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ResultsPPVWWE Crown Jewel 2021 Results, Viewing Party & More

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Results, Viewing Party & More



Welcome to the live results watch page for WWE CROWN JEWEL 2021 pay-per-view!

The event is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. ET on Peacock and the WWE Network.

Follow along here throughout the show for the results of each match as well as my personal thoughts on everything throughout the night down after the separation bar.

Keep refreshing for new updates, check out the quick results at the top of the page for the winners and chat it up with everyone in the comments as the show goes on!

Quick Hits Results:

  • (Kickoff Match) The Usos defeated The Hurt Business by pinfall.
  • Hell in a Cell Match: Edge defeated Seth Rollins by pinfall.
  • Mansoor defeated Mustafa Ali by pinfall.
  • Raw Tag Team Championship Match: RK-Bro (c) defeated AJ Styles and Omos by pinfall.
  • Queen’s Crown Tournament Final: Zelina Vega defeated Doudrop by pinfall.
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match: Goldberg defeated Bobby Lashley by pinfall.
  • King of the Ring Tournament Final: Xavier Woods defeated Finn Balor by pinfall.
  • WWE Championship Match: Big E (c) defeated Drew McIntyre by pinfall.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match: Becky Lynch (c) defeated Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks by pinfall.
  • Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) defeated Brock Lesnar by pinfall.

Author’s POV, Running Commentary & Thoughts:

Kickoff – The Usos vs. The Hurt Business

  • Suddenly, Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley is now Falls Count Anywhere instead of No Holds Barred (upgrade) and Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar is now No Disqualification (aka the same as the No Holds Barred)
  • When WWE waits until now to announce these things, it always makes me wonder why. Is it because they actually think it’s a good strategy to plan to hold this information until the kickoff because they want to boost Twitter engagement by giving people a reason to talk, or is it because they’ve literally waited until the last minute to figure out the finishes and only now do they realize they need these gimmicks to accomplish the endings?
  • Wait…what the hell?! Now they’re announcing that the announcement from 20 minutes ago that Lesnar vs Reigns is No DQ has been taken off the table and it ISN’T that anymore?! What is wrong with this company?
  • Generic solid tag team match with nothing to talk about.

Hell in a Cell Match

  • “For the 50th time in WWE history…” WOW. Does that, as well as the match quality, not prove that Hell in a Cell never should have been an annual pay-per-view, or what?
  • The bar from a steel chair and then chair shots to the back. Yup. That sounds about up to par with how these matches have been lately. I’m just waiting for the obligatory kendo stick nonsense.
  • As tame as it is compared to what we’ve seen in the past, Edge pushing Rollins off the top rope into the cage and then for him to crash down to the outside onto a table was probably the best part we’ll see, and I enjoyed that.
  • Not a bad match by normal standards. The crowd’s chanting “this is awesome” and even though I remember the days where Hell in a Cell was way more brutal than this, I’m enjoying it for what it is.
  • Sunset flip bomb from the ladder through the table? Two thumbs up on that, too.
  • Some chain action. Nothing too memorable, but it’s good to incorporate some more weaponry.
  • Edge wins with a stomp, oddly, but I’m down for it, as it was a stomp to the chair.

Mansoor vs. Mustafa Ali

  • I thought the crowd would pop bigger for Mansoor. Maybe it’s the acoustics?
  • WWE loves its “first time ever”s and this is the first time two Muslim Superstars are facing each other in singles competition at a pay-per-view. Isn’t it weird to think some of these things just didn’t happen before?
  • Zero reaction from the crowd when Mansoor fought back after Ali was talking trash. Or, at least, it didn’t sound like there was much of a reaction. Certainly no Hulk Hogan pop when he used to do it. Then again, the crowd’s chanting “Mansoor” after that, so maybe people didn’t realize what was even happening and that’s why they didn’t react. Disappointing auditory/visual response regardless.
  • Cool with the finish, with Mansoor jumping over the rope and hitting a neckbreaker.
  • Ali attacks Mansoor after the match? I’ll admit, I didn’t see that coming. I’m curious what this is setting up. Surely, someone will come out.
  • And that person is….completely covered…from head to toe…
  • The reveal is……….someone who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. I didn’t follow it, so I have no idea who this is. Tarek Hamdi is his name. He took out Ali with a kick. Sure. Big deal for press coverage and media exposure, but I couldn’t care less by several magnitudes.

In the ring, Titus O’Neil and Natalya are presenting four women with commemorative title belts in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Zahra Association.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match

  • Riddle is on a camel for his entrance. #highlight
  • Normal match. Nothing to really talk about. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.
  • Eventually, Orton hits an RKO as a counter to the Phenomenal Forearm. Riddle hits a Floating Bro and that’s the match.
  • Generic rematch was generic. What can I say? It was fine.

Backstage, Kevin Patrick spoke to Becky Lynch. It was just a reminder that she knows how a “triple trett” works and that she’ll retain, blah blah blah.

