RAW VIDEOS: 11-11-13


Event: WWE Monday Night Raw

Location: Manchester, England

Reporter: Jared Monk

Goldust & Cody Rhodes defeat Randy Orton via Count Out

Orton lost this match via countout after an attempt to walkout. As he’s walking up the ramp, out comes the Big Show. The Big Show destroys Orton, sets up the steel steps next to the announce table and slams Orton through the table while standing on the steel steps for more height. OUCH.

Curtis Axel defeats Dolph Ziggler to retain his Intercontinental Championship

This was a pretty darn good match. Counter after counter after counter. Axel seems to look 100% healed after his hip injuries. Axel won via pinfall.

John Cena defeats Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro via submission

Not shocked that John Cena won the match, I am shocked at how competitve they booked this match. It was a very good match. Both Swagger & Cesaro kicked out of some huge spots from Cena. Cena was able to get the submission victory with the STFU on Swagger. Directly after the match, Del Rio comes to the ring and attacks Cena with the chair and locks in the armbar with Cena’s injured armed in between. Big E then comes out to make the huge save.

R-Truth defeats Ryback via pinfall

Definitely worth mention seeing R-Truth get this victory. Not sure what they’re plans are for Ryback but I’m sure many didn’t vision him losing to R-Truth. And in very quick fashion might I add.

Cm Punk lays the Smackdown on Paul Heyman……AGAIN!!!!

Heyman is in the ring to everyone’s surprise. He’s running down Cm Punk for attacking him and he actually verbally ends his relationship because Ryback couldn’t get the job done. Out comes Punk. Punk quick takes out Axel outside of the ring and hits him with a GTS then hits the ring and brutally attacks Heyman with a kendo stick.

No Contest: Cm Punk & Daniel Bryan vs The Shield

The action is going on in the ring as the lights cut off. Luke & Rowan appear in the ring as the lights cut back on. Meanwhile Rollins and Ambrose get into a war of words with the Wyatt’s and they start brawling. Outside of the ring Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt also begin to brawl. The action leads to the ring and total chaos breaks out until they stop fighting and realize that their common enemies are Punk & Bryan. They circle the ring and all attack Punk & Bryan until Cody Rhodes, Goldust and The Uso’s storm the ring for the save. The crowd was absolutely fire for this entire segment.

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