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ResultsPPVWWE Fastlane 2023 Results, Viewing Party & More

WWE Fastlane 2023 Results, Viewing Party & More



Welcome to the live results watch page for WWE FASTLANE 2023 pay-per-view!

The event is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. ET with the kickoff, followed by the main show starting at 8 p.m.

Follow along here throughout the show for the results of each match as well as my personal thoughts on everything throughout the night down after the separation bar.

Keep refreshing for new updates, check out the quick results at the top of the page for the winners and chat it up with everyone in the comments as the show goes on!

Quick Hits Results:

  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso defeated The Judgment Day (Finn Balor and Damian Priest) (c) by pinfall to win the titles!
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: LWO (Carlito, Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar) defeated Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits by pinfall.
  • Triple Threat Match for WWE Women’s Championship: Iyo Sky (c) defeated Asuka and Charlotte Flair by pinfall (on Flair)
  • Tag Team Match: John Cena and LA Knight defeated Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa by pinfall.
  • Last Man Standing Match for World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins (c) defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

Author’s POV, Running Commentary & Thoughts:

Nothing to report about the kickoff, for the most part. Rey Mysterio still hasn’t heard back from the mysterious person he called to team up with himself and Santos Escobar, so that remains a tease. No matches have been added to the lineup or any adjustments to the card.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Judgment Day (Finn Balor and Damian Priest) (c) vs. Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso

  • After it was announced that Cody will make an announcement on NXT (which I can only assume is the return of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic), I’m now starting to really buy into the idea that he and Jey may win those belts. Up until Tuesday night, I was sold that they’d stay on Judgment Day. Right now, I’m 55% leaning toward a title change, funny enough.
  • Crowd seems pretty hot today. You think they’re hyped for John Cena, the overall group of having a few of the big stars (still missing a ton of them, in my mind, like no Roman Reigns, only 3 titles, etc), or something else?
  • Jey Uso is feeling the blue tonight with his hair, arm sleeve, shirt and pants. You’d think he was a SmackDown Superstar during Survivor Series.
  • Cody’s selling his head/neck after hitting a superplex. That’s been going on for quite a while, actually. Hopefully, he’s just doing a good job faking it and doesn’t actually have any kind of tweaked neck or something.
  • Out come Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. Rhea and Jey flirt a bit for a distraction. Judgment Day capitalizes and Balor hits a Coup de Grace, but Cody breaks it up.
  • JD McDonagh also interferes and catches a superkick for his efforts.
  • Ripley hits Jey with the Money in the Bank briefcase – but Jey kicks out of that roll-up attempt!
  • McDonagh accidentally hit Priest’s bad knee. Uh oh. Cross Rhodes to Priest on top of the commentary table. Jey flips over the top rope to take out Balor and McDonagh.
  • Superkick from Jey. Double team Cody Cutter on Balor. Cross Rhodes to Balor and we have new tag team champions!

Time for a Pizza Hut commercial plug with Wade Barrett, Booker T and Xavier Woods.

Oh, and time for another commercial through a video package of this LWO feud. So that’s how they’re going to fill the 3 hours. Gotcha. That just killed nearly 10 minutes it seems.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Latino World Order (Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar and Carlito) vs. Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits

  • Is LWO’s partner Bad Bunny? Carlito? Dragon Lee? Cartman’s Mom?
  • Well, the bell just rang and no one came out, so I guess we’re getting the surprise even later.
  • In the meantime, did you know that this event was sponsored by Pizza Hut? If you couldn’t tell from the backstage segment, or the graphics on the screen, or the audio plug with the graphic on the screen, then just look at the side of the ring and the security barricade and the top bar screen of the arena. (Admittedly, I can’t be mad, though. I love Pizza Hut. You should sponsor eWrestlingNews and send me some pizza. I promise I’ll read some books like you used to have to do.)
  • We’ve gotten rather far into this match without that third surprise member. That’s shocking. I just assumed LWO would lose this, but the longer we go without that person popping up, the more it seems like they should win once that happens.
  • Meteora from Zelina Vega to Montez Ford. Technically should be a disqualification, but you know how wrestling goes—it doesn’t really count if a babyface does it.
  • There we go, time for Carlito!
  • Carlito’s looking great, man! Arguably better than ever.
  • Not too long after making his entrance, we’ve got a Backstabber onto Ford and LWO wins.
  • Very cool to see Carlito back, hopefully for more than just a guest spot. Not a fan of his new music, though.

Even more of a dedicated Pizza Hut plug with Xavier Woods bringing a Big Dinner Box to Corey Graves and Michael Cole after the match. I wonder how much money WWE got for all this.

Crown Jewel is finally officially announced for November 4th.