Queen’s Crown Tournament Final

  • Doudrop has been super over the top animated with her entrances lately, no doubt from WWE telling her to ham it up because they want to have more cartoon characters. She’s incredibly understated today, though. Only a few finger twiddles and such. Intimidating environment, I’m sure.
  • The size difference here should realistically make this a 10 second match.
  • This crowd is absolutely dead.
  • Somehow, it seems Doudrop injured her ear or cheek by giving Vega a clotheline and falling down in the process. That, or it’s an awkward choice of something to sell.
  • Hey, Vega wins. Awesome. There is absolutely no way I believe she could do that Code Red powerbomb, but whatever. I’m good with the outcome.
  • It’s very weird she’s crowning herself while wearing a t-shirt and having her arms and legs completely covered. We’re not going to see a true Queen Zelina Vega until Raw where she’ll have a much better outfit, I’m sure.

Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg – Falls Count Anywhere Match

  • Starting with Lashley using chains was a decent way to kick this off.
  • Lashley using the chair to take out Goldberg’s leg is a decent idea, too. If he can’t get the Jackhammer, that’ll be an excuse.
  • Lashley misses a spear and crashes through a table. Goldberg hits a spear. Actually, Goldberg pulls off the Jackhammer, too, but doesn’t go for a pin.
  • Spear through the barricade. Standard kind of spot, but it makes sense for this match.
  • Lashley’s called out Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin for support, with kendo sticks. Naturally, Goldberg immediately takes them out. Time for a kendo stick showdown.
  • After a few hits, Goldberg snaps his kendo stick in half. How is that logical?
  • Then, Goldberg speared Lashley off the stage into a pile of tables that were covered with a black cloth and got the pin.
  • For wanting to kill this guy, snuff out his last breath and all, this certainly didn’t feel like it was some “one step away from murder” finish.
  • I’m curious why Gage wasn’t involved in some capacity, too, considering he was the driving force of the story.
  • “Don’t ever mess with my family.” – Goldberg. Or what? You’ll win a match with no stakes and Lashley will get up before you’ve left the stage?

King of the Ring Tournament Final

  • I really, really, really hope Woods wins this. As much as I would love to see King Balor under other circumstances, Woods wants this so badly and he deserves a big win like this.
  • I’m a fan of both guys, but I don’t think this is worthy of a “this is awesome” chant so fast. People are too liberal with that.
  • To be honest, I’m too concerned with Woods winning this match to even enjoy the action!
  • NICE! HE WINS!!!! YESSS!!!
  • I absolutely love how much Woods is marking out about this.

WWE Championship Match

  • Normal match so far. Nothing to stand out. Just some regular back-and-forth action, as expected.
  • “This is awesome” – super quick to pull that out tonight, guys. I’m glad the crowd’s excited (well, they weren’t for Vega vs Doudrop…) but again, this is fine, but far from awesome. It’s okay for something to be “okay” or “good” or “great” without going straight to “awesome” just the same as you don’t have to say something is the best or worst thing ever. There’s a happy medium between extremes.
  • How many of you were scared Big E was going to lose when McIntyre hit that Claymore? The crowd’s chanting “holy shit” from the kickout and is back to the “this is awesome” chant.
  • Big E retains with a Big Ending.
  • I’m expecting a handshake.
  • Nope, no handshake, but Drew gives Big E a thumbs up and Big E says “respect to you” to him. Same difference.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match

  • Sasha Banks has this elaborate cape and full-body ring gear, and they still want her to wear a t-shirt? What’s up with that?
  • Belair holds Banks up with a press WITH ONE HAND. Nice!!
  • Solid match, as expected given how talented all three are.
  • I’ve enjoyed it, but I don’t have anything to say about it.
  • Becky Lynch retains with a roll-up on Banks where she is holding the ropes. That’s legal in a Triple Threat. Good call.

Universal Championship Match

  • The entrances are going to be considerably longer than the match.
  • Since they reneged on the No Disqualification thing, I’m even more expecting this to end in a no-contest, disqualification or count-out.
  • Lesnar’s kicked out of a spear from a 2-count.
  • Dueling chants for “suplex city” and “let’s go Roman” going on.
  • A series of Superman punches leads to Reigns missing a spear and hitting a turnbuckle, but for some reason, Lesnar then trips over him and falls down, too?
  • Lesnar mocks Roman’s usual taunts. As much as he doesn’t seem to have his heart in a lot of this, Lesnar knows how to be a professional wrestler.
  • Myself and the crowd were super buying into that F5. That felt like the end for a split second.
  • I won’t buy into the idea of Lesnar tapping out, though. You’re not selling me on the guillotine. Brock can get pinned, but WWE won’t book him to tap out.
  • Brock throws Roman with an F5 into referee Charles Robinson. How long before The Usos interfere?
  • Paul Heyman throws the title belt into the ring and says “you know what to do with it”. It’s between the two of them, so he didn’t pass it to either one in particular. Brock grabs it, but The Usos interfere, as expected. That sets up Reigns able to get the belt, hit Brock with it and score the pin with a new referee.

Stay tuned for my live post-show podcast immediately after the event for a full recap breakdown!

Tell us your thoughts on WWE Crown Jewel 2021 in the comments below!

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