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ResultsNXTWWE NXT UK Results: April 2, 2020

WWE NXT UK Results: April 2, 2020



Everyone is aiming for the NXT UK Championship!

Despite having dominated the roster, Walter demands worthy competition! Twenty men go in but only ONE wins a chance at the NXT UK Champion?


  • Piper Niven & Dani Luna VS Jinny & Kay Lee Ray; Jinny & KLR win.
  • Xia Brookside VS Amale; Brookside wins.
  • NXT UK Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Dragunov wins and will challenge Walter for the title.


It is time to determine a NEW #1 contender!

20 competitors, but only 1 moves on to face Walter! El Ligero, Moustache Mountain, Noam Dar, Kassius Ohno, Jordan Devlin, Ilja Dragunov, Joe Coffey, Oliver Carter, Ashton Smith, Saxton Huxley, Travis Banks, Tyson T-Bone, Alexander Wolfe, Flash Morgan Webster, Ridge Holland, Dave Mastiff, Kenny Williams, A-Kid, Amir Jordan. “May the best man win.”

Piper Niven & Dani Luna VS Jinny & Kay Lee Ray!

Before the boys go to war, the NXT UK Women’s Division heats things up! The Viper and the young power lifter want payback on the Scary Queen of Scots for what she’s been up to. However, the queen has the Spoiled Princess on her side to take them on! Will KLR and Jinny be able to share the spotlight with all that ego between them?

The teams sort out and KLR dares Dani to start. Piper keeps Dani calm and starts. Fans rally for Piper but KLR backs away to tag Jinny. Dani wants in so Piper obliges. Jinny welcomes Dani but Dani rushes KLR! KLR gets away and Jinny attacks Dani from behind. Dani ROCKS Jinny but KLR swipes at her. Piper protests as Jinny attacks Dani again! Dani hits back with big forearm sand European Uppercuts! Jinny knees low then whips but Dani reverses. Dani catches Jinny’s leap for a Fall Away Slam! Dani kips up and sees KLR coming, and dodges to BOOT her down! Jinny returns but Dani rocks her, too. Dani whips but Jinny dodges, only for Dani to scoop her for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Dani keeps on Jinny but KLR trips Piper! Fans boo and Dani gives chase!

KLR goes around the ring then back in, and Jinny gets Dani with the rolling heel kick! Cover, TWO! Piper is up and furious but the ref keeps her in the corner. This allows Jinny and KLR to mug Dani! Fans boo and jeer but Jinny steps on Dani’s chest. Tag to KLR and KLR stomps a mudhole into Dani. KLR backs off at the ref’s reprimand then brings Dani up. KLR hits a gourd buster and covers, TWO! The NXT UK Women’s Champion stomps Dani down then snapmares for a cravat. KLR snapmares and rams a knee in! She drags Dani into a seated cobra twist and clubs away! Tag to Jinny and they mug Dani more. Jinny wrenches Dani into a standing cobra twist! Dani endures, even as Jinny claws her arm!

Jinny brings Dani around for an Octopus Stretch now, but Dani stays standing. Dani powers her way towards Piper but Jinny sunset flips! TWO and Dani elbows Jinny! Dani BOOTS KLR off the apron, then catches Jinny! Jinny gets a guillotine facelock with body scissors! But Dani powers up and suplexes Jinny off! Jinny and Dani are down but fans rally up. Hot tag to Piper! Piper rallies on Jinny with Polish hammers! Piper spins Jinny for a clothesline! She drags Jinny up, fisherman buster! BASEMENT SPLASH! Cover, TWO! KLR jumps in but the ref keeps her back. Piper brings Jinny up but Jinny ROCKS Piper back! Jinny runs but the huricanrana is blocked to a BUCKLE BOMB! Piper runs corner to corner for the CANNONBALL!

Piper fires up and climbs up, but KLR runs over! KLR’s kick is blocked, but Jinny trips Piper up! Tag to KLR and she drags Piper up. Piper HEADBUTTS KLR! KLR SUPERKICKS back! Dani tags in while Piper is dazed. Dani drags KLR up for a GERMAN SUPLEX! She stomps away on KLR in a corner but the ref counts. Jinny runs in but Piper POUNCES her! KLR throws Dani into buckles and DECKS Piper off the apron! Jinny drags Piper up to whip into steel steps! But Dani rolls KLR up!! TWO into Jinny’s sucker punch! KLR gets Dani for the GORY BOMB! Cover, KLR and Jinny win!

