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ResultsRAWWWE Monday Night Raw Results: March 2, 2020

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: March 2, 2020



The Raw After Super Showdown, and BEFORE Elimination Chamber!

WWE Super Showdown passed but we’ve already got Elimination Chamber on the way! What will Raw to do shift gears on the Road to WrestleMania?


  • Raw Tag Team Championships “Now or Never” Match: Seth Rollins & Murphy VS The Street Profits; The Street Profits win and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Riddick Moss VS Ricochet; Moss wins and retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • Aleister Black VS Karl Anderson w/ The OC; Aleister wins.
  • Luke Gallows w/ The OC VS Aleister Black; Aleister wins, by disqualification.
  • AJ Styles w/ The OC VS Aleister Black; Styles wins.
  • Liv Morgan VS Ruby Riott, Special Guest Referee: Sarah Logan; Morgan wins.
  • Kairi Sane w/ Asuka VS Shayna Baszler; Baszler wins.
  • Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Humberto Carrillo & Rey Mysterio; Carrillo & Mysterio win.


The Beast opens Raw!

With the Road to WrestleMania in the home stretch, the WWE World Champion returns once again! He successfully retained against Ricochet at WWE Super Showdown and Paul Heyman gives his usual introduction for himself and the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world, BRRROCK! LESNARRR! And Heyman apologizes because he “can’t do it.” This is literally their job to come out and hype the fans up on WrestleMania. Heyman gives credit where credit is due, and while this will be the most stacked WrestleMania in years, the main event “is a sham.” Fans can boo all they want, but we all know that “they” are trying to sell us on Drew McIntyre. Ladies and gentlemen, Drew McIntyre “is a hyped up fraud.”

Heyman wants us to understand why we cheer so much for McIntyre. At the Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar didn’t just survive 15 “of the top stars in WWE,” he massacred those 15 consecutive top starts, only to get hit from behind in the balls by Ricochet. That left Lesnar vulnerable to McIntyre’s Claymore that sent Lesnar up and out, eliminating him from the match. Fans cheer that, “like the Pavlovian dogs I tell you you are.” But there are no excuses as to McIntyre kicking Lesnar in his face and out of the ring, “but how in the hell” does that prove McIntyre can pin Lesnar? HE CAN’T! How does that prove McIntyre can submit Lesnar? HE CAN’T! It just shows McIntyre can take advantage of a situation. And the next time Lesnar sees McIntyre, it’ll be over like that.

And why is that? “Because Drew McIntyre is nothing more than a stupid, big bitch that’s going to get squashed at Wrestle-” Here comes McIntyre! The Scottish Stud has that Terminator stare on Lesnar as he heads to the ring. McIntyre gets in the ring and in Lesnar’s face. Fans cheer for “Drew! Drew!” as Lesnar grins. Lesnar backs away, but what about Heyman’s promise? Lesnar rushes McIntyre but gets a CLAYMORE!! McIntyre kips up as fans lose their minds! Well, it was over “like that,” for Lesnar. Can McIntyre do that again at WrestleMania?

Heyman helps Lesnar out of the ring, both men completely shocked at what just happened. The fans troll with “You Deserve It!” and “Hey hey hey! Good-bye~!” as Lesnar and Heyman go up the ramp. Lesnar stares out at Brooklyn as he reaches the stage, but McIntyre runs back out! CLAYMORE AGAIN!! The Scottish Stud snatches up the WWE Championship to hold it up! Lesnar rises and fans want “One More Time!” CLAYMORE THE THIRD!! Brooklyn loses its mind all over again as McIntyre stands over his future opponent! Will McIntyre be the one to slay the Beast once and for all?!

Raw Tag Team Championships “Now or Never” Match: Seth Rollins & Murphy VS The Street Profits!

Super Showdown was their first chance, this is their last! If Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins fail to dethrone the “Monday Night Pariah” and “Murph the Smurf,” they can never challenge for these titles again, so long as they belong to Rollins & Buddy. Is this the motivation the Profits need to get the smoke?

“Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at?” Brooklyn lets the Profits know “We Want the Smoke!” Tonight is now or never! Ford & Dawkins have worked for YEARS to get this opportunity! If Rollins and Murphy get the win, then the fight is over. But the joke’s on them. When the pressure’s on, the Profits cook. So Brooklyn better get the Solo cups out because the Profits are up! The tag team champions make their entrance now, and we begin this all or nothing rematch!

Before the bell, Rollins and Murphy attack! The Profits fight them off, throw out Rollins, and then throw out Murphy. Fans fire up with Ford as he FLIES! But he’s caught, and BARRIER BOMBED! Dawkins runs over but Rollins and Murphy get away. Raw goes picture in picture as Rollins and Murphy now stand tall in the ring.

