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WWE 205 Live Feb 14, 2020 Results & Report



WWE Cruiserweights come to Canada!

While Lio Rush prepares to trump the Irish Ace, the rest of WWE 205 Live work to determine who is next up! Who’ll be victorious in Vancouver?


  • The Singh Brothers VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; Lorcan & Burch win.
  • Ariya Daivari & THE Brian Kendrick VS Tony Nese & Mike Kanellis; Nese & Kanellis win.


And NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship…

In a rematch of their own title match, Lio Rush and Angel Garza once again went toe to toe and move for move in an instant classic! But in the end, the MOTH (Man of the Hour) kept his wings from being clipped and got the better of Garza! Now the Irish Ace prepares for the Living Piece of Gold as his next stop on the Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Championship Tour. Will the tour’s Final Hour be next Wednesday?

The Singh Brothers VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

British Columbia loves the Bollywood Boys! Will the hometown heroes turn the welcome wagon into a box office smash?

Before the match, the Singh Brothers grab mics to say Vancouver’s favorite boys from BOLLY BOLLY BOLLYWOOD~, are back! They use to come to Rogers Arena to watch WWE house shows. To be back as part of a WWE event, the Singhs thank the fans for being here. Just before walking out here, a fellow Canadian by the name of Wayne Gretzky gave them a call. He gave them some of the best advice ever: have fun and appreciate the moment. Fans chant, “You Deserve It!”

The Singh Brothers also got one more piece of advice, and perhaps the most important piece ever. Gretzky told them that after their win tonight, make sure you get the HELL out of Canada! Take Bollywood to the bright lights of Hollywood! And to do them one better, Samir takes off his Canucks jersey to show off his Gretzky LA KINGS jersey! Sunil feels betrayed! Samir can’t do that to Canada! Because Gretzky told Sunil to say it is okay to cheer a winning team, that has won a Stanley Cup. Because Sunil takes off his Canucks jersey to show off his Toronto Maple Leaf jersey! Still Canadian. Fans boo as the Bollywood Boys dance on the Canucks jerseys, but here come Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch! And the brawl is on at the ramp!

This is like a hockey scrum as Oney gets Samir in the ring and Burch pulls Sunil’s shirt over his head for uppercuts! The bell rings and this match is official, and Burch clubs away on Sunil. Lorcan puts Samir in a corner to rain down rights, all the way to 10! Fans fire up for Lorcan but Sunil sends Burch into the apron! Sunil distracts Oney and Samir clobbers him! Lorcan falls out of the ring and Samir swivels the hips. Samir goes back out to put Oney in and then clubs him down. Samir rains down rights of his own but fans boo as he chokes Lorcan on the ropes. The ref counts and Samir lets up at 4, then brings Lorcan up to tag Sunil. SUPERKICK Russian Leg Sweep!

Sunil takes time to taunt before he sucker punches Burch! Sunil drags Lorcan up and brings him around to snap suplex! Cover, ONE, but Sunil clamps on with a chinlock. Lorcan fights as Sunil grinds him down. Fans boo the “Bolly Bolly Bolly!” and rally up for Lorcan. Lorcan fights to his feet and throws body shots. Sunil knees low then tags in Samir. The Singhs mug Lorcan and Samir keeps Lorcan away from Burch. Samir cranks on the facelock but fans rally up. Lorcan fights his way back up, throws body shots and gets free to run, into Samir’s back elbow! Cover, TWO! Samir clamps back on Lorcan with another chinlock, but fans rally again.

“One Two!” echoes out as Lorcan fights his way up again. Lorcan throws more body shots but Samir clubs and whips. Lorcan elbows Sunil down then elbows Samir away! Fans cheer as Lorcan sends Samir out! Lorcan crawls towards his corner but Samir intercepts. Lorcan still slips past and tags in Burch! The Govenah rallies with haymakers on the Singh Brothers! Burch punches away then spins Samir for a BIG European Uppercut! Samir gets to a corner, Burch runs in for the clothesline and enziguri! SNAP GERMAN! Burch calls Lorcan in and they work together, but Sunil rushes in. Sunil saves Samir and there’s a bit of crisscross before a DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

Sunil drags Burch up and over as Samir climbs up. Backbreaker and elbow drop, BOLLYWOOD BLAST!! Cover, but Lorcan barely breaks it in time! Sunil grabs Lorcan but both men tumble out of the ring. Samir aims at Burch and runs in, but gets a boot! Burch hops up, missile dropkick! Burch fires up and Lorcan rises! “ONEEEY!” Tag to Lorcan and they drag Samir up. LONDON TOWER! Cover, Lorcan & Burch win!