Winners: Kay Lee Ray & Jinny, by pinfall

The pair of powerhouses couldn’t stop this devious duo! Will the NXT UK Women’s Division stay under the tyranny of these ruthless royals?

Next week, it is an NXT UK retrospective!

“The Rise of NXT UK” will be retold. From the inaugural tournament to becoming the new home for British wrestling, be sure to tune in and remember history.

Xia Brookside VS Amale!

The young second-generation star returns to action! Will NXT UK once again #FlyWithBrookside as she goes up against The French Hope?

The bell rings and Xia circles with Amale. They tie up and Amale wrenches to a wristlock. Xia rolls but Amale wrenches again. Fans rally for Xia but Amale keeps her from ropes. Xia still gets to them to flip through and wrench. Xia whips, Amale reverses, but Xia slides to trip her up. Things keep moving, Xia hits a crossbody and covers, TWO! Xia is on Amale’s arm and grinds the shoulder down. Amale endures and fights her way up to forearm then wring Xia out. Amale stomps Xia as fans rally up. But now Amale gets Xia in the armlock and adds a chinlock. Xia endures this modified crossface and fans continue to rally behind her. Xia fights against the hold but Amale thrashes her around! The rallying doesn’t stop, and Xia pries the hold apart. But Amale SLAMS Xia down!

Amale wrenches to a hammerlock now, but Xia reaches back. Xia uses a shiranui to snapmare free! She gives Amale a jawbreaker, then ducks to tilt-o-whirl and headscissor! Fans fire up with Xia as she screams and Meteoras Amale into buckles! Xia grabs the arms for a motorcycle stretch, and jumps! With boots in Amale’s back, Xia hits the BROKEN WINGS! Cover, Xia wins!

Winner: Xia Brookside, by pinfall

Xia is flying higher now that she’s back! But will she reach the top of the mountain this time?

NXT UK Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal!

The Ring General has dispatched of many men in this match. Tyler Bate in Cardiff, Joe Coffey in Blackpool, Jordan Devlin before he became NXT Cruiserweight Champion, and most recently, Dave Mastiff in a truly superheavyweight showdown. But those men and many more are fighting for a chance at the champion! Who stays in the ring to become #1 contender?

NXT UK returns after most of the entrances are through. The Moscow Madman, Ilja Dragunov, enters next and Coventry conducts the chorus with him. Ridge Holland follows and fans cheer for the #NorthernGrit. And last but not least, Imperium’s Hatchet Mat, Alexander Wolfe, enters. Wolfe vowed to ensure Imperium’s interests, but will he last long being all alone?

The bell rings and the one American in the match, Kassius Ohno, finds himself between the two “proper British heavyweights” in Mastiff and Holland. That, and he’s also at the very center of a ring mostly filled with Europeans, and he’s been boasting he’s the best at British and European style wrestling. This is definitely awkward for the Wrestling Genius. Ohno moves back to stand with others, and tries to get everyone to go after big Mastiff and Holland. It doesn’t work! They all go after him anyway! Everyone ELIMINATES Ohno together! And then all hell breaks loose with chaotic brawling!

Holland goes after Oliver Carter, Ligero is after Dar, Wolfe is after Coffey and A-Kid helps Tyler Bate with FMW. Amir and Williams work against Huxley but he’s just too much for them both. Ilja and Holland start slugging it out while Huxley tosses and ELIMINATES Kenny Williams! But T-Bone goes after Huxley! They used to be tag partner but are now rivals in the same match. T-Bone throws heavy hands while Mastiff dumps Devlin over the rope. Devlin holds on while FMW has A-Kid. FMW suplexes but AK holds on . AK throws hands but FMW counter punches. FMW whips but AK holds on! Bate lifts Wolfe and Dar goes after Ashton Smith.