Dawkins checks on Ford but Rollins and Murphy flank him. Dawkins throws big right hands to ROCK Rollins and Murphy in turn, then he gets Murphy in to SPEAR! The bell rings and Dawkins bumps Murphy off buckles. Dawkins runs into a boot and staggers back. Murphy runs in, misses, but Rollins tags in. Dawkins runs back in but Murphy dodges. Dawkins keeps from crashing into buckles then decks Rollins. He climbs up but Rollins trips him up and tucks him in! Murphy hits CHEEKY NANDOS! Rollins hops in and both he and Murphy POWERBOMB Dawkins down! Cover, TWO! Rollins argues with the ref but the count is the count.

Rollins goes to the corner and watches Dawkins stand. Springboard flying knee! Cover, TWO! Rollins grows frustrated with Dawkins but he drags him up to slap him around. Dawkins gets angry and ROCKS Rollins with a right! Murphy tags in but his superkick is blocked. Rollins’ SUPERKICK hits, then Murphy adds one, before they DOUBLE SUPERKICK Dawkins down! Cover, TWO! Dawkins survives and Murphy snarls as he drags him up. Murphy knees and kicks Dawkins in the back, covers, TWO! Murphy’s right on Dawkins with a chinlock. Dawkins endures as Murphy grinds him down, but he fights his way up as fans cheer.

Raw returns to single picture as Dawkins gets to his feet. Dawkins fights with back elbows but Murphy elbows Dawkins down. Murphy clamps on with a facelock but Dawkins blocks the suplex. Dawkins suplexes but Murphy slips out to throw forearms. Murphy throws Dawkins out and tags Rollins. Rollins fetches Dawkins but Dawkins flapjacks him! Murphy hurries over but leaps into an EXPLODER! The Authors of Pain watch but it’s hard to tell if they’re concerned. Dawkins gets in to hot tag Ford! And Ford FLIES! This time he takes Rollins and Murphy out! Ford puts Rollins in but Murphy hurries after. Murphy throws Ford to the apron but Ford springboards for a HUGE crossbody!

Ford clotheslines Murphy out and slips out of a back suplex to DDT Rollins down! And kip up! Brooklyn is thunderous as he hits a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ford keeps going and heads back up top. Rollins rises but Ford leaps over. Rollins gets Ford with a Slingblade! The Monday Night Messiah sneers as he aims from a corner, but Ford dodges the stomp! Murphy tags in, Ford goes to huricanrana but Rollins blocks, buckle bomb enziguri combo! Cover, Dawkins just breaks it in time! Rollins springboards but into an uppercut! Dawkins fireman’s carries but Murphy saves Rollins, and together they post Dawkins!

Murphy drags Ford up as Rollins goes to a corner. Tag to Rollins and they bring Ford up. They want another, but Ford huricanranas Rollins INTO the enziguri! Murphy realizes what happens and hurries up top, but Ford gets under the leap. Ford sends Murphy out, Rollins rolls him up, TWO! Ford spins Rollins to ENZIGURI! Rollins is down but Ford fires up as he heads up top! But Rollins shoves Ford down! Ford crashes ‘n’ burns on the floor and the AOP calm down. Rollins calls them over and they stalk up to Ford! The ref sees this before they can do anything, and EJECTS THEM! Rollins is furious but he puts Ford in for himself. Murphy and the AOP keep arguing, and here comes KEVIN! STUNNER!!

The ref never saw that, and Kevin gets away before AOP gives chase! Dawkins BLASTS Murphy into the timekeeper’s area! Ford hurries up top with Rollins in position, for the WORLD STAR SPLASH!! Cover, THE PROFITS WIN!!

Winner: The Street Profits, by pinfall (NEW Raw Tag Team Champions)

Now or never? How about NOW!? The Profits are at an all time high because they have the gold! Will the Road to WrestleMania become a red Solo cup party?

Raw returns as Rollins and Murphy regroup backstage.

Charly Caruso asks them about the defeat. “Oh good for you!” Rollins seethes as he reminds us that anyone who stands in his way will be eradicated! He is the Monday Night Messiah! Rollins and Murphy demand to take on the Profits, take DOWN the Profits and take BACK those Raw Tag Team Championships. As for Kevin Owens, he can name the time, the place and the stipulation. Because when Rollins gets his hands on Kevin, Kevin will be crucified. Will the passion of the Prizefighter cost him everything?

WWE 24/7 Championship: Riddick Moss VS Ricochet!

The One and Only failed to dethrone the Beast and take his WWE World Championship, but can he tackle the Riddick Regimen and take the #OneTrue Championship?

The bell rings and Ricochet waistlocks to a headlock. Moss powers up but Ricochet holds on, so Moss powers out. Ricochet slips out and slides under to CHOP Moss! Ricochet throws forearms and CHOPS then whips Moss corner to corner. Moss reverses but Ricochet goes up and over and speeds up. Ricochet dodges, Moss follows, and BLASTS Ricochet with that shoulder! Moss talks trash and drags Ricochet up to the corner. Moss rams his shoulder into Ricochet then drags him up for clubbing forearms. Fans taunt Moss as he taunts Ricochet. Moss drags Ricochet up for body shots against the ropes. Fans taunt Moss with “Who are you? Who are you?” Does Brooklyn watch NXT UK?