Triple Threat Match for WWE Women’s Championship: Iyo Sky (c) vs. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

  • Wow, just a few seconds after the match started, Asuka immediately spit the mist in Charlotte Flair’s eyes. It’s no disqualification, so that makes sense, but they rarely do anything that logical. Nice!
  • Asuka and Iyo have their mini-singles match, but Flair eventually works her way back into the mix.
  • Pretty standard match so far. Not bad, but nothing crazy to spotlight. All three are talented, so they’re doing their jobs well.
  • Iyo nearly won the match with a Meteora on Flair, who was stuck in a Figure-4 on Asuka, as Flair couldn’t really get her shoulder up to break out of the pin.
  • Crowd was thinking Flair’s spear on Asuka was the end. Two-count, though.
  • Asuka is tapping out to a Figure 8, but Bayley is distracting the referee. Iyo hits a moonsault on Flair in the meantime to score the pin and retain.
  • Clunky parts of this match here and there. Fine elsewhere. A few interesting spots. Ultimately, it does feel like it’s less impactful than the other matches on this card, which is a shame. On a show with only five matches, why wasn’t there a sixth added with Rhea Ripley, maybe?

LA Knight was seen arriving to the arena earlier via race car. Or, more so, the car swung around and after a few seconds, LA Knight came out of the car, to give off that illusion he was driving it. I’m not a car guy, so that means nothing to me. I’ve never understood the fascination with cars.

Pat McAfee is coming out to be a special guest commentator for this match. He also teased that he thinks Indianapolis deserves a WrestleMania. Maybe WWE is trying really hard to do that in different markets to drive up buzz and call out locations as a marketing strategy going forward. If that’s the case, we’ll likely see that more often, if not that it will become the norm.

Tag Team Match: John Cena and LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa

  • Huge reaction for Cena. A friend of mine live at the arena says it’s beyond loud in there right now.
  • Surely this ends with Knight pinning Uso, right? I guess we’ll see.
  • Cena’s been in this match longer than I anticipated. And he’s allowing Knight to have the hot tag. Good on him.
  • Unfortunately, I’m finding my attention diverting elsewhere. This match isn’t keeping my focus.
  • LA Knight gets tagged in and things are heating up, but still not enough to hook me.
  • Cena hits a crossbody from the top rope onto Sikoa. Not bad.
  • Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but takes a superkick from Solo before he can toss Jimmy down.
  • Superplex from Knight onto Uso. Time for a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Knight follows that up with a BFT and the babyfaces get the win.

Shane McMahon’s son Declan is among the crowd with some Indiana Hoosiers.

Backstage, Priest was arguing with the rest of The Judgment Day about how he isn’t leaving the event empty handed. Balor, Ripley and Dominik Mysterio told Priest that since his leg is messed up, tonight isn’t the night to try to cash in Money in the Bank.

Last Man Standing Match for World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

  • This match has barely gotten started and people are already chanting “we want tables.” Jeez.
  • I can’t remember if we’ve ever seen nunchucks in a Last Man Standing match before. Maybe if Steve Blackman had one.
  • Nakamura is dominating this match. As he should.
  • Rollins gets fired up with kendo sticks, since that’s WWE’s main weapon for the past 15 years.
  • Nakamura went for a kinshasa and just kneed a table in the corner.
  • Rollins pulls a ladder out from under the ring. That’s been set up next to the commentary table.
  • Nakamura’s placed on the table, Rollins climbs, but Nakamura moves before Seth even jumps.
  • They’re now brawling into the audience. Since nothing happened with the ladder, I fully expect this match to return to ringside instead of ending on the stage or anything.
  • Low blow from Nakamura, who kicks Rollins off the stairwell. Rollins hits a crash pad and bounces, but we’re not supposed to think that looked fun like a trampoline.
  • The fight does indeed work its way back to ringside. Rollins gets back body dropped onto the exposed concrete.
  • Nakamura crashed through Rollins on top of a table with his knees. 9-count that the referee was counting maybe 4 seconds worth of a 9 for (for dramatic purposes, not because Roman Reigns legit couldn’t get to his feet like that match against Kevin Owens)
  • Time for the ladder spot. Nakamura spits red mist (different flavor from what Asuka spit on Flair earlier) in Seth’s eyes and the champ falls backward off the ladder onto the commentary table. But he still gets up at 9.
  • Kinshasa to Rollins, who falls backward into the table that was set up on the corner (that Nakamura hit earlier), and it collapses on top of Rollins. Rollins was able to just roll out of the ring and be on his feet rather than truly standing up, but it counts.
  • The brawl’s back into the crowd again. Nakamura gets up from a Pedigree on top of a table.
  • Falcon Arrow to Nakamura through a table. Let’s see if that does the trick.
  • Aaaand it does. Rollins retains the title. Unless we do get a Money in the Bank cash in. The event’s credits graphic isn’t up yet. Nope, it seems that’s it.
  • Time for the post-show podcast! Tune in below!

Tell us your thoughts on WWE Fastlane 2023 in the comments section, and tune in to my live post-show podcast immediately following the event by clicking on the YouTube video below!

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