Winners: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

The BritAm Brawlers brought the fight to the hometown villains and got payback on behalf of British Columbia! But wait, Ariya Daivari and THE Brian Kendrick appear to mockingly applaud the win. And then the Singh Brothers attack from behind! They, Kendrick and Daivari all stomp Burch & Lorcan down! The Bollywood Boys help the 205 Live OG out as Kendrick brings in chairs! Lorcan fights back but gets a chair shot to the ribs! So does Burch! Kendrick sits a chair up while Daivari wedges another in a corner. Kendrick SMASHES Burch off his chair, while Daivari throws Lorcan INTO his! Then a bulldog onto the chair! Fans boo as Daivari and Kendrick swagger about. Referees tell them to leave but the damage is done and the message is sent. Will Lorcan & Burch be able to respond on the Road to WrestleMania?

WWE 205 Live will have a wild rematch!

Near death experiences won’t stop Joaquin Wilde from doing everything and anything he wants to live life to the fullest. But Raul Mendoza is looking to do the same, trying to cross the “Mendoza Line.” This match happens next week, who takes the win in round two?

WWE 205 Live shares a post NXT interview with Lio Rush.

We all saw and heard Jordan Devlin deliver strong words to the new #1 contender. But does Lio think the Irish Ace is the one not ready? “Is he ready for Lio Rush? That’s the question I aske around the world.” Lio got signed to the WWE at just 22 years old, and that is because he is the “Best Damn Cruiserweight in the World.” Lio dares ANYONE to prove him otherwise. He has been going against “aces” his whole life, so what anyone else says is irrelevant. Lio has won, he is the new King of the Cruiserweights! And he will become two-time NXT Cruiserweight Champion, “whether Mr. Devlin likes it or not.”

Jordan Devlin tweets a reply.

“Aces beat Kings dopey, you’d know that if you were old enough to gamble. Listen, fair warning, don’t try to mix it up with me online. I’m not a soft touch like the Yanks, I’ll make a holy show of you for fun. Enjoy your 10 mins in my spotlight next week and try pick up a few tips.” The Irish Ace is all in, but will the Man of the Hour make him fold?

WWE 205 Live returns to the ring, and Daivari and Kendrick are still there!

Kendrick is happy he can talk now, even he almost forgot he was out here. “How ’bout those Bollywood Boys, huh?” Kendrick had them all wrong! They’re from right here in Vancouver, and Kendrick just assumed they were like any other Canadian: at the first sign of trouble, they’d tuck tail and run. He just figured that, given the history, they wouldn’t have it within themselves. You could say, “But Brian, what aboot hockey?” Figure skating with shoulder pads on, and news flash: Vancouver isn’t even good at that! But the Singhs proved something: they were brave, honorable, and honorary US citizens. Kendrick thanks them for the help.

Daivari wants fans to understand that he and Kendrick are 205 OG, the originals. Kendrick founded WWE 205 Live as Cruiserweight Champion! Getting that title back is a top priority, so they OG can’t have new guys like Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch waltz in. That message was very loud and clear with two steel chairs! Kendrick has good news for everyone here. Kendrick and Daivari are obligated to wrestle tonight, and they’re already out here, so who is lying around to face them? It’s an open challenge, if you will. Tony Nese appears! But who is the Premier Athlete’s tag partner? MIKE KANELLIS!? The Lover is back, things apparently having smoothed over with management. Will these two big surprises surprise Kendrick & Daivari and #DoSomething?

Ariya Daivari & THE Brian Kendrick VS Tony Nese & Mike Kanellis!