Moss whips Ricochet to ropes but Ricochet rolls off Moss’s back. Ricochet shoves and elbows Moss at the elbows, then springboards, into Moss’s arms! Moss Fall Away Slams Ricochet over and out of the ring! Ricochet crashes ‘n’ burns as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns as Ricochet fights up out of a chinlock. Moss clubs Ricochet down then whips him to ropes. Ricochet boots back, then kicks. Moss blocks that and ducks the enziguri, but not the rewind mule kick! Both men are down and fans rally up for Ricochet. Moss gets to ropes while Ricochet stands up. Ricochet counter punches, bobs ‘n’ weaves with Moss then whips. Moss reverses but Ricochet hits a forearm! Ricochet fires up as Moss flounders to a corner, and Ricochet runs in to shoulder tackle. Ricochet bumps Moss off buckles and kicks him away! Then springboards in, only for mos to get under. Moss elbows back HARD then hops up. Ricochet enziguris back then hops up to SUPER STEINER! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO!

Ricochet keeps his focus as he brings Moss up. He tries to fireman’s carry but his bad back bothers him. Ricochet ROCKS Moss with an uppercut, then gets the fireman’s carry! But Moss elbows hard and keeps on Ricochet. Ricochet dropkick-flips and enziguris! Superkick gets caught to a back suplex and CLUBBING slam! Moss brings Ricochet back up for a SPIKE Neckbreaker! Cover, Moss wins?!

Winner: Riddick Moss, by pinfall (still WWE 24/7 Champion)

The King of Flight gets grounded by the Riddick Regimen! Is Ricochet on a downward trajectory after visiting Suplex City? Is Moss only going to extend his already historic reign?

AJ Styles w/ The OC VS Aleister Black!

The Phenomenal One and his Good Brothers roughed up the Embodiment of the End, but now he’ll be the one to face the consequences. Will Aleister add on to the humbling The Undertaker gave Styles at Super Showdown?

Before the match, Styles grabs a mic to say, “I am not in a good mood.” He should have the beautiful Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy, but a certain someone deprived him of that honor. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Fans chant “Undertaker!” so they have. Styles is upset that people are so happy to make fun of him. Has anyone heard what Hollywood is saying? Mark Wahlberg is trying to give AJ Styles advice?! Styles shares the video of Wahlberg telling him to “walk away while you still have a chance.” Oh c’mon! Styles should be celebrating with the Good Brothers! But he’s getting advice from Marky Mark?!

Well Styles isn’t taking that stupid advice, because Styles is on a collision course with Taker. Hopefully Taker is watching tonight. After what Styles does to Aleister, Taker can consider it a warning. Taker may be a legend among legend, but he’s just holding onto a spotlight that isn’t his anymore. “It’s mine! It’s the Phenomenal AJ Styles!” But now, Aleister makes his entrance, and this payback match begins!

Styles wants Aleister to wait a moment. Aleister is getting the fight he wanted, but he didn’t read the fine print. To get at Styles, he has to first go through the “toughest man in the building, Karl Anderson!” What? Since when? The Machine Gun gets in the ring and this audible is approved!

Aleister Black VS Karl Anderson w/ The OC!

The bell rings, Gallows distracts but Aleister throws hands on Anderson. Anderson knees and whips but Aleister holds ropes. Aleister sends Anderson out onto Gallows then builds speed to wreck Gallows with a dropkick. Aleister goes out and ROUNDHOUSES Anderson down! Fans cheer as Aleister stares Styles down along the way. Styles stays far away as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Anderson has Aleister down in a chinlock. Aleister endures and fights his way up. Aleister grabs a leg but Anderson elbows Aleister away. Anderson gets Aleister with a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Anderson keeps on Aleister with another chinlock. Fans boo as Styles and Gallows coach Anderson on. Aleister fights his way up and throws body shots but Anderson knees low. Anderson waistlocks but Aleister elbows out. Anderson grabs hair then shoves Aleister but Aleister rallies with forearms and elbows. Aleister ducks, fires off the strike fest then thrusts the knee! Aleister kips up then QUEBRADAS! Fans fire up as Anderson stands back up, to get BLACK MASS! Cover, Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by pinfall

Now Styles has to face the consequences! He gets in the ring and Aleister’s double header begins! But Styles again grabs the mic to say he forgot something. Aleister beat Anderson, but he has to take on Luke Gallows! And Big LG attacks immediately!

Aleister Black VS Luke Gallows w/ The OC!

Gallows dumps Aleister out and Brooklyn tells the OC off. Gallows throws Aleister into barriers then into steel steps, all while Styles says Aleister brought this on himself. The match isn’t even official yet and Gallows throws Aleister into more barriers. Gallows pushes Aleister in and this second match finally begins.

