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ResultsRAWWWE RAW Results (5/20/2024)

WWE RAW Results (5/20/2024)



Here are the results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on May 20, 2024. You can find our Friday Night SmackDown results here.

WWE RAW (5/20/2024)

#1. Chad Gable vs. Sami Zayn – Winner: Chad Gable with an assist from Otis

#2. Bron Breakker vs. Kale Dixon – Winner: Bron Breakker via referee stoppage

Bron Breakker destroys Dixon so bad that officials have to stop him, and then an ambulance is called. Breakker tells Adam Pearce he cannot control him.

#3. [Queen Of The Ring Semi Final] Lyra Valkyria vs. Iyo Sky – Winner: Lyra Valkyria

The Miz tells R-Truth they need to think of something, because the Judgment Day likes to use numbers. Truth says not to worry about, because Andre The Giant has their back.

As Ilja Dragunov cuts a promo backstage, Ricochet interrupts him, but is then speared by Bron Breakker.

Before the show, Gunther sent a message to Jey Uso. He may be a great showman, but in the ring, Gunther is superior to him. The people will then embrace him. He will soon be King Of The Ring.

Sonya Deville returns and wants to talk to Shayna Bazler & Zoey Stark, but Shayna wants none of that.

#4. [World Tag Team Championship] The Awesome Truth (c) vs. Judgment Day’s Finn Balor & JD McDonagh (w/ Dominik Mysterio) – Winners: Awesome Truth with an assist from Braun Strowman

Otis apologizes to Sami Zayn for earlier. The champ tells Otis that he has been in his shoes before. Gable isn’t his friend. The sooner he stops listening to him, and starts listening to them (the fans), the better.

Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan have a back and forth. Becky is happy Liv has finally found a purpose. Liv says Becky is the most selfish person and doesn’t care for anybody except herself. They will decide who is better at King & Queen Of The Ring.

#5. [Women’s Tag Team Championship #1 Contender] Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark vs. Ivy Nile & Maxxine Dupri vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance vs. Dakota Kai & Kairi Sane – Winners: Baszler & Stark

Ludwig Kaiser comments on how poorly Sheamus reacted to his loss to Gunther. Is he going to stay at home and be a keyboard warrior, or is he going to show up to take him on?

Otis tells Chad Gable he apologized to Sami Zayn, which Gable assumes is to pull at his heartstrings before Saudi. He asks Otis if he is ready, and he agrees. Gable wants to hear him say it, so Otis mutters “No matter what”. Chad gets great pleasure from hearing that.

#6. [King Of The Ring Semi Final] Jey Uso vs. Gunther – Winner: Gunther via technical submission

WWE RAW Results (5/20/2024)

WWE Raw Results (5/20/2024)

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