Ring Of Honor: Best In The World Live Results – 6/23/17, Daniels vs. Cody For The ROH World Championship


– Post match, Punishment Martinez arrives and lays out White with the choke slam, continuing their feud.

Jay Lethal vs. Silas Young: The Beer City Bruiser is out with Young. Jay arrives and takes out the Bruiser with chair shots to make it one on one. They brawl at the bell, with Jay working over Young in the corner. They spill to the floor, continuing the brawl and Young slams Jay to the barricade. Jay hits a suplex on the floor, but then misses the elbow drop off of the barricade, crashing to the floor. Back in the ring, Young takes the heat and works over Jay, using his wrist tape to choke him out. He then slows things down with an abdominal stretch. Just as Jay looks to fire up, Young cuts him off with a gut buster. Jay manages to take Young to the mat, hitting the lethal combination for 2. The side back breaker follows, and then Jay starts to work the back of Young, covering for 2. Jay then hits the enziguri and then hits the delayed suplex for 2. Jay lays the boots to Young, heads up top but Young cuts him off and sends Jay to the floor. Jay fights back, pulls Young to the floor. They work back in, superkick by Jay sends Young to the floor. Jay hits a suicide dive, follows with a second but Young uses a chair to cut off the third one. They do a countout tease, but make it back in at 18. They trade strikes center ring, Jay finally hits a rolling forearm and looks for the lethal injection but Young counters, but Jay escapes misery and hits a superkick and heads up top and hits the elbow drop for a near fall. Young hits the back beaker/lariat combo, covering for 2. Young then locks in the figure four, mocking Jay and also playing off of the previous attacks prior to the match by Young to Jay’s knee. Young hits a Finlay roll, but Jay gets a crucifix for 2; hits a Saito suplex, a knee strike, Finlay roll and springboard moonsault for a good near fall. Young then grabs the Bruiser’s keg, which was left behind. Young lays Jay onto it on the apron, Young argues with the ref and shoves him down. Jay then gets a shitty roll up for the win. Jay Lethal defeated Silas Young @ 16:23 via pin


– Post match, Young and The Bruiser beat down Lethal and Young connects with misery onto the keg. Young holds Jay in the corner with the keg wedged in the rope, and the Bruiser hits three corner splashes to lay out Lethal. They then set up a table on the floor, lay Jay onto it and the Bruiser heads to the ropes and hits a frog splash to put Lethal through the table.

ROH Six-Man Tag Title Match: Champions The Briscoes & Bully Ray vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys: Jay and Castle to begin, but Jay charges past him and tries to kill the boys but Castle puts a stop to that. Mark and Jay argue with Mark trying to calm his brother. Bully now calms him down, allowing Mark and Castle to work some grappling exchanges. Mark gets a single leg, and works a headlock. Mark looks to work some red neck kung fu, and takes control. The boys rush in to protect Castle, Castle tosses one at Mark and sends him to the floor. Castle prances around and challenges Bully to come on in the ring. They lock up and work to the corner, Bully beaks clean and Castle shoves him and lays in chops, but Bully no sells them. Bully then fires away with jabs and Castle poses to stop that. Bully is not amused, but then dances and pose. Castle gets fanned up, poses and Bully lays into him with chops. Bully tosses the boys in the ring and works them over with chops and Jay wants in badly. He gets the tag and Castle takes the ref allowing the other boy to low blow Jay. They beat on Jay, Castle back in and suplexes Jay around and covers for 2. Castle looks for a dead lift German, but Jay fights that off and goes after the boys, but Castle hits a running knee strike. Castle follows with rights, Jay hits head butts but Castle dropkicks jay in the corner and follows him up top. Jay fights him off, and hits a super gut buster and both men are down. Mark gets the hot tag, works over the boys and lays in vicious chops. The XPLODER follows, and then the rolling DVD. Castle cuts off the cutthroat driver, but Mark hits the fisherman’s buster, covering for 2. Bully in and press slams a boy, Mark hits the wazzup leg drop, and they tease getting tables. Jay wipes out the boys with a suicide dive and then beats them down on the floor. He gets a chair and misses a boy, who runs for his life. Bully hold Jay back from chasing him, back in and rolls up Mark for the win. Dalton Castle & The Boys defeated Champions The Briscoes & Bully Ray @ 13:20 via pin to become the new champions

 ROH TV Title Match: Champion KUSHIDA vs. Marty Scurll: Scurll refuses the handshake. They work some fast paced, back and forth grappling to begin. Scurll gets in a cheap shot, but KUSHIDA picks up the pace as they work into a counter exchange and KUSHIDA works for an arm bar. Scurll escapes and KUSHIDA hits kicks to the arm. Scurll blocks the enziguri and takes KUSHIDA to the floor, but KUSHIDA blocks the apron superkick and then hits the rolling kick. Scurll counters back to the future into a roll up, and then hits a pump handle last shot for a near fall. Scurll then starts to work over the arm of KUSHIDA, looking to set up the chicken wing. Scurll is now focused on the arm, KUSHIDA manages to hit a knee strike and then suplexes Scurll into the buckles. KUSHIDA up top and Scurll cuts him off, follows him up and KUSHIDA slips out and hits the running heel kick. KUSHIDA follows Scurll up top, they trade strikes and KUSHIDA grabs the arm and hits the riling hover board lock off of the ropes. Scurll grabs the fingers to escape, and follows with an uppercut sending KUSHIDA to the floor; Scurll hits the apron superkick and then back in Scurll hits the piledriver, covering for 2. Scurll paces around, sets and looks for the chicken wing, but KUSHIDA stops that. Superkick to the knee by Scurll, and counters the KUSHIDA back handspring into a backslide for 2. KUSHIDA then hits the DDT, but Scurll grabs the fingers, and then rolls into the chicken wing. KUSHIDA escapes and rolls into the hover board lock, Scurll gets to the feet, and then attacks the arm, but KUSHIDA hits a PELE for a double down. KUSHIDA stomps away at Scurll, picks him up and Scurll counters into a chicken wing and then Danielson style elbows strikes; Scurll then locks in the chicken wing, KUSHIDA fights but Scurll transitions into a cradle, does the finger break spot and then locks in a wacky looking version of a double chicken wing. KUSHIDA fights and gets the ropes. Scurll then runs into a boot, but comes back with an enziguri and they battle up top. KUSHIDA works forearms, but KUSHIDA gets revenge and does the finger break spot on Scurll and hits back to the future off the second rope and then hits it again back in the ring and retains. Champion KUSHIDA defeated Marty Scurll @ 14:55 via pin

– But wait, Trent and Sexy Chuckie T arrive and remind the Bucks that they beat them in Philly and want in the match. Everyone agrees.

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