NWA Hard Times 2020 Results – New TV Champion To Be Crowned


We’re bringing you live results for NWA Hard Times, airing from the GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia on January 24th, 2020.

A new NWA World Television Champion will be crowned (the first since 1990), Nick Aldis and Flip Gordon will square off in an interpromotional match; and Scott Steiner will return to major PPV to challenge National Champion Aron Stevens. Also, the women’s and tag team championships are on the line. The official PPV live stream can be found on FITE TV.

NWA Hard Times 2020

#1. [TV Tournament 1st Round] The Question Mark vs. Trevor Murdoch – Winner: Trevor Murdoch with the Bulldog

#2. [TV Tournament 1st Round] Zicky Dice vs. Dan Maff – Winner: Dan Maff with the Running Senton

#3. [TV Tournament 1st Round] Ricky Starks vs. Matt Cross – Winner: Ricky Starks with The Stroke

-Dave Marquez welcomes Tim Storm. Apparently Ken Anderson isn’t here and Storm isn’t happy to go through to the next round on a bye. He thanks the NWA family before getting to business. He’s a competitor and was looking forward to this match tonight, and he’d never want to do it the easy way, but it is what it is. Storm will take the ‘W’ and go through to the next round, so he only has to worry about two matches. The reason Anderson isn’t here is because he’s not medically cleared to compete.

-Stu Bennett gets on the microphone. Ladies and gentleman, he wants some decorum please. He hates to interrupt, but he’s afraid he’s got some breaking news. That could become a catchphrase.. but anyways. He thanks the GPB studio for hosting their first two PPVs, but the next will take place somewhere bigger. And that PPV will be the 2020 Crockett Cup, as he unveils the cup itself.

#4. [World Tag Team Championship] The Rock N’ Roll Express (c) vs. James Storm & Eli Drake vs. The Wild Cards (w/ Kamille) – Winners: Eli Drake & James Storm with The Gravy Train to become the new World Tag Team Champions

-The Rock N’ Roll Express congratulate the new champs. Marquez gets a word and the crowd chants “Talk To Us!”. Eli Drake replies “Yeah!? Yeah!? Let us talk to ya”. Storm says blood is thicker, but he & Eli like beer and liquor. Drake comes up with a few tag team names, but it really doesn’t matter as the only thing they need to be called is champs. And Storm says if you don’t like it? Sorry about your damn luck! Yeah!?

#5. [World Women’s Championship] Allysin Kay (c) vs. Thunder Rosa – Winner: Thunder Rosa with the Thunder Driver to become the new World Women’s Champion

Post match, Melina and Marti Belle enter the ring to congratulate the new champion Thunder Rosa

-‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll is here to get a word with Joe Galli. He wants his shot at the ten pounds of gold. Nick keeps walking away from him, so what’s he scared of? He’s not gonna’ stop til he gets a shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Apparently somehow, Nick’s match against Flip Gordon is a non-title match. He talks about being strictly business, but a championship match is good business. Everyone around the world watching on PPV wanted to see the title on the line.

Nick Aldis shows up and responds by saying he is flabbergasted by the audacity of what he just said. Scurll walks in to the house that Aldis built and starts throwing his weight around like he’s got the same kind of stroke he does in ROH? Here’s something for you, the NWA is the hot ticket in wrestling because Aldis is headlining. He wants to talk about strictly business? He’s the dealer and here’s how it goes. The title will be on the line under one condition. If Flip wins he becomes champion, but if Aldis retains? Then any business between he and Scurll will always be strictly under his terms. Scurll needs to get out of the building right now if he accepts. Security show up to escort him out, and Scurll agrees to leave the building to therefore adhere to Aldis’ terms.

#6. [TV Tournament Semi-Final] Trevor Murdoch vs. Dan Maff – Winner: Trevor Murdoch with the Top Rope Bulldog

#7. [TV Tournament Semi-Final] Ricky Starks vs. Tim Storm – Winner: Ricky Starks

#8. [National Championship] Aron Stevens (c) (w/ The Question Mark) vs. Scott Steiner – Winner: Scott Steiner by Disqualification due to The Question Mark’s interference

After the match, Scott Steiner botched by picking up the Television Championship (on display) and draping it across the downed referee; thinking that was the title he was challenging for.

#9. [Worlds Heavyweight Championship*] Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon – Winner: Nick Aldis

*This interpromotional NWA vs. ROH match has a stipulation where if Aldis wins, any future business between he & Marty Scurll will be strictly handled under his terms.

#10. [TV Tournament Final] Trevor Murdoch vs. Ricky Starks – Winner: Ricky Starks with The Stroke to become the New NWA World Television Champion!

And that’s all folks. Thanks for joining us for this event! See you later in the week for NWA Powerrr.

–NWA Hard Times 2020 Results–

NWA Hard Times

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