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NWA Powerrr Results January 3, 2023


Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of Powerrr brought to you by ewrestlingnews.com and the National Wrestling Alliance. This week’s episode aired exclusively on YouTube, a departure from the usual 6:05pm EST time slot on Fite Tv that is the norm. This week is also the season 11 finale for the show, as well as the conclusion of the semi-final round for the Champions Series tournament. Feel free to comment below for interaction with fellow viewers in our community. The NWA is coming at you from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

We open up to backstage interview clips of the team members of the four remaining teams touting for their respective groups.

EC3, Thrillbilly Silas, and Carnage defeat Colby Corino, Odinson, and Joe Alonzo

Thrillbilly Silas and Colby Corino begin the bout with Corino taking the upper hand. Carnage is tagged in and Colby Corino toys with him by pulling at his mask. EC3 tags in and Colby crawls away from him. Odinson comes in but the crowd chants for Joe Alonzo who tags himself in off of Odinson’s back. EC3 uses his strength to keep Alonzo on the defensive. Thrillbilly is tagged in again but he is put out of the ring with a combination of aerial assaults by Joe Alonzo. Thrillbilly makes a tag to Carnage and he puts Alonzo down. Alonzo is triple teamed. He finally hits the hot tag to Odinson who overpowers all of his opposition. With EC3 laid out Colby Corino is tagged in and Odinson tosses him into a senton on to EC3. Carnage breaks up the pinfall attempt and EC3 puts Corino in a chicken wing stretch and he submits. Team Tyrus is awarded 6 point for the submission. Team Tyrus and Team Rebelion are now tied at 8 points a piece.

Taya Valkyrie makes an appearance backstage with May Valentine to address her recent suspension from the NWA after she continued to intentionally injure to La Rosa Negra following a match a few weeks ago. She says that she has known La Rosa Negra for nearly a decade and feels sorry for what she had done. There is a heavy tone of sarcasm as she mentions having her husband send her a card.

Taya Valkyrie defeats Angelina Love

Taya Valkyrie begins a strong assault on Angelina Love. Love makes a quick comeback and locks in a submission hold. She ignores the referee’s count on the rope break and the bell rings. A basic disqualification is called and 2 points are awarded to Team Rock N’ Roll. The match is restarted. Angelina Love continues a heavy assault but she is overpowered by the larger Taya Valkyrie. Valkyrie nails a double knee strike to the face in the corner for a long two count. Angelina battles back with elbow strikes and lays Valkyrie down with a clothesline. Love attempts a high kick but misses and Taya Valkyrie nails her with the Road To Valhalla face plant. Taya covers and wins via pinfall. Team Rock N’ Roll is awarded 4 points.

Aron Stevens proposes to May Valentine while she is conducting an interview with him about the tournament.

Samantha Star and Kayla Kassidy defeat Ashley D’Ambroise and Max the Impaler

Max the Impaler and Kayla Kassidy begin but Kassidy quickly flees to the outside of the ring. Ashley D’Ambroise is tagged in and the two women lock up. D’Ambroise is put down with a spinning neck breaker suplex combination but she makes the tag to Max. Max keeps Kassidy to the mat by tossing and slamming her repeatedly. Ashley D’Ambroise is tagged back in but Max uses her to slam on to Kassidy. Kayla Kassidy finally makes the tag to Samantha Star. Samantha puts D’Ambroise down with a clothesline and then smashes her in the corner with a big splash. Max is tagged back in and they quickly bring down Samantha Star. Ashley enters once more and is hit with Samantha Star’s Starstruck DDT. Samantha scores the pinfall. Team Tyrus is awarded 5 points and they win over Team Rebelion’s 8 points.

Natalia Markova and Missa Kate defeat Jennacide and Madi

Madi and Missa Kate start the match with Madi besting Kate in speed. Jennacide comes in and puts a knee lock on to Missa Kate. Madi comes back in and locks on a half Boston crab. Missa Kate whips her off and makes the tag to Natalia Markova. Markova makes quick work of Madi who runs for the tag to Jennacide. Natalia Markova and Jennacide exchange heavy chops back and forth. Madi and Jennacide keep Markova isolated in their corner and continue to administer numerous submission maneuvers. Missa Kate is finally tagged and she powers Madi down into a head scissors hold. Jennacide breaks the hold. Natalia Markova makes a blind tag. In the melee Jennacide and Missa Kate are knocked to the outside of the ring area. Madi is put back into a submission hold and she submits. Team Great wins and is now tied with Team Rock N’ Roll. We move to a tie breaker.

Sal the Pal and The Great Cyon versus Kerry and Ricky Morton

Team Great (Cyon and Sal the Pal) attempt to break the tie in the tournament with Team Rock N’ Roll (Kerry and Ricky Morton). Sal the Pal and Kerry Morton tie up to start the match. They go back and forth with arm drags and wrist locks. Ricky Morton is tagged in and he puts Sal to the mat with a high running knee. Kerry returns and the Mortons double team with a clothesline. Kerry Morton hits a barrel roll slam and tags his father Ricky back in. Austin Idol is at ring side and he baits Ricky Morton out of the ring. Cyon is tagged by Sal during the distraction. Ricky Morton is hit from behind by Cyon and tossed back into the ring. An assault of forearm smashes from Cyon to Ricky follows. Sal is tagged back in and he continues the attack on Ricky. Cyon is tagged in again and he misses an attempt on Ricky in the corner. Ricky gets the tag to Kerry just as Cyon makes it to Sal. Kerry hits a neck breaker and a running power slam. He follows up with a high knee kick and Sal is knocked out. Kerry covers for the pin. Team Rock N’ Roll win the tie breaker, they move on to the finals of the Champions Series.




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