The teams sort out and Daivari starts with Nese, but Daivari and Kendrick both rush Nese and Kanellis! The brawl is on with the bell and Kanellis sends Kendrick out. Nese chops and punches Daivari bck, then CHOPS Daivari again. The ref restores order as Daivari reverses a whip, but Kendrick trips Nese up! Daivari clobbers Nese and stomps him over and over! He drags Nese up to bump off buckles then soak up the heat from the “stinkin’ Canadians.” Nese throws forearms back then whips, but Daivari holds ropes. Daivari swings, Nese goes Matrix and mule kicks, knee lifts and leg sweeps! Cover, ONE!

Nese keeps his cool as he drags Daivari up and over. Tag to Kanellis and the two whip Daivari, for a drop toehold to a knee! Cover, TWO! Kanellis drags Daivari up and around to suplex! Cover, TWO! Kanellis looms over Daivari, drags him up and whips him into the corner. Tag to Nese and Kanellis keeps Daivari trapped as Nese elbows Daivari down. Tag back to Kanellis and the two whip Daivari again. Nese trips Daivari, Kanellis basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Kendrick grows frustrated as Kanellis puts Daivari in a corner to CHOP! Kanellis bumps Daivari off buckles and CHOPS again. Tag to Nese and Nese CHOPS Daivari for himself!

Nese drags Daivari up but Daivari throat chops! Kanellis protests but Daivari whips Nese to the corner. Nese boots Daivari away then elbows Kendrick! Daivari kicks Nese back then whips, but Nese reverses to bulldog hotshot! Then PREMIER TRIANGLE, but Kendrick pulls Daivari out! Nese flops on the mat as the referee reprimands the Man with a Plan. Nese crawls but Daivari is on him at the ropes. Daivari turns Nese for a neckbreaker hotshot! Fans boo but Daivari soaks it all in. Daivari stomps Nese down then tags Kendrick back in. Daivari drags Nese up for Kendrick to throw jabs.

Kendrick toys with Nese and stands on a foot to anchor him down. Kendrick grabs Nese in a chinlock to club away with forearms. He puts on a modified camel clutch, using a neck crank rather than a crossface. Fans rally up and Nese jawbreakers free! Nese ROCKS Daivari but Kendrick catches Nese first. Kendrick cravats but no Sliced Bread. Nese elbows, leaps over and hot tags Kanellis! Kanellis dodges Kendrick to rock Daivari then CHOP away on Kendrick! Kanellis bobs ‘n’ weaves and CHOPS more! He whips Kendrick corner to corner and hits a corner clothesline! then back the other way! Kanellis goes a third time, but Kendrick boots him! Kendrick runs but into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Kanellis is frustrated but he focuses again. Kanellis fireman’s carries but Kendrick fights out. Kendrick shoves Kanellis and Daivari dumps him out! The ref reprimands Daivari but Daivari drags Kanellis up. Kendrick talks trash to Nese, which distracts the ref, and Daivari RAMS Kanellis into barriers! Daivari plays innocent but tells fans to shut up and not snitch. Kendrick cravats Kanellis to throw him into the apron! Fans boo as Kendrick stands on Kanellis’ back. Kendrick puts Kanellis in at the count of 7 then anchors a leg. Kendrick has a kneebar and drags Kanellis away. Fans build to a rally and Kanellis crawls to kick Kendrick off him.

Kendrick tags Daivari who clubs Kanellis down. Daivari sucker punches Nese, and the ref is busy with Nese as Daivari stomps away on Kanellis! Daivari drags Kanellis up to snapmare and chinlock. Kanellis endures and fans boo Daivari. Fans rally as Kanellis fights his way up and throws body shots. Kanellis CHOPS Daivari, and again! And again! Kanellis whips, Daivari reverses, but Kanellis dodges, double clotheslines take both men down! Fans rally again as Kanellis and Daivari crawl. Kendrick rushes in but Kanellis dodges him to tag in Nese! Nese is up top and leaps, BIG missile dropkick! Nese snapmare knees then running boots and windmill kicks Daivari!