Coffey whips FMW but FMW elbows back. FMW hops up but Coffey Electric Chair lifts. FMW slips out and enziguris from the apron, but Coffey BLASTS him off! Coffey ELIMINATES FMW! Wolfe goes after Coffey but Coffey elbows him away. Dar brawls with Ilja while Huxley takes everything Jordan has. Huxley shoves Jordan but Jordan holds ropes to boot back. Jordan tilt-o-whirls but Huxley turns that around to long dart! Jordan holds the ropes and huricanranas, Jordan ELIMINATES Huxley! AK goes after Jordan but Jordan puts him on the apron. Jordan DECKS AK, but AK jumps and piggybacks on Huxley! Huxley staggers and stumbles but A-Kid keeps his feet off the ground! Huxley staggers as AK has a sleeper hold on him! AK uses Huxley as a step to get back in the ring! Kofi Kingston would be proud of that creativity.

AK goes after Devlin while Bate brawls with Holland. Travis Banks throws T-bone to the apron and DECKS him! Banks ELIMINATES T-Bone! Coffey brawls with Smith while Mastiff fireman’s carries Ilja. Coffey clubs Smith but Trent Seven CHOPS Coffey! Devlin and Coffey and even Seven go after A-Kid together! AK kicks them away and gets back in. Bate brawls with Wolfe, Ligero goes after Devlin, and Coffey goes after Ilja. Ilja holds onto ropes and manages to survive. Bate is after Wolfe and lifts him up, but only gets him to the apron before Wolfe scurries back in. Mastiff gives Banks a SIT-OUT BOMB and a clothesline! Mastiff ELIMINATES Banks! Coffey is after A-Kid but Mastiff goes after Coffey. A-Kid helps Mastiff against Coffey while Smith just fires off on everyone going after Oliver Carter!

Bate ROCKS Smith in return and then ROCKS Carter! Holland fights off Ligero while Jordan jawbreakers Mastiff. Mastiff scoops Jordan and suplexes him up and out, Mastiff ELIMINATES Jordan! Mastiff goes after Ligero while Holland belly2belly suplexes Devlin! Wolfe stomps A-Kid and punches Coffey while Mastiff has Ligero up top. Ligero holds on as Mastiff punches away. Coffey and Bate both knee Holland down but then Coffey punches Bate. Smith goes after Holland with big forearms and uppercuts, but Holland grabs him to throw him! Smith skins the cat, but then Holland throws Carter at him! Carter and Smith work together for a Silly String save! Holland runs in and Carter gets clear, Holland BLASTS and ELIMINATES Smith! And then Holland THROWS and ELIMINATES Carter! Fans cheer the incredible strength on display.

Holland brawls with Coffey and Coffey rocks Holland with EuroUppers. Coffey whips Holland into the corner then scoops him for a backbreaker! Mastiff has Ligero and THROWS him onto Carter and Smith! Mastiff ELIMINATES Ligero! Moustache Mountain goes after Coffey while Holland and Mastiff target each other. But then Dark kicks Mastiff’s legs out! Holland takes offense to being robbed of a challenge, but Dar throws a forearm. It does nothing! Neither does the second! But that kick works. Only for Holland to catch the second for an EXPLODER! Dar bails out the bottom rope to save himself, but wait! One man NOT in this match is Joseph Conners! He grabs Holland’s billy club and starts tapping on the steel steps.

Holland tells Conners to put that back where he found it, but this distraction allows Ilja and Coffey throw Holland out! Ilja and Coffey ELIMINATE Holland! Conners gives Holland a tip of the cap, but then gets out of there before Holland gives chase. Coffey and Ilja grin, they worked together well again. But now these two start pushing each other. Ilja and Coffey start throwing hands! Fans fire up with the fast and furious brawl! Ilja throws big hands and a JUMP KICK! Ilja suplexes but Coffey slips out, only to miss All the Best for a SINGLE LEG SUPLEX! Bate has Devlin up top and throws hands, but Devlin holds on! Devlin hits back and then leaps, but into Bate’s arms!

Seven has A-Kid on his shoulders, too. Moustache Mountain start up the DOUBLE AIRPLANE SPIN! They go around and around and around, then let the Irish and Spanish Aces down. And then Moustache Mountain look at each other. Fans are divided on seeing best friends brawl. Moustache Mountain give the mustache salute, but then Bate brings Bop up! But Seven hits BANG first!! Seven ripcords but Bate ducks and rebounds! Seven ducks and rebounds to steal the LARIAT! Fans are thunderous but Seven hesitates. Coffey takes advantage and throws Seven out! Coffey ELIMINATES Seven! Because “This is GALLUS’ Kingdom!” Coffey looks at the others left in this match. Devlin brawls with Wolfe, Coffey goes after Ilja but Bate works on a fireman’s carry!