Gallows runs into Aleister’s boot! And another! And another! Gallows YAKUZA KICKS back! Styles likes what he sees as Gallows drops a big elbow! Gallows glares as Aleister stands up. Gallows runs corner to corner for a big corner uppercut! Aleister falls over and Gallows covers, TWO! Styles still likes it as Gallows elbows away on Aleister’s shoulder and chest. Gallows wraps on a chinlock and leans on Aleister. Styles coaches Gallows on and tells Aleister it’s alright to go to sleep. “We’ve got this one in the bag.” But Aleister fights up and fights out with body shots. Gallows rocks Aleister with an uppercut, but runs into Aleister’s knee! Aleister storms over but Gallows throws him out!

Raw is picture in picture as Anderson finally recovers from the Black Mass. Gallows stomps Aleister on the outside as Anderson and Styles watch. Gallows bumps Aleister off steel steps and then refreshes the ring count. Aleister stirs as the ring count climbs up again. It passes 5 while the OC throw up the Too Sweets. Aleister gets up, staggers around, but gets in at the count of 9.5! Gallows BOOTS him back down! The OC is all fired up as Gallows drags Aleister up to throw him back out. The ref keeps Gallows back so Styles gets in a cheap shot! Another ring count beings and Aleister staggers up and in at 4. Gallows drags Aleister up for a snap suplex then covers, TWO! The OC grows annoyed with Aleister as Gallows clamps on another chinlock.

Aleister endures again as Gallows leans on him. He starts to fade out and falls to the mat. Fans rally up for Aleister and Aleister finds his second wind. Aleister gets up and starts throwing hands! Raw returns to single ipcture as Gallows uppercuts and Aleister KNEES! Aleister ROUNDHOUSES, and again, and again! Gallows blocks one to back elbow and haymaker Aleister to a corner! The ref backs Gallows of but Gallows comes back to throw more hands. The ref reprimands Gallows but he won’t stop! That’s a disqualification!

Winner: Aleister Black, by disqualification

And now Anderson just adds on! Styles still has to face Aleister, but he and the Good Brothers will make sure Aleister stands no chance! Gallows drags Aleister up, he and Anderson give Aleister MAGIC KILLER! Styles says that’s good, and he’ll finally take that match.

AJ Styles w/ The OC VS Aleister Black!

The Phenomenal One waits for Aleister to rise, and Aleister grits his teeth. Aleister refuses to back down so this third match begins! Aleister swings but falls over! Styles kicks and stomps Aleister while he’s down! Styles kicks Aleister to a corner and eggs him to get back up. Aleister drags himself up the ropes but gets a corner clothesline! Styles throws Aleister down and shouts, “This is MY ring!” Styles watches Aleister drag himself up the ropes before throwing a big haymaker! Aleister flounders around but does his best to throw hands. Styles shrugs those shots off but walks into a fast double kick! Aleister blocks Styles’ boot to kick the legs out! But Aleister swings into a BACKBREAKER!

Styles drags Aleister up, and snap BRAIN BUSTERS! Fans boo Styles as he talks trash and paces about. Styles glares down at Aleister as he goes to the apron. Styles prepares his arm and springboards as Aleister rises. PHENOMENAL FOREARM! And then Styles mocks the Undertaker’s custom cover, and wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall

The Phenomenal One put Aleister through a gauntlet of his own design, and sent a message to the Dead Man. But will Styles regret giving Taker a reason to respond?

Backstage interview with Ruby Riott.

After returning just to betray her former friend, Liv Morgan, she and Liv will now have it out 1v1, but with their one mutual friend as the special guest referee. Sarah Logan will be officiating, but did Ruby herself ever see the Riott Squad end up like this? Ruby says that people make and break promises on a daily basis. They show themselves to be loyal then disloyal in a single breath. The only person Ruby cares about now his Ruby. And in the Elimination Chamber, Ruby will prove she can strike whenever she pleases. And the WWE Universe will realize there are no friends inside the Chamber.

Liv Morgan VS Ruby Riott, Special Guest Referee: Sarah Logan!

Raw returns as referee Sarah is already in the ring with Liv. Ruby makes her entrance, and this Riott Squad bad ending ever after begins.

Ruby rushes Liv and tackles her to a corner! Sarah counts but Liv turns things around to fire off forearms. Sarah counts again and Liv lets up. Ruby slips out but Liv goes up and up and missile dropkicks! Liv runs corner to corner for a back body press, then she throws Ruby down on the mat. Cover, TWO! Sarah has a fair count but Liv grabs Ruby’s hair. Sarah reprimands so Liv wrenches the arm to wrangle Ruby down. Ruby endures and works her way to ropes. Sarah calls for the ropebreak but Liv waits until 4. Liv runs at Ruby but Ruby pushes her into the post! And SUPERKICKS! Sarah reprimands Ruby but Ruby kicks Liv while she’s down!

