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NWA Powerrr Results December 13, 2022


Welcome to NWA Powerrr brought to you from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee! This week we have the third installment of the Champions Series tournament. The ongoing tournament started with eight teams captained by the champions of the Nation Wrestling Alliance. Each team competes in a variety of matches to earn points, with the winning team receiving title opportunities. Points are awarded as follows:

  • Submission – 6 points
  • Pinfall – 5 points
  • Count Out – 2 points
  • Draw – 2 points (awarded to each team)
  • Basic Disqualification – 1 point
  • Extreme Disqualification – 3 points (an extreme disqualification comes when the referee’s orders are blatantly disregarded and/or the match cannot continue)

On NWA USA this past Saturday we saw the elimination of Team Fixers and Team Brickhouse from the Champions Series tournament.


The members of Team Pretty and Team Rock N’ Roll tote their respective teams.

Trevor Murdoch/ Rhett Titus (Team Pretty) defeated Dak Draper/ Mims (Team Rock N’ Roll) 

Rhett Titus and Mims start off the tag team bout. They exchange lockups back and forth. Trevor Murdoch is tagged in and he makes easy work of Mims with hard elbow strikes, chops across the chest, and cross face hits. Mims powers back to make the tag to Dak Draper. Draper gets Murdoch on the ropes but he proves to be too large to take down. Rhett Titus is tagged back in but is brought to the mat by Draper. With Mims back in now, he gets Titus into a bear hug. Titus is kept away from Murdoch in the opposing corner. Draper continues to keep him grounded. After a comeback from a two on one assault Titus makes the tag to Murdoch. Trevor Murdoch hits the flying bulldog from the top rope. Team Pretty scores the pinfall. 5 points are awarded.

Chris Adonis (Team Gold) defeated Jax Dane (Team Rebelion)
The two wrestlers begin with an exchange of lockups that lead into an attempt of the Masterlock by Chris Adonis on Jax Dane. Dane powers out with a hard elbow strike to the face. Adonis utilizes his speed advantage to put Dane back on the defensive. The crowd at Skyway Studios counts along as Adonis hits Dane with punches in the corner. Jax Dane blinds Adonis with a thumb to the eye. Manager Silvio jumps up on the ring apron and provides a distraction to Dane who puts Adonis down with a release Samoan Drop. Adonis finds himself in a front facing bear hug by Dane but is able to power out, sending Dane down with a few hard clotheslines. Adonis attempts another Masterlock but is backed into the corner by Jax Dane. Dane scores a belly to belly suplex but fails to cover Adonis. Instead he puts Adonis into a Full Nelson but he reverses it into a Masterlock. Jax Dane powers out and hits a low blow. the referee calls for the bell. Team Gold wins via disqualification. 3 points are awarded to Team Gold.
Team Pretty members claim their greatness, toting team Captain Kenzie Paige and team consultant, Aron Stevens.
Alex Taylor (Team Rock N’ Roll) defeated Luke Hawx (Team Pretty)

Luke Hawx dominates the beginning of the match, keeping Alex Taylor grounded. A reversal by Taylor spills the action to the outside of the ring. Both men make it back into the ring to beat the referee’s count. Taylor utilizes a few suplexes and hard strikes to keep Hawx from mounting any offense. A spinning kick by Hawx puts both men down for a 6 count by the referee. Luke Hawx takes to the tope rope for a superplex but Taylor powers out, sending Hawx to the mat. Alex Taylor fails in a senton attempt. Taylor hits a brainbuster and scores the pinfall. Team Rock N’ Roll is awarded 5 points.

May Valentine interviews Silvio and Jax Dane backstage. Dane refuses to comment since “Money bags Corgan” did not pay him to speak. Silvio goes on a tirade over the use of the full nelson maneuver, which he claims is illegal. He seems to think that the 3 points awarded to Team Gold will not effect the chances of Team Rebelion to be victorious in the tournament.   

Colby Corino (Team Gold) defeated AJ Cazana (Team Rebelion)

Colby Corino starts the match fast, diving at AJ Cazana with a drop kick, but misses. Cazana locks up Corino’s ankle, but Colby makes it to the ropes to break the hold. AJ Cazana then takes to tossing Corino around the ring. Cazana misses a kick and Colby goes to work on the vulnerable leg. Colby hits multiple Dragon Screws and continues to wrench on Cazana’s knee and ankle. AJ has a quick reversal that grounds Corino to the mat. He attempts a powerbomb but is sent to the outside of the ring by Colby. AJ catches Corino and powerbombs him on to the ring apron before throwing him back in to the ring. Corino gets Cazana in the chicken wing submission move and Cazana is knocked out. Team Gold wins and is awarded 6 points.

Team Pretty and Team Rock N’ Roll are currently tied. Team Gold has bested Team Rebelion in two matches.

Be sure to tune in to NWA USA on Saturday morning on Fite Tv or YouTube at 12:00pm EST for another installment of the Champions Series by NWA!

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