Bate has Mastiff up! But then has to put him down. Mastiff dead lift German Suplexes Bate! Devlin digs his heel into Wolfe while Coffey drops knees and elbows on Bate. Coffey throws hands on Devlin and Ilja stomps A-Kid. Mastiff is after Coffey at the ropes as A-Kid hits Ilja back. Wolfe uppercuts Bate but Bate uppercuts back. Coffey headbutts Mastiff then uppercuts A-Kid Coffey puts AK up but AK kicks back. Bate goes after his protege but AK enziguris back! A-Kid springboards over Devlin to clothesline Coffey! Devlin dumps A-Kid out but AK stays ont he apron. AK brings Devlin out ot join him, but holds on as Devlin tries to German Suplex. Devlin slides in and HEADBUTTS A-Kid down! Devlin ELIMINATES A-Kid!

The Irish Ace trumps the Spanish Ace, but the Iron King swings at Devlin! Devlin dodges, QUEBARADA, but no DDT! Ilja runs in but Devlin catches him, to URENAGE on top of the inverted DDT to Coffey! Devlin standing moonsaults on them both! Devlin dodges Wolfe, to slingshot CUTTER! Bate runs at Devlin but Devlin hits a SPANISH FLY! Coventry is thunderous, but Dar returns! Dar throws Devlin out and ELIMINATES him!! The Scottish Supernova is sneaky, but then he turns around into Dave Mastiff…! Mastiff scowls at Dar, then fireman’s carries for the rolling senton! And the back senton! Dar ends up in the corner, and Mastiff leaps INTO THE VOID! The cannonball flattens Dar and fans are fired up for Mastiff.

Mastiff drags Dar up for another fireman’s carry. He brings Dar to the ropes but Dar resists! Dar has a guillotine with the ropes! Everyone else gathers together, and they ALL ELIMINATE Mastiff! This leaves us with the final five of Bate, Coffey, Dar, Wolfe and Ilja! Dar CLOBBERS Bate from behind! Fans boo but then Bate gives Dar the spin! Bate puts Dar on the apron, Dar counter punches, but Bate’s rolling heel kick ELIMINATES Dar! Bate takes a corner, and we have our final four! Wolfe, Ilja, Coffey and Bate all glare at each other. Fans are strongly behind Bate the “Big Strong Boy” but also taunt Dar with “Hey hey hey! Good-bye~!” Ilja, Wolfe, Coffey and Bate all stand. Everyone takes a fighting stance, and it fires off!

Bate brawls with Coffey, Ilja brawls with Wolfe, the two brawls collide and then they trade partners! Ilja now brawls with Bate and Wolfe is after Coffey! Then they trade again, so that Coffey brawls with Ilja and Wolfe brawls with Bate! Fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” as Wolfe backs Bate into a corner. Coffey gets Ilja with underhooks, for a butterfly swing! Coffey goes around and around but stops to catch his breath. Wolfe runs at Coffey but Coffey back drops Wolfe! And then Coffey spins and swings Ilja more! Coffey then butterfly SUPLEXES Ilja! Bate gets Coffey but can’t spin before Coffey slips out. Coffey shoves then denies the rebound lariat. Coffey corner splashes Bate then runs corner to corner, only to miss. Bate runs in but into an elbow.

Coffey goes up, up and crossbodies! Coffey pop-up uppercuts Ilja! He shouts “This is MY Kingdom!” before giving BOTH Ilja and Bate the Glasgow Sendoff spear! Coffey has Ilja up but Wolfe dropkicks Coffey in the back! Wolfe pushes Coffey to the apron then throws big hayamkers! The enziguri ROCKS Coffey but Coffey holds on with one hand! Wolfe throws Ilja AT Coffey, and ELIMINATES him! Bate stands back up and goes after Wolfe with Ilja! They club away but Wolfe hits back. Ilja kicks, Bate forearms, but Wolfe ducks the enziguri and it hits Bate! Ilja keeps after Wolfe but Wolfe kicks for a DDT! Wolfe runs at Bate but Bate boots and knees back! Bate leaps, into a waistlock! Wolfe German Suplexes but Bate lands on his feet! Wolfe dodges the rolling kick to BOOT Bate down! He drags Bate up for a HIGH ANGLE GERMAN!