Ruby snarls while working out the bad arm. She drags Liv up and Sarah reprimands the hair grabbing. Ruby shifts to a cravat and cranks on the neck. Liv endures but refuses to give in. Ruby leans on Liv and says this is Liv’s own doing. Liv works her way up and throws body shots. Ruby knees Liv down hard! Ruby puts Liv in a corner to stomp and stomp but Sarah counts. They argue and Ruby throws forearms again. Sarah backs Ruby off and reminds Ruby she’s the referee for this match. Ruby goes at Liv, Liv slips around and rolls Ruby up, TWO! Ruby swings, misses and Liv throws big forearms! Liv has Ruby on the ropes but lets up to run. Ruby spins Liv around for a Complete Shot! Cover, TWO! And Ruby ends up bumping into Sarah!

Sarah keeps her cool as Ruby clobbers Liv from behind! Ruby covers, Sarah counts, TWO! Ruby thinks Sarah is being biased but Sarah says Ruby knocked into her. They argue, and Ruby shoves Sarah! Liv rolls Ruby up, Sarah counts FAST! Liv wins!!

Winner: Liv Morgan, by pinfall

The Riott leader has only made enemies of her friends, and now Sarah shoves her down! Liv enziguris Ruby! But then Sarah KNEES Liv! Ruby was right about one thing: The Elimination Chamber leaves no room for friends. Will a member of the former Squad come out as #1 Contender to Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship?

No Way Jose and his conga line are backstage!

But they encounter Erick Rowan. Why all the mystery on his pet? Can’t they just see what’s in it? They want to see? Yeah! Well he’s been waiting for someone to finally ask nicely. Rowan will do Jose and his amigos a favor, and show them the pet. Rowan pulls the tarp up, opens the door and brings out… a SPIDER!! “Don’t you want to see my friend?!” Everyone runs away from Rowan’s eight legged little friend and Rowan puts him back in the cage. Now that we know what is in the cage, there’s one more question we must ask: What is it’s name?

Kairi Sane w/ Asuka VS Shayna Baszler!

While the Empress of Tomorrow will meet the Riott Squad, the Queen of Harts and the Queen of Spades in the Elimination Chamber, the Pirate Princess revives a rivalry from her days in NXT! Will Kairi represent the Kabuki Warriors well against the bloodthirsty Baszler?

Before the match, Kairi and Asuka grab mics to give introductions. “Shayna, Shayna, Shayna. You are lucky tonight!” Asuka’s wrist is keeping her from competing tonight, which is upsetting. But Kairi says “I got this!” So at Elimination Chamber, Asuka promises to take out all her opponents, and get one more chance at Becky at WrestleMania! Kairi laughs and Asuka says she’s hungry for Baszler! But speaking of, Baszler makes her entrance and this NXT revisit begins!

Shayna and Kairi circle around the ring. Kairi teases Shayna then goes after a leg but Shayna throws her off. Kairi gets up and circles with Shayna again, and the two feel out the approach. Shayna kicks, Kairi gets under and waistlocks. Shayna grabs the arm to torture the wrist but Kairi gets ropes. The ref reprimands as Shayna keeps on Kairi, but then Shayna sweeps the legs to sit Kairi down. Asuka protests but Shayna says she can’t do anything with the bad wrist. Kairi does something and SLAPS Shayna! Kairi then redirects Shayna, goes up and around to headscissor! And then Kairi sweeps Shayna’s legs to give it back. Kairi says kiss this and then runs. Shayna catches the Sliding D to get a Kimura! Kairi rolls Shayna, TWO!

Shayna scoops Kairi but Kairi slips out to waistlock. Shayna standing switches and shoves but Kairi dodges. Kairi comes back to get a SPINE BUSTER! Asuka coaches Kairi up but Shayna scowls as she stomps and stomps and stomps the leg! Asuka protests more and coaches Kairi up. Shayna smirks as she stalks Kairi. Kairi throws shots but they don’t do enough. Shayna kicks at Kairi’s leg then grabs it for a leg DDT! Shayna watches Kairi writhe but Kairi eggs Shayna on. Kairi swings hands but Shayna grabs the arm to whip Kairi into the post! Shayna kicks the bad leg! Shayna stares Asuka down as Kairi bails out. Fans boo as Shayna dusts her hands off and a ring count begins.

Kairi forces herself to stand at 4 and climbs into the ring at 6. Shayna is on her with clubbing forearms. Shayna grabs the leg and twists but Kairi kicks her away. Kairi dumps Shayna over and out to the apron, then runs, only for Shayna to move and KICK back! Shayna covers, TWO! Shayna drags Kairi by her leg and wrenches the knee. Kairi endures the toehold as Shayna bends her leg and twists! Asuka coaches Kairi and she kicks with her free leg. Shayna turns her around and isolates the ankle, to STOMP!! Asuka shouts and yells at Shayna, but Kairi rolls Shayna up again! ONE, Shayna ROUNDHOUSES Kairi down! Shayna covers, TWO! Kairi refuses to stop, and here comes Becky!

