NWA Powerrr Results and Review 2/25/2020


After a thrilling, fan driven Circle Squared episode last week; we go back to the regularly scheduled programming of our weekly NWA Powerrr.

Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll are nearing closer and closer to their championship match at the 2020 Crockett Cup and the title for the show; “Strictly Chaos” gives us a hint of what’s to come between the two. The Question Mark made a challenge to Trevor Murdoch to defend the honor of his pupil in Mongrovian Ka-Ra-Te; the NWA National Champion Aron Stevens; in a match and our main event is Melina against her stablemate, partner and the NWA Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa. Melina says that Rosa has gotten this far from Melina’s own tutelage so we can only imagine what she will do for the Championship Match.


Now onto the exciting action for the show!


  • The Question Mark vs Trevor Murdoch: Murdoch wins via Diving Bulldog- * 1/4
  • Zicky Dice vs Matt Cross vs Ricky Starks: Zicky Dice wins via pinfall- **
  • Thunder Rosa(c) vs Melina for the NWA Women’s Championship: Thunder Rosa wins via Count-Out: N/A


Dave Marquez has Tim Storm out for an interview, asking him about his match against with Latimer and the interference of “Mama Storm”. Tim said he lost but, not giving up; and Thom Latimer comes out to tell Tim that he is done and he is done with Tim Storm putting a wedge between Aldis and Latimer.

The impersonator of Mama Storm comes out; and tells Storm he has a tag partner for him to get back to Tim Storm’s winning ways. Tim Storm just wants to tear the living hell out of Danny Deals (the Impersonator); and if Tim Storm beats the mystery partner that Danny had planned, Storm can get him. So in the future, Tim Storm will face the man that he beat for the Championship, Jax Dane.

Cross is on after for an interview about what the NWA means to him; saying he is here for the same reason as anyone else and that’s the love of wrestling. He gets fired up and goes to the ring for the triple threat match against Starks and Dice.

Zicky Dice vs Matt Cross vs Ricky Starks

In typical cowardly fashion, Zicky runs out of the ring as Starks stalks him over to pick the bones. After Ricky Starks goes outside to attack Zicky, Matt Cross does a Tope Suicida to get both men; and has a slightly one on one with the TV Champion. Starks and Cross show their athletic prowess in the ring but, Matt Cross gets a bit of separation, hitting the Cross Cutter (Rebound Cutter) and Shooting Star Press. The match was in Matt Cross’ hands until Zicky Dice pulled Cross off of Ricky Starks and got the pin.

May Valentine has her diary segment about the last show where Strictly Business defeated the Rock n Roll Express and goes on her personal thoughts about… things with Strictly Business.

Joe Galli brings Aron Stevens out and asks him about his defenses of the NWA National Championship. Aron tells him that all the back sass and poppycock of his defenses are lies, saying he is a fighting champion then begins introducing his 10th Degree Black Belt Sensei, The Question Mark for his match against Murdoch.

The Question Mark vs Trevor Murdoch 

The Question Mark would try to get The Mongrovian Spike on Trevor Murdoch and ultimately miss, hitting his hand on the corner and rapidly falling victim to the Diving Bulldog for the pinfall.

Aftermath: Aron Stevens would attack Trevor Murdoch from behind and the two would take Trevor Murdoch out, leaving him in the corner of the ring.

Sean Mooney has his interview with Nick Aldis, giving him his praise for Nick’s recent wins and Nick goes on to say that he doesn’t care about Villain Enterprises after beating Flip Gordon and The Rock n Roll Express with Royce Issacs. Nick calls out Marty, saying he can call all of this off if Marty Scurll admits the Aldis is the better man. Marty tells Nick that he won’t back down and wants to fight now with all of Nick’s talking, going to the ring. Nick asks Marty if he wants to do this as each member of Strictly Business comes out, one by one until Villain Enterprises runs down from the crowd and takes the fight to Strictly Business, causing pure bedlam and pandemonium in the arena.

Eddie Kingston comes out from the back, taping up his fists up getting ready to fight and he specifically wants The Pope, calling him out and not moving, goading him out. Pope finally comes out, jokingly taping his hands up too. Pope proceeds to tell Eddie that he does whatever he wants to do. The Bouncers come out to back up Eddie Kingston it seems but The Pope paid off the Bouncers as begin to light up and take it to Eddie Kingston as they dismantle Eddie in the middle of the ring as Pope tells him to never cross him.

Sean Mooney gives a brief review of the NWA Championship Match with Aldis and Scurll. Along with next week’s championship matches; Zicky Dice vs Ricky Starks for the Television Championship and The Bouncers vs Eli Drake & James Storm, for the NWA Tag Team Championships. The final announcement before the main event, the first tag team entered in the 2020 Crockett Cup is none other than Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, the Rock n Roll Express.

Thunder Rosa vs Melina

The match begins with Melina talking to Thunder Rosa; saying she’s disrespecting her and she should lay down and Thunder Rosa wants to fight. Melina gives up and walks to the crowd not having anything to do with this.

Aftermath: Allysin Kay cuts Melina off in the crowd and takes it to her, tossing Melina back in the ring. Allysin looks to do damage to Melina as Camille slides in and spears Allysin Kay down. Camille stares at Thunder Rosa and the NWA Women’s Championship, wanting a shot at the champion next.

NWA Powerrr Results

Final Thoughts:

This was a good show to give the seriousness of the Television Championship with Zicky becoming the next competitor; after weaseling his way to the victory, pinning Ricky Starks tonight. The story of Trevor Murdoch being tired of the cowardliness of Stevens and Question Mark continues; and could lead to another championship match for the National Championship down the road. Finally, the NWA World Championship match at the Crockett Cup reach the ultimate tipping point; where the teams that Scurll and Aldis represent, get into it and look get.

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