NWA Superpowerrr Results December 27, 2022


Welcome to this week’s special edition of Superpowerrr brought to you by ewrestlingnews.com and the National Wrestling Alliance. The Champions Series is on hold for the holidays but the NWA has stacked the card tonight with some big matches. Coming at you live from Nashville, Tennessee at Skyway Studios we open up right at the start of the action.

NWA Television Champion Jordan Clearwater defeats Mercurio

Jordan Clearwater starts with a heavy offense that is quickly turned over by Mercurio. For the first minute and a half of the match Jordan Clearwater continues to attempt to put Mercurio to the mat but ends up frustrated and tangled up in the ropes. Mercurio hits a high neck drop that gets a close two count. As he stands up to continue his offensive on Clearwater manager Austin Idol ties up Mercurio’s leg in the bottom rope providing just enough distraction for Jordan Clearwater to roll him up in a schoolboy for the pinfall victory. Jordan Clearwater retains the NWA Television championship.

The Mortons defeat The Fixers

Kerry Morton and Jay Bradley begin the contest. Bradley extends his hand for a shake to Kerry but he denies it. Jay Bradley starts off heavy but falls to a dropkick from Kerry Morton. Kerry tags in his son, Ricky, and they utilize a few double team maneuvers. A tag eventually comes to Wrecking Ball Legusky and he is able to turn things around. The two strong men keep Ricky isolated with double teams and consistent tags. Legusky is floored by a failed splash attempt and Ricky scores the tag to Kerry Morton. Kerry puts both of The Fixers down with clotheslines and is able to curl Bradley up for a pinfall victory.

Triple Threat Match: Jeremiah Plunkett deafeats Traxx & Garrisaon Creed

Traxx and Garrisaon Creed go at one another at the bell, leaving Jeremiah Plunkett to chase the two. Creed knocks Traxx out of the ring and nails a splash to Plunkett. Traxx returns and nails a solid shoulder block. Plunkett and Creed form a temporary alliance and double team Traxx. The two become frustrated with one another and Traxx takes it to both of them. He nails a hard clothesline on Creed and a side slam on Plunkett for a close two count. Creed knocks Traxx from the ring but Plunkett hits a piledriver on him. As manager Danny Deals holds Traxx’s legs, Plunkett scores the pinfall.

Damage defeats Question Mark II

Damage squarely hits Question Mark II as the bell rings. He throws his opponent around the ring and keeps him grounded with an assault of shoulder tackles and clotheslines. Damage puts Question Mark into a nerve hold but he is able to power back and lands a kick to the mid section. It is short lived as Damage slams him to the mat again with another hard clothesline. Another nerve hold but again Question Mark powers out. As he prepares to hit Damage with his Mongrovian Strike manager Aron Stevens punches him. Damage hits Question Mark with a spear and scores the pinfall.

Kamille defeats Kenzie Page

Kenzie Page spends the opening moments of the match taunting Kamille, claiming herself to be the better of the two. Kamille gives chase and uses her strength to bring Page to the mat repeatedly. Kenzie seems overmatched and can be heard screaming “Put me down” to her opponent before she is slammed down by Kamille. She manages a brief opening when Kamille tweaks her arm. Page uses an arm bar but is forced to break at the ropes. She yanks Kamille’s arm around some more, even slamming it down into the canvas. The NWA Women’s champion Kamille has her arm and shoulder driven into the steel ring post. After a botched senton from Page she comes back with a heavy offensive of punches and clotheslines. She hits a side slam for a close two count. A torture rack slam gets another close two. Kamille lines up for the spear but she falls into a high knee from Kenzie Page. Kenzie gets Kamille into a crossface but she reaches the bottom rope. Ella Envy jumps up on the apron as Kamille locks in a sleeper hold and the referee calls for the bell. Kamille wins via disqualification. She spears both Ella Envy and Kenzie Page.

Team Idol Mania Management deafeat Joe Alonzo & La Rebelión

Jordan Clearwater in action again with his stablemates NWA National champion Cyon and NWA World Heavyweight champion Tyrus. Cyon will start with Bestia 666 from La Rebelión. We see a heavy aerial exchange of rolls and flips before Mecha Wolf is tagged in. The Tag Team champions double team before Cyon cowers to his corner and tags Tyrus in. Joe Alonzo requests the tag from Mecha Wolf but regrets his choice immediately. Tyrus throws him across the ring and then splashes him into the ring corner. Tyrus drags him to his corner and tags in Jordan Clearwater who keeps him isolated in the corner. Cyon comes in and hits a high body slam. He taunts his opponent’s partners to distract the referee and then chokes Alonzo. Jordan Clearwater is tagged in and he racks the eyes of Joe Alonzo. Alonzo comes back with a superkick and is able to get the tag to Mecha Wolf. Mecha takes down all of his opponents and he and Bestia 666 hit a double team on Clearwater. Joe Alonzo asks for the tag back in but is hit with a slam from Tyrus who picks up the pinfall victory.

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