The Man swaggers around with sunglasses and fur coat as she holds up the Raw Women’s Championship. Shayna throws Kairi out so she can stare Becky down while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Kairi throws double CHOPS on Shayna! Then she palm strikes from all sides! Shayna shoves and body shots Kairi back, then drags her into a suplex. Kairi fights and DDT’s Shayna down! Becky is on commentary and wears Jerry Lawler’s crown as she watches Shayna stir Kairi and Shayna slowly stand and Shayna throws haymakers. Kairi gives them back and we have a brawl! Shayna kicks the bad leg and then goes to buzzsaw, but Kairi blocks! Kairi trips Shayna then runs to BLOCKBUSTER! Kairi fires up as Shayna goes to the corner and fans fire up as she marches the plank. The Pirate Prince runs corner to corner to hit the SLIDING D!

Asuka and Brooklyn cheer as Kairi climbs up top. Shayna knows what’s coming and kicks Kairi’s legs out! Shayna climbs up top and clubs away on Kairi’s back. Kairi resists but Shayna gets the GUT WRENCH SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Shayna is annoyed but she drags Kairi back up. She gives Kairi toying kicks and then harder strikes. She runs but Kairi SPEARS her down! Kairi heads up top again, takes aim and weighs anchor, for the InSANE Elbow! Into BOOTS! Shayna locks on the Kirafuda Klutch! Kairi taps, Shayna wins!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission

Becky isn’t surprised, but she also talks some smack. The Man holds up her title and says she’ll still be holding it. Shayna sends a message by putting Kairi back into the Klutch! Shayna throws Kairi down again and Becky dares Shayna to try that with her. Will both women get their wish and have a WrestleMania showdown on the horizon?

Backstage interview with Rey Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo.

The King of Lucha Libre and Ultimo Ninja both have intense grudges against Andrade Almas, who now has Angel Garza on his side. How will all of this end? Mysterio says Carrillo will always get up again. Despite fighting his own cousin, Carrillo says that family is set aside for victory. This ends when and how Mysterio and Carrillo say it will. Will that be tonight?

Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Humberto Carrillo & Rey Mysterio!

There is blood between these four men. Bad blood, that is. Who wins this incredible lucha libre battle for the ages?

Raw returns from single picture as El Latino makes his entrance. From the entrances, La Muneca is back by El Idolo’s side, but will Garza keep from taking that personally? The teams sort out and Carrillo starts with Almas. The bell rings and Carrillo goes right at the WWE United States Champion with fast hands! They brawl and Carrillo CHOPS! And CHOPS! And whips! Almas bails out to catch his breath and regroup with Garza. Carrillo runs but Garza helps Almas get clear, only for Carrillo to handspring back. Mysterio LEAPS at Garza, but gets caught! Garza swings Mysterio into barriers! Almas RAMS Carrillo into barriers on the other end, then CHOP him back!

Almas puts Carrillo back in and stomps Carrillo all around. Carrillo gets to ropes and Almas fires up. Almas brings Carrillo over and tags in Garza. They double whip and double back drop Carrillo high and hard! Garza keeps on Carrillo with a wristlock and CHOPS in the corner. He sets Carrillo on the second rope to KNEE him in the gut! Garza brings Carrillo over and tags in Almas. They mug Carrillo in the corner and Almas stomps a mudhole in. Vega likes what she sees as Almas CHOPS Carrillo again. Almas mugs Carrillo and then tags Garza in. They double whip Carrillo again but Carrillo kicks back! Garza catches Carrillo and sends him to Almas, but Carrillo headscissors Almas away!

Carrillo back elbows Garza then uses Almas to springboard arm-drag Garza! Carrillo springboard headbutts Almas down! Cover, ONE! Carrillo KICKS Almas down and Vega is annoyed. Carrillo whips but Almas reverses to ROCK and CHOP Carrillo! Almas whips, Carrillo reverses but Almas goes Tranquilo! Fans do like that. Garza then runs in to stop Carrillo short, and starts to undo his pants. Carrillo stops him, shoves him, and takes Garza’s pants off for him! To then throw them up, pop up and over Garza, and dropkick Almas out of Tranquilo! Mysterio springboards to huricanrana Garza down! Carrillo runs to FLY! Direct hit on Almas! Mysterio helps Carrillo get up and in and they have control as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again as Almas gives Carrillo a shoulder breaker. Carrillo forearms Almas and again until he’s free. Fans rally as Carrillo crawls, but Almas stomps him down. Almas brings Carrillo up but Carrillo slips to the apron to ROCK Almas. But Garza uses the apron skirt to trip up Carrillo! Carrillo crashes down and Almas goes out to fetch him. Almas drags Carrillo up and whips him hard into barriers! Almas goes back into the ring, tags to Garza and then sets Carrillo on the apron. Garza runs to PENALTY KICK Carrillo down! Garza goes out to put Carrillo in the ring then cover, TWO! He keeps on Carrillo with an armlock and chinbar.

