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WWE Backstage Report: March 31, 2020



WWE Backstage returns with the full panel!

Paige returns, and Renee notes Cena’s return to SmackDown this Friday and WrestleMania this weekend. What does everyone want to see out of the 16-time world champion when he faces The Fiend? Henry says he isn’t sure what we’ll see, but he also knows this is the first-ever Firefly Fun House match. He is very curious as to what that will be. Booker adds that, as JBL used to put it, “Big Match John” Cena is going to show up and perform. And who better to face than Bray Wyatt right now? The Fiend character is something people are already comparing to The Undertaker, in that we’ll be watching for years to come.

Becky VS Shayna is also happening for the Raw Women’s Championship, how does that one look? Paige loves Shayna and promises to keep this short and sweet. Paige thinks Shayna takes the title! The Glampire apologizes to her buddy, Becky, but it’s time for a change! Booker is still on the fence as far as Shayna, but he’s ready for Shayna to prove him wrong! Henry tops it off by saying he also wants to see the title change hands. And with that, Backstage wraps, ready for anything and everything this two-night WrestleMania will bring!

My Thoughts:

First, just because this article is publishing on April Fool’s Day doesn’t mean this is a joke. There really was a new WWE Backstage episode during these troubled times. Being via video was fine for the panel of hosts, but why was most of the video recaps in the same Skype call quality? Just an odd thing to note. But it was great to have Charlotte on to speak to her Mania matches, and I figured she’d go with her match against Asuka as her personal number one moment. And I like that even Backstage was consistent with the other live WWE programming in replaying a classic match to fill time. I myself never got to watch the days of The Rock VS Stone Cold growing up, and just haven’t had/taken the time to go back through those classic moments. Maybe I should.

But seeing it for the first time, even as part of that watch party with Renee, Booker and Henry, obviously it’s an amazing match. I appreciate the panel being optimistic for WM36 with it being split up, but also can tell it’s them sticking to the WWE marketing line. Mania wasn’t so big that it had to be two nights, it had to be two nights because of the global concerns. But Charlotte’s point about more time for matches and stories to breathe is still valid, so that instead of a crammed slog of 7 hours, we get two manageable 3+ hours. I think just on that pacing, this Mania will feel very strong as compared to other years.

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