Imperium’s insurance policy is in control as he drags Bate up. Wolfe has the fireman’s carry and heads for ropes! Bate rebounds off, dodges the boot to rebound LARIAT! Wolfe flounders, Ilja clotheslines and ELIMINATES Wolfe! The final two are the Big Strong Boy and the Moscow Madman! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as the two stare down. Ilja fires himself up as he rushes Bate. Bate puts Bop up but Ilja CHOPS Bate down! Ilja isn’t fooled by those tricks! Ilja runs but into Bate’s boot! Bate runs but Ilja blocks the clothesline to knuckle lock. Ilja CHOPS Bate over and over and over against the ropes! Ilja kicks and knees Bate over and over, but Bate blocks one! Bate lifts but Ilja holds on. Ilja steps through, Bop up, BANG HITS! Seems Ilja does fall for some tricks.

Fans fire up as both men are down but stirring. Bate stands first and drags Ilja up. Bate whips, Ilja reverses and hits an ax handle. Ilja runs but leaps into Bate’s arms! Ilja fights and flails as Bate heads for ropes. Bate adjusts his grip, for an EXPLODER! And a kip up! Bate hits the standing shooting star! Ilja rises but looks punch drunk. Bate drags Ilja up to fireman’s carry, and heads for ropes. Ilja slips out, misses one clothesline but CLOBBERS Bate with the other! Ilja flounders up and brings Bate up, to throw him at ropes. Bate rebounds to LARIAT again! Bate throws Ilja but Ilja 6-1-LINES! Coventry is at a fever pitch for “NXT! NXT!” “This is Awesome!” but far from over as both Bate and Ilja rise again. Ilja checks his jaw while Bate gasps for air.

Ilja and Bate brawl on their knees, then move up to their feet. They keep throwing big hands and forearms and even pick up speed! Bate fires off fast hands up and down, but Ilja enziguris back! Ilja drags Bate back up to fireman’s carry. Bate grabs ropes as Ilja runs to the corner. Ilja sets Bate on the apron but Bate hits back. Bate drags Ilja up but Ilja lands on the opposite side of the corner. Ilja CHOPS Bate, but Bate holds on! Ilja CHOPS again but Bate punches back. Bate climbs up and still wants that insane superplex! Bate drags Ilja to the top but then adjusts, and Ilja SUPER GOURD BUSTERS Bate down! Ilja adjusts, wobbles and leaps, SUPER SENTON!!

Fans fire up with Ilja again, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” But Bate’s rolling kick takes Ilja down! Bate drags Ilja up, underhooks, but no Tyler Driver as Ilja dumps Bate out! Bate holds onto the rope with one hand! Ilja runs over as Bate skins the cat, TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Ilja WINS!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov (NEW #1 Contender to the NXT United Kingdom Championship)

The furious fighter finishes off the field and is now blazing a trail to the title! Will Ilja go from Unbesiegbar to Nash Chempion (Our Champion)?

My Thoughts:

This was a really good episode, but obviously most of the weight is in the main event. That battle royal was almost half an hour! But first, the NXT UK Women’s Division got good shine, too. Xia returns with a win but mostly a great new finisher. I’m thinking that alone will help Xia rise up the ranks for a bit. Dani and Piper make a great team in my opinion, and so do KLR and Jinny. Dani takes the loss in the match as the overeager younger wrestler, so Piper is still going strong towards the title. I could also see Jinny asking for a title shot as some sort of favor for this win, so maybe the Women’s #1 Contender match comes down to Piper VS Jinny.

However, it is to note that with next week being the retrospective, that means NXT UK has hit the end of their backlog and will go into pandemic mode just like everything else. That means less build since we aren’t having TakeOver: Dublin and there won’t be as many people allowed in the arena. Just look at how all other programming has been affected. But at least we got an amazing battle royal! Certainly NXT UK’s best. We got great story seeds planted, such as Conners going after Holland and Dar eliminating Devlin. I hope they go with Devlin VS Dar for the Cruiserweight title. And I love that it came down to Bate VS Ilja, two great young stars and certainly fan favorites. Ilja winning is huge, and Walter VS Ilja will be a great match, whenever and wherever we get it.

My Score: 8.5/10

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