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WWE Backstage Report: April 7, 2020



Next week, CM Punk is back!

The Voice of the Voiceless joins Backstage again, and he will be more than ready to discuss anything and everything WWE!

Raw After Mania was for returns!

Nia Jax gets a return win over Deonna Purrazzo and with a new move. It has been a full year, but after successful knee surgeries, the Irresistible Force is on Raw again! And she even borrowed one of Paige’s old moves. Paige is so excited. Nia having two knee surgeries but she’s back in just a year? That’s quick and really great. Nia texted Paige while at the PC, and she asked permission to use the ol’ RamPaige package DDT. Paige figured why not. It was bittersweet, though, because it means Paige isn’t going to be using it anymore. But at the same time, Paige got chills from seeing Nia use it. It was Paige’s own “passing the torch” moment there. Renee says it is great to see Nia’s hard work in recovering and returning pay off.

Booker says Paige and Renee said a lot to that already. Going through rehab, putting in the work, having that mindset and the worries, it’s a lot. But seeing Nia return, doing what she does “oh so well,” he loves it. A big weekend for the WWE Women’s Division, too. Bayley retained her SmackDown Women’s Championship, yet she goes and starts talking smack! Bayley’s post-Mania interview video plays now, in which she calls out Paige. “Bring her up on the titantron, go Skype her, go FaceTime her.” That’s how Paige communicates now, right? RIGHT?! “I don’t care what match she has for me! I thought you (the interviewer) were going to be in the match with me. Where’s Renee Young?” Bayley gives them all open invitations!

Renee says Bayley don’t want none. What is her problem, anyway? What did they ever do? Paige understands why she’s a target, because she originally announced that huge match. But at the same time, Bayley deserves unfair situations because of her bad attitude. Booker wants Renee to ask him what he thinks, and she does. He thinks Sasha Banks is a hell of a worker. BURN! But with that, Backstage wraps it up. Be sure to be back next week for even more words of wisdom.

My Thoughts:

This is a really good episode to follow a really good WrestleMania Weekend. It makes so much sense having Drew McIntyre on this episode given his huge win. Obviously everyone in the WWE feels the same way we do, but they also understand the situation the world is in. I also like that McIntyre wants that same Raw After Pandemic moment I’ve been wanting. That Raw needs to be the biggest celebration for both his title win and the world being able to function again. George Kittle on the show was good, too. I appreciate Booker trying to start up an NFL WWE crossover in nudging Kittle towards the 24/7 Championship. Gronk needs to be part of Raw next week for a showdown with Mojo, Truth and even Riddick Moss.

I like how Booker frames things for Braun. Braun wins as a substitute, but he needs to stand tall and show he was champion material all along. Hopefully WWE already has that in place with this Friday Night SmackDown that has apparently been taped from their “secret location.” However, why didn’t they talk about The Big Show? Big Show was as much a part of the Raw After Mania as anyone else. Though, maybe this means Big Show’s return is a weird one-off. Maybe CM Punk gets to talk about this and other stuff for his episode next week. In fact, I hope CM Punk gets to go in-depth on that Firefly Fun House. Backstage could make an entire episode of just that analysis.

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