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ResultsRAWWWE RAW Results (7/8/2024)

WWE RAW Results (7/8/2024)



unkHere are the results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on July 8, 2024. You can find our Friday Night SmackDown results here.

WWE RAW (7/8/2024)

CM Punk opens the show by making his way to the ring and grabbing a microphone. Is it great to be alive on a Monday night in Canada? He has a lot to get off his chest. Surprisingly, the first thing he wants to do is recognize someone he insulted very deeply in the past. He congratulates John Cena on his retirement. He doesn’t know what the future holds, but he would love to square off with him one more time before he goes. Cena isn’t here, and neither is Drew McIntyre.

Part of him wanted to check under the ring, but he got himself suspended. They show footage from the post-show of Money In The Bank when Drew McIntyre elbowed Adam Pearce while furious. Punk has been trying to teach Drew a lesson. There are consequences to his actions. He should not be surprised he was a champion for 5 minutes at WrestleMania. CM Punk is the consequences to all of his stupid actions.

McIntyre will never be champion again for as long as there is air in his lungs. He asks Adam Pearce if he can lift Drew McIntyre’s suspension so he can get his hands on him. Punk doesn’t care where it is. He will fight him anywhere. Seth Rollins makes his entrance while Punk joins the commentary team for a moment. While Punk sits on the announcer’s table, Rollins asks to join him in the ring. Punk agrees and gets in the ring after telling him not to show any disrespect.

Seth Rollins wants to understand why Punk’s consequences apply to everyone else but him. Why did he stick his nose in his business? Punk says this is personal, and he was handling his own business. If he somehow screwed something up for him… he tries to apologize. Punk says he is sorry. He didn’t mean to screw it up for Seth. But because it is him, he can’t really be that sorry. Rollins says he has never sincerely apologized for anything and has to be the dumbest smart dude he has ever met. Punk has most of it figured out, but he does not realize that the world does not revolve around him.

He can be a selfish b*****d anywhere else, he will let it slide. He was willing to let it until Saturday, because he should be World Heavyweight Champion right now. It’s not just a pipe dream. Being the World Champion is the most important thing, so it’s time for him to get something from him. Rollins promises him that when he is cleared, he won’t be able to say Drew McIntyre before he snaps his arm and puts him back on the shelf. Actions have consequences.

#1. Chad Gable vs. Jey Uso – Winner: Jey Uso

Gable lost after being distracted by the Wyatt Sicks entrance. Jey Uso quickly leaves the ring. Nikki Cross appears and Gable quickly retreats. She hands a package to Pat McAfee.

Sheamus and Bronson Reed have some crossed words backstage. Reed would fight him tonight, but he has a match with his friend Pete Dunne.

#2. Bronson Reed vs. Pete Dunne – Winner: Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed goes for another Tsunami, but Sheamus makes the save. Pete Dunne isn’t too happy to see his former stablemate.

Seth Rollins had a word with Damian Priest. He got lucky, but he was also very good. And he respects that his boys didn’t show up, so he will keep to his word. If he wants to keep that title after SummerSlam, he needs to get better. Priest says they don’t need the agreement. When he’s done with Gunther, he will face Seth Rollins anytime, anyplace.

Next up, Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring. He has found enough success in this ring to be respected. Bron Breakker found out that he can knock him down, but he cannot keep him down. Breakker interrupts him. Sami asks what he is here for. Bron doesn’t answer, so Sami shoves the microphone to his chest. Bron came out here to look the man in the eye who beat him.

He’s a smart guy, he knows how things go. There is no reason for him to get a rematch… Breakker spears Zayn! Officials are quick to try to stop him, but they don’t have much luck. As Breakker heads to the back, Ilja Dragunov wants a piece of him, but officials ensure that doesn’t happen. Dragunov checks on Zayn.

#3. Braun Strowman & Awesome Truth vs. Finn Balor, JD McDonagh & Carlito – Winners: Judgment Day

Liv Morgan helps Dominik to chill by stretching his leg before their match. The rest of the Judgment Day walk in on them. Priest is surprised he hasn’t put an end to this yet. Dirty Dom says he will fix this.

Another VHS tape of Bo Dallas. He gave his discarded family a purpose. They are so happy that he remembered them. Being a glutton for punishment doesn’t make it hurt any less. Begging for mercy as the buzzards circle. They have lost too much. Grief is the price we pay for love. Now, we must set the captives free, so they need no master. Do you think they are sick? Yes, I do. Then sick is what they will be.

Adam Pearce respectfully asks CM Punk to go home while he deals with Drew McIntyre. After Punk leaves, he finds Bo Dallas in his office. He closes the door.

Iyo Sky says Damage CTRL has lost control, so they need to change. Dakota Kai says they won’t be pushed to the side. Tonight, they push back and show what Damage CTRL is truly capable of. They are taking back control.

#4. Ilja Dragunov vs. Bron Breakker – Winner: Ilja Dragunov via DQ

Bron Breakker is disqualified for throwing an announcer’s chair at Dragunov. An injured Sami Zayn rushes out to get revenge on Breakker, but both he and Ilja are taken out. Breakker stands tall on the announcer’s table.

Karrion Kross regrets to inform us that Kofi Kingston won’t be around. Legends hold the new blood back with political leverage. But one way or another, the old guard will make way for the new. I always thought Xavier Woods was a hell of a talent. They could create a legacy together, otherwise he will put him in the hospital with Kofi. So sayeth the Final Testament.

#5. Damage CTRL vs. Lyra Valkyria, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance – Winners: Damage CTRL

Immediately after the match, the new trio of Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark and Sonya Deville destroy both teams.

#6. Dominik Mysterio & Liv Morgan vs. Rey Mysterio & Zelina Vega – Winners: Dominik Mysterio & Liv Morgan

They celebrate in the ring, but then Dom realizes they are hugging. Liv jumps in to his arms and they fall to the mat. Just as it looks like they are about to kiss… Rhea Ripley returns! Liv Morgan quickly gets out of there. Ripley is not happy with Dominik and walks away from him as he tries to explain himself.

WWE RAW Results (7/8/2024)

WWE Raw Results (7/8/2024)

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