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WWE NXT Results – May 15, 2019: Viking Raiders vs. Street Profits



Welcome to WWE NXT.

We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix.

The NXT Tag Team Champions, the Viking Raiders, make their way to the ring.

Ivar says over the last few weeks, they have raided Raw and they have brutalized the tag team division. Erik says they are far from done raiding Raw. But, since they still have these, Mr. Regal, they ask that he join them in the ring.

William Regal makes his way to the ring.

Erik says since they know there is no one who can take these titles from them, they are out here to relinquish them.

Erik and Ivar hand Regal the title belts.

Regal says this is a surprise . . .

The Street Profits make their way to the ring.

Montez says he thought he had some trouble hearing. Did they say no one? Angelo confirms what Montez thought he heard. Montez says they are not no ones. Since you left NXT, it seems like everyone is afraid of the Viking Raiders. Montez says they brought the fight to you a few weeks ago. Even though they didn’t win the match, the NXT Universe realized something. You guys realized something. Angelo asks what did they realize.

They realized that the Street Profits can beat the Viking Raiders. Montez says it makes sense. You are relinquishing the belts. You are on Raw. You know what they know. The Street Profits can beat the Viking Raiders. Angelo says if that is your real name.

Ivar and Erik drop the mics and they tell Regal to make the match. They take the belts back.

Regal announces that the Viking Raiders will defend the tag titles against the Street Profits.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened during the main event of last week’s show when Roderick Strong got involved in the match.

We see Cole and Strong arguing with each other after the show and Cole insults Strong. Strong walks away and Cole says that Strong might not deserve to wear the colors.

Adam Cole is asked about rumors over who is the leader of the Undisputed Era and he is with Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, but Roderick Strong is not with them. Cole says he does not know where the man who cost him his match with Matt Riddle last week is. There was no dispute over who is the leader of the Undisputed Era. It is Adam Cole.

Roderick Strong shows up and he says he thought about what has happened between them. Roderick says Cole is right. They are stronger when they are on the same page. Roderick tells Cole that Matt Riddle problem has been taken care of as Roderick gives Cole a flip flop.

Match Number One: Keith Lee versus Cezar Bononi

Lee goes for a slam but Bononi lands on his feet. Lee with a shoulder tackle. Lee with chops across the chest. Bononi with a kick to the knee and he sends Lee into the ropes. Bononi with punches followed by a jumping knee. Bononi chokes Lee in the ropes. Bononi with punches to the ribs and a knee. Bononi with a shoulder tackle. Lee holds Bononi and Bononi with a punch. Bononi with a knee to the midsection and Lee holds on. Lee with punches and a chop. Lee with a running forearm into the corner followed by a POUNCE. Lee with a Spirit Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Keith Lee

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the footage from last week of Io Shirai attacking Shayna Baszler at the Performance Center.

We go to Cathy Kelley and she is outside William Regal’s office. She mentions that Shayna will defend the NXT Women’s Title against Io Shirai.

The Forgotten Sons walk into the office and they are asked why are they here. Blake says they are not happy that the Street Profits are handed another title match. Cutler says that they will not be forgotten again. Ryker says you do not forget them.

Match Number Two: KUSHIDA versus Kona Reeves

They lock up and Reeves with a waist lock take down. KUSHIDA with a waist lock take down into a front face lock and he holds on as Reeves tries to escape. Reeves with a side head lock take down but KUSHIDA with a head scissors and Reeves escapes. KUSHIDA with a side head lock take down and Reeves with a head scissors. KUSHIDA with arm drags into an arm bar. Reeves tries to escape but KUSHIDA holds on and applies a hammer lock.

Drew Gulak comes out to watch the match. Reeves with a knee when KUSHIDA loses focus momentarily. KUSHIDA with a head scissors and wrist lock. Reeves slams KUSHIDA into the turnbuckles. Reeves kicks KUSHIDA and punches him as the referee warns him. Reeves with a running boot to the head followed by a suplex for a near fall. Reeves with a reverse chin lock. KUSHIDA with a kick and then KUSHIDA with an enzuigiri from the apron. KUSHDIA with a springboard chop and kicks to the arm. KUSHIDA with a handspring back elbow and a hip toss followed by a cartwheel and drop kick.

KUSHIDA gets a near fall. KUSHIDA with a hammer lock in a guillotine and Reeves escapes. KUSHIDA with a waist lock. KUSHIDA with a kick that sends Reeves to the floor and he hits a swanton onto Reeves. KUSHIDA with a kick to the arm and then he locks in the Hoverboard Lock and Reeves taps out.


After the match, KUSHIDA points at Drew Gulak on the stage and Drew goes to the back.

Bianca Belair is in the back with Cathy Kelley and they walk up to Mia Yim.

Bianca says that Mia is getting on her nerves trying to take her title match. Mia says she isn’t trying to get a match against Shayna. Mia says she wants a rematch against Bianca because Bianca used a short cut.

Bianca enters Regal’s office but leaves Cathy in the hall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Johnny Gargano checks on Matt Riddle and he says that Matt is okay but they will not like the Bro when he is angry. Johnny says the Undisputed Era is coming after him and he knows he has a target on his back. It will be him versus Adam Cole at Takeover.

Match Number Three: Vanessa Borne (with Aliyah) versus Jessie

They lock up and Borne with a side head lock. Vanessa with a shoulder tackle and drop toe hold. Borne stomps on Jessie but Jessie holds on to the boot. Borne with more boots to Jessie. Borne sends Jessie into the turnbuckles and connects with forearms. Borne with more forearms. Borne tosses Jessie by the hair and hits a drop kick. Vanessa chokes Jessie in the ropes. Aliyah slaps Jessie while Borne distracts the referee.

Borne with a splash to the back while Jessie is still in the ropes. Borne sends Jessie to the mat but Jessie with an inside cradle for a near fall. Jessie with another near fall. Borne is sent into the middle rope and Jessie with a spinning heel kick but misses a splash into the corner. Borne with a head butt and neck snap driver for the three count.

Winner: Vanessa Borne

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford versus Ivar and Erik for the NXT Tag Team Titles

Erik with a drop kick to Dawkins and then connects with a knee to Ford after a judo toss. Ivar is sent into Dawkins in the corner. Dawkins stops the Viking Experience and Dawkins gets a near fall. Ford gets a near fall. Ivar with a knee to Ford and Dawkins tags in. We have a cartwheel montage and Ford tags in and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Ford charges into a seated splash from Ivar and Erik tags in and goes after Dawkins and gets a near fall.

Erik with an arm bar on Dawkins but The Forgotten Sons attack Ivar on the floor and the referee calls fo rthe bell.

No Contest

Erik goes after the Forgotten Sons and then the Street Profits join in. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan make their way to the ring to join the battle. Ford is sent ot the floor and so is Dawkins. Ivar and Erik go after the Forgotten Sons as well as Burch and Lorcan. Ivar with a cannonball onto the Forgotten Sons. Erik grabs Ford but Dawkins hits Erik and the Street Profits hit an Electric Chair Blockbuster and get a phyrric pinfall on Erik.

Ivar with a springboard clothesline to Burch while Erik hits a German suplex. They get Lorcan and press lsam him onto Burch and the Forgotten Sons. They hit the Viking Experience on Blake.

We go to credits.


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