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NWA Into The Fire 2019 Live Results – Nick Aldis vs. James Storm



Here are live results for the PPV titled NWA Into The Fire (otherwise typed ” Into the 🔥🔥🔥), airing from the GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia on December 14th, 2019. The card features seven matches, with three of those being contested for NWA Championships.

Announcers for this event include Joe Galli and Stu Bennett (aka Wade Barrett). This will be the NWA’s first PPV since the Crockett Cup back in April, and also the first following the October debut of their weekly episodic YouTube series NWA Powerrr.

1) Ken Anderson vs. Eli Drake — Winner: Eli Drake with the rollup

– Nick Aldis and James Storm were on hand to hype up NWA Into The Fire airing live in over 40 countries; and Storm promises he will become the World Heavyweight Champion tonight.

2) Thunder Rosa vs. Tasha Steelz — Winner: Thunder Rosa with the flying foot stomp

Immediately afterwards, Thunder Rosa attacks Steelz and Ashley Vox tries saving her, but Rosa gives a shoulder breaker and possibly injures Vox with a submission. She looks pleased with her nights work.

Before the next match, The Question Mark makes his way to the ring with “Student Stevens” (Aron Stevens), who is wearing karate gi attire while holding a flag. Apparently he’s been training in Mongrovian martial artists, in which he became a 3rd dan black belt in only three weeks. He introduces Question Mark before we’re treated to his national anthem, while Stevens holds up the flag behind him. Trevor Murdoch interrupts.

3) The Question Mark vs. Trevor Murdoch — Winner: Question Mark with the double spike to the throat

Before the next title match, The Rock N’ Roll Express admit they have brought backup in Eddie Kingston & Homicide because their opponents are a nightmare. In response, The Wild Cards are accompanied by The Dawsons.

4) *NWA World Tag Team Championship* – The Rock N’ Roll Express (c) (w/ Eddie Kingston & Homicide) vs. The Wild Cards (w/ The Dawsons) — Winners: Rock N’ Roll Express with the Double Dropkick

Stu Bennett announces the return of the classic NWA World Television Championship, previously held by Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin and more.

– Eli Drake is out again to put himself over, as he looks to get a title shot at the World Championship. Ken Anderson attacks him from behind, and then with a steel chair. Anderson wraps the chair around Drake’s neck and launches him in to the turnbuckle! In the ring, he lays out El with a Mic Check on the chair. Something’s snapped in Ken Anderson, and it’s not good for Eli Drake.

Ashley Vox is not cleared to compete after what happened earlier with Thunder Rosa. Marquez announces she has a replacement partner.

5) Allysin Kay & ODB vs. Melina & Marti Belle — Winners: Allysin Kay & ODB with Bam! (Fireman’s Carry Cutter)

6) *NWA National Championship* – Colt Cabana (c) vs. Aron Stevens (w/ Question Mark)  vs. Ricky Starks — Winner: Aron Stevens steals it!*

Aron Stevens is the new NWA National Champion. He hid from his opponents for much of the match, and Question Mark helped out with some interference. Stevens stole the pin after Ricky Starks hit a spear on Cabana. Stevens says he did it all with the power of karate.

– Tim Storm thanks the audience for understanding how important it is to him to be part of this historic event. It means so much to him to be the second official, so he’s calling this right down the middle for the NWA.

In the main event, Brian Hebner officiates the first fall, while Tim Storm will officiate the second. A coin toss decides which referee is used for the third fall.

7) *NWA World Heavyweight Championship* – (2 Out Of 3 Falls) Nick Aldis (c) vs. James Storm — 1st Fall = James Storm (Kamille distracted Aldis), 2nd Fall = Nick Aldis, Brian Hebner wins the coin toss to referee the 3rd fall: Winner: Nick Aldis retains by TKO*

*Hebner was knocked down by a stray clothesline, so Tim Storm had to take over the officiating. James Storm was knocked out cold after running in to an exposed turnbuckle (by Aldis), and Tim Storm decided to end the match because the challenger laid motionless in the Sharpshooter.

– Nick Aldis respects the NWA and its fans. The lights go out.. and it’s Marty Scurll! The Villian is stalking the National Treasure. Nick Aldis wants nothing to do with him and walks away. In the overrun, Marty gets an interview with Marquez. Scurll’s about to cut a promo.. but sadly we are out of time. We’re likely to hear what he has to say on the next episode of NWA Powerr.

–NWA Into The Fire 2019 Live Results–

NWA Into The Fire

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