Carrillo fights up but Garza clubs him into a cobra twist. Carrillo endures and fights his way free to hip toss Garza down! Garza hurries to go after Carrillo but gets a jawbreaker! Carrillo crawls but Garza grabs a foot, to get an enziguri! Hot tags to Almas and Mysterio! Mysterio springboards to seated senton Almas! And headscissors! And springboard Quebrada to the DDT! Cover, TWO!! Mysterio paces as fans rally for him. Almas elbows Mysterio away then whips, but Mysterio kicks back! Carrillo tags in as Mysterio springboards up and back to headscissor Almas. Carrillo dropkicks Almas out then rocks Garza! Ultimo Ninja goes up and LEAPS, but crashes into barriers as Vega helps Almas get away! Raw goes to break as Carrillo is down and out.

Raw returns as Almas crashes ‘n’ burns now. He apparently missed his Woe Stomps, given Carrillo gets out of the Tree of Woe. Hot tags to Garza and Mysterio! Mysterio wheelbarrows to victory roll Garza onto ropes! Mysterio dropkicks Almas back up to then dial it up, but the call is blocked! Garza drags Mysterio to the corner to KNEE in the ribs! Vega is excited as Garza covers, TWO! Garza clubs and clubs Mysterio on the back then puts him up top. Mysterio boots back then leaps, DESTROYER!! Cover, but Almas breaks it! Vega breathes again as Almas drags Garza over. Almas tags in and runs at Mysterio, boot feint to elbow! Fans boo and jeer as Almas drags Mysterio up.

Almas suplexes for uno amigo. Fans boo as he hits dos amigos. Vega grins but Mysterio escapes and Carrillo tags in! Missile dropkick to somersault moonsault! Cover, TWO! Carrillo grows frustrated but he drags Almas into the drop zone. Carrillo climbs up top but Almas trips him up! Almas dumps him down and Vega shouts for the knees. “SI! SI!” and Almas goes corner to corner, CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, but Mysterio breaks it! Garza goes after Mysterio, powerbomb but huricanrana! Mysterio adds Almas on, it’s a party call! 6 1 9!! Mysterio leaps to huricanrana Garza down! Carrillo is up top and aimed at Almas, for a SUPER MOONSAULT! Cover, Mysterio and Carrillo win!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo, by pinfall

Vega is in shock! El Idolo and El Latino lost under her command! And biggest of all, Carrillo pinned the WWE United States Champion! Does this mean big things for the young star?

Raw announces big matches for Elimination Chamber!

First, the challenge has been accepted! The Street Profits will defend the Raw Tag Team Championships against Seth Rollins and Murphy! Will the new reign be eradicated so soon? Then, after everything Aleister Black endured, he will have a fair fight with AJ Styles. The Embodiment of the End and Phenomenal One will fight in NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! Will Aleister make Styles #FadeToBlack before Taker comes to make Styles #RestInPeace?

Beth Phoenix returns to Raw!

The Glamazon goes to the ring and takes up a mic. “I really appreciate being given this time on Monday Night Raw. I’m here tonight to give a medical update on my husband, Edge.” But before she can, Randy Orton appears! The Viper has already decimated the Rated R Superstar and V1 Matt Hardy, “apologizing” but refusing to explain. Beth glares at Orton as he walks to the ring. Orton wants a hug but she keeps him at arm’s length. He offers a handshake instead. Beth can’t believe he’s even thinking she’d dare do such a thing after what the “son of a bitch” did? Orton paces, and then takes a seat in a corner to let her continue with her news.

Beth says she isn’t really surprised Orton is here. But this is great, because if anyone needs to hear this, it’s him. Beth is here as the wife of Adam Copeland who needs her husband. She is here as a mother of their children because they deserve a father. Maybe there is a possibility- Orton hops down off the corner and starts pacing again. Beth keeps her eyes on him as he gets himself a mic. “I know what you were going to say.” There is not a possibility but a certainty that Edge will never wrestle again. Orton owes Beth an explanation. He says he’ll give her one, but he’s not sure how to put it to words. Orton starts with a “little story.”

Back in the October of 1999, there was a live event in St. Louis, where Orton lives. Cowboy Bob Orton took Randy to meet WWE agents because Randy wanted to “Break into the business.” Backstage, Orton was just a fan despite growing up in the business. To see Austin, HHH, Michaels, Foley and others, that was amazing. But the one to show respect to Bob was Edge. Randy was so proud to be the son of a legend. Edge said Bob was one of the best Heels ever. Bob was one of the reasons Edge was in the business. Bob introduced Randy to Edge, Edge looked at Randy with all the sincerity he could muster as he wished Randy luck in making it to the same level. Randy used that as motivation to go from being insecure to becoming who he is today.

