RAW Dark Match & Partial Superstars **SPOILERS**


Credit: Jon Osbourne, Anthony Silverstrin, and J.P. McMahon and Prowrestling.net

They were late letting people in. But at 7:30 local time arena was extremely loud and at least 85 percent full.

They showed a WrestleMania highlight package. John Cena was already getting booed out of the building.

There was no RAW dark match.

Scott Stamford and Josh Mathews came out to the commentators table.

1. Tensai defeated Justin Gabriel. Solid back and forth match. The crowd got into it. Tensai won with his running senton. Tensai called Sakamoto into the ring and made him kneel. No beat down.

2. Santino Marella beat Jinder Mahal. Lots of comedy spots. Mahal dominated most of the match. Santino hit his comeback then The Cobra for the win.

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