Fans fire up with Nese as he hits a back elbow on Daivari. Kendrick whips but Nese reverses to send Kendrick out. Nese uses Daivari and the bulldog hotshot to help him FLY onto Kendrick! Then the PREMIER TRIANGLE hits! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives and Nese can’t believe it! Nese drags Daivari up but gets a jawbreaker. Daivari headlocks but Nese powers him back. Kanellis tags in as Nese powers out, but Kendrick also tags in. Nese ducks Daivari to spin and whip into Kanellis’ forearm. Nese then slides under to pump handle Daivair while Kanellis climbs up. Kanellis leaps as Nese lifts, flying knee POWERSLAM! Cover, but Daivari isn’t legal!

Kendrick BOOTS Nese and Captain’s Hook on Kanellis!! Kanellis grabs at Daivari but Daivari gets away! Kanellis claws, but Nese runs in! Daivari gets Nese with the Million RIAL Dream! Nese powers Daivari onto Kendrick and Kanellis! All four men are down and the holds are broken as Vancouver rallies up. Daivari helps Kendrick get back to their corner, then tags in. Nese tags in, too, and he rocks Daivari first. Daivari kicks Nese’s shoulder thrust out, and then pursues Nese on the outside. Daivari puts Nese in the ring but Kanellis SUPERKICKS! Nese runs to PREMIER FOSBURY! Nese puts Daivari in, goes up top, PREMIER 450!! Cover, but Kendrick breaks it up!

The ref reprimands but Kendrick drags Daivari over to their corner. Kanellis gets in to SUPERKICK Kendrick! Kanellis and Nese put Daivari in a corner and up top. Both men climb up to join Daivari but Daivari fights Nese off. Daivari fights Kanellis and shoves him down! SHORYUKEN from Nese! But Kendrick tags in to BOOT Nese! Kendrick cravats and uses the ropes for SLICED BREADS! Tag to Daivari who adjusts and PERSIAN LION SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Nese still lives and the OG can’t believe it! Kendrick decides to end this a different way, and brings out… chairs!

The ref warns Daivari and Kendrick not to use them, but they intimidate him with those chairs. Daivari and Kendrick aim at Nese together, but here come Lorcan and Burch! Bandaged up as they are, the brawlers are beating a path to the ring! Nese rolls Daivari up in the distraction! Nese & Kanellis win!!

Winners: Tony Nese & Mike Kanellis

And then the brawl is on again as Lorcan and Burch put Kendrick and Daivari back in! Daivari has a chair but Burch dropkicks it into him! Lorcan grab a chair to JAM Kendrick in the ribs. Burch does the same to Daivari, and he SMACKS Daivari on the back the same time Lorcan bulldogs Kendrick on the other chair! Lorcan wedges his chair in the corner and Burch drags Kendrick up, to SMASH him into it! Burch grabs the other chair, Lorcan feeds Daivari to the CHAIR SHOT! Fans are fired up with the furious One Two, but is this fierce feud far from over?


WWE 205 Live GM Drake Maverick has already decided that next week, THE Brian Kendrick & Ariya Daivari will take on Lorcan & Burch, in a NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH!!

My Thoughts:

This episode was a bit of a mess, honestly. While Vancouver as a crowd was tired from an equally odd SmackDown, there were some interesting choices made tonight. Have I said before that the WWE Draft gutted the Cruiserweight Division? WWE 205 Live has basically become WWE Main Event for NXT with how there was a bit more focus on the NXT Cruiserweight Championship than anything else. But I do appreciate that the two matches we got tonight were tied together. We should’ve all expected The Singh Brothers weren’t turning Face yet, even if they were in their hometown. The brawl and the beat down with Kendrick & Daivari was the good story integration part.

I was surprised to see Nese and Kanellis would make their on-air tag debut here, and in retrospect they shouldn’t have because Vancouver just didn’t care when they appeared. Their tag match with Kendrick & Daivari was the better match tonight, but that makes sense as it was the main event. But even in the WWE, Burch and Lorcan coming back to beat Kendrick and Daivari down in the same night was a bit much. And them being why Nese & Kanellis won also made things a bit week. The only thing I can hope for to come from this is that WWE 205 Live will give us a Fatal 4 Way Tag to determine NXT Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, just two years too late.

My Score: 7.9/10

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