Then Orton and Edge were in main events for the WWE Intercontinental Championship stealing the show ever night. Then Rated RKO became a team and became tag team champions. Just when things were the best they could be, Orton flew too high, hit a rough patch and made some poor life choices. He dug a hole so deep that he should’ve been buried in it. But he wasn’t, because Edge pulled Orton out of it and saved him. Orton realized there’s more to life than wrestling! Orton found a wife, had kids and helped his kids through life! All of that is because Edge saved him! So what Orton was doing was returning the favor by saving Edge.

At the Royal Rumble, the fans were just SO excited to have Edge back, even Orton had goosebumps. It was an amazing feeling, but then Edge came back the next night. Edge thought he was back for good. Edge thought he was going to be full-time again. Orton knew better. Someone was going to make a name for themselves off Edge, and they were going to ruin Edge’s life. Orton says he was doing Edge’s family a favor. Orton wanted Beth to have her husband. He wanted their daughters to have their father home. How are they doing, by the way? Because thanks to Orton, Edge can go on hikes, ride bikes and take them to things. Orton did it out of love for Edge, Beth and their daughters!

Beth is getting emotional, but Orton points out the sad truth: “Everybody blames me for what I did.” They think Orton is selfish, but Beth knows that it isn’t that at all. The one to blame is BETH. She’s an enabler! If Edge was a drug addict, she wouldn’t give him those drugs. If Edge was an alcoholic, she wouldn’t give him a beer. But Edge is a junkie for the CHEERS! And Beth did NOTHING to stop him! Orton had to step in as a brother and did what he did so that Edge could be Adam Copeland! Fans are divided and Beth is conflicted. But Orton says that putting it into words, he realizes something. Orton loves Beth’s family more than Beth ever could! What?! Now fans are a bit upset with Orton, but “the truth hurts, don’t it?”

Beth glares at Orton and SLAPS him! Orton keeps his cool, turns back around, and stares Beth in the eye. Beth doesn’t back down, he calls her a “b*tch” and she kicks low! Orton RKO’s Beth Phoenix!! And then storms off. Referees rush out to check out on her and fans are speechless. The Viper crosses yet another line, but will he ever face the consequences? Natalya, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and even D-Von come out to check on a long time friend. Is the Glamazon going to be okay? Not just physically, but emotionally?

My Thoughts:

For Super Showdown not being the best, this Raw was pretty great! And that’s considering it had to go right into go-home mode at the same time. For one, Heyman gives another good promo, and McIntyre just decimates Lesnar! We’re still far out from WrestleMania so this shouldn’t affect McIntyre’s math. We need him to dethrone Lesnar in an epic showdown or it’s all for naught. Then the Raw Tag Team Championship match was great, much more worthy of a PPV. It’s so great for Ford & Dawkins to have the titles, but I really hope they aren’t just giving those right back to Rollins and Murphy at Elimination Chamber.

I do not get what Vince is doing to Ricochet. Lesnar squashing him easily was unfair but logical. Ricochet not beating Riddick Moss for the 24/7 Championship is just awful. For a title that has given fans a lot of laughs, and is now making a serious turn, why not give it to a seriously amazing wrestler? If Ricochet could shock the world leaping out of the ring and to the floor with ease, imagine what he could do as he runs around with this title just to avoid being rolled up!? VINCE!! Also, I was hoping Ricochet would reunite with Aleister in a more organic method than the Dusty Rhodes Classic and Vince’s lack of ideas. Aleister went through an OC gauntlet, but will now have a No DQ match with Styles. I hope Ricochet helps keep Gallows & Anderson out of it to give us that reunion.

I actually really liked how the Riott Squad segment went tonight. Sarah was trying to keep the peace during last week’s contract signing and tried again in the match, but of course the tension and such got to her, too. Liv getting the win tonight and then Sarah immediately turning on her was all good, and their segment in the Chamber match will be good all on its own. Sadly, we didn’t get quite the same build out of Shayna, Kairi, Asuka and Becky. Only Vince could ruin this rematch. The story beats were here, but not at all paced the way it should have been. Obviously Shayna was going to win, like she will on Sunday, but I don’t think it helped anyone. Becky doing her best Tyson Fury meets Conor McGregor was odd, too. Since when has The Man been flashy like this? VINCE!!

Thankfully, the last match and the last segment made up for a lot of that. The tag match was incredible! It was just so fast moving and rich with story, and how great for Carrillo to get the pin? I wish we were getting a United States Championship match for the Chamber, but there’s still Mania, obviously. If you put these four in a match together where now it’s every man for himself, maybe even add ladders, and the US Championship could steal the show. And of course, the closing segment with Beth and Orton was powerful. I think Orton got real cheers. But of course, we all knew an RKO was coming at some point. We never got the medical update, so I’m thinking maybe we get that next week, and it’s revealed Edge CAN wrestle, and is coming for revenge!

My Score: 8.5/10

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