tag Team Champions, Thom Latimer and Royce Issacs.

Another match that will happen is the wildcard gauntlet match with Tim Storm, Ricky Starks and Zicky Dice being the first three members announced.

The next matches are up and first up is Freya the Slaya who brings great passion to her promo with territories of the past. The next combatant is Dani Jordyn who basically, rips into Freya and goes full Mean Girls into her; having a Burn Book to disrespect her opponents, saying can she even watch NWA in her Igloo, there is nothing in Alaska just like Freya.

Freya the Slaya vs Dani Jordyn

Dani makes the critical mistake of trying to stand and switch with Freya and gets dominated by the power difference. Dani tries to attack with wild strikes but it’s looking unsuccessful as Freya powerslams Jordyn. After a mistake by Freya, Dani Jordyn can take advantage with strikes to Freya’s legs and takes advantage of the attacks. Freya gets a comeback started and lands a Michinoku Driver on Dani Jordyn for the victory.

Aftermath: The crowd gives their support for the two and even though she was the clear bad guy, Dani Jordyn got more of the fan appreciation.

Final Thoughts

Both of the matches and all four promos were very put together. I’m sure you can find many George South matches all over the internet since he started back in the 80s; and it was good to see Colby Corino return and show that he developed more as a wrestler instead of just Steve Corino’s son in ROH. The women did a very good job in the ring and on the microphone; will definitely check more of their matches as should you. The fans can vote on Twitter on NWA for who they should think should get the contract and who knows; you might see one of us doing the Circle Squared reviews on a future episode.

With all of that being said, next week is Super Powerrr which means more matches, more action and more excitement!

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