Ring Of Honor: Best In The World Live Results – 6/23/17, Daniels vs. Cody For The ROH World Championship


ROH Tag Team Title Tornado Tag Match: Champions The Young Bucks vs. War Machine vs. The Best Friends: It’s an all out brawl to begin, with the Best Friends running wild until War Machine cuts them off. The Bucks return, look for the rise of the Terminator dives but War Machine catches them. It breaks down into dives, but back in the ring War Machine cuts off the Best Friends. The Bucks return, the Best Fiends get tossed to the floor and Matt eats a powerbomb top rope splash combo, but Nick in and off the top to break up the win. Nick hits an x-factor on Hanson and then a superkick on Taylor. Matt then hits a praying moonsault to wipe out the pile. Taylor then runs down the ramp and hits a tope onto everyone! Hanson then hits a top rope dive to the floor, it breaks down back in the ring and Trent misses a moonsault, as does Matt and then Taylor also misses a moonsault. Hanson up top and Trent cuts him off and hits a SUPER GERMAN! Double chokeslam by the Best Friends and everyone else breaks it up. The crowd loves this as it’s all action. The Bucks take out everyone with superkicks, and everyone is down. War Machine then hits a doomsday device to Trent on the floor, back in they hit the pop up powerslam and Hanson hits a suicide dive to the floor. Hanson back in, they hit fallout on Trent and Taylor makes the save. Nick wipes out War machine with a moonsault to the floor, but Taylor hits the awful waffle on Matt for a great near fall as War Machine makes the save. Rowe kills Taylor with a knee strike, Trent tries to save him but Taylor hits Rowe with a knee strike and they dog pile him for a near fall. War Machine looks to take control, but the Bucks hit superkicks and war Machine is stuck holding the Best Friends, and that leads to a double indie Taker, and the Bucks retain. Champions The Young Bucks defeated War Machine and The Best Friends @ 12:27 via pin

ROH Title Match: Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Cody: They locked up and worked a basic back and forth beginning. Cody got an early cradle, which Daniels didn’t like. Cody controls early, hitting some shoulder blocks, but Daniels then cut him off and shoved Cody down. Cody then powdered to the floor and his mouth is busted up. Back in and Daniels hits a hit toss, a slam and then connects with forearms. Daniels teases angel’s wings, but Cody powders again. Back in and Daniels lays in chops and hits a boot and running neck breaker for 2. Cody powders again, taking a walk into the crowd. Daniels follows and they brawl on the floor. Cody then slams Daniels to the barricade and starts to find some momentum. Back in the ring and Cody hits a flatliner for 2. Daniels fires back with rights, heads up top but Cody runs up the ropes and hits a top rope arm drag. Cody then works a short arm scissors, Daniels escapes but runs into a clothesline. Cody to the floor, talks shit to Cary Silken and threatens him/ Back in and Cody hits a springboard missile dropkick for 2. We get a ref bump as Daniels runs Cody into the ref and gets the O’Connor roll. Low blow by Cody. Daniels gets cradle for a phantom pin, but no ref. Marty Scurll is out, and gives Cody a chair. Daniels cuts off Cody, grabs the chair and tosses it to Cody, doing the old Eddie Guerrero gimmick. The ref is back, Cody hits a DDT onto the chair and Scurll takes the ref, Kazarian is out to fight off Scurll. They brawl to the back. Cody sets up a table, and he and Daniels go to the apron and Cody teases a package piledriver. Daniels escapes, back in they go and Daniels fired up with forearms. The STO follows as the crowd has turned on Daniels in Favor of Cody. The blue thunder bomb gets 2 for Daniels. Cody avoids the angel’s wings through the table, back in and Cody hits Daniels with the rainmaker. Cody springboards in, misses, but rebounds with the disaster kick. Daniels to the apron and Cody follows, Daniels then hits a belly to back suplex, putting both men through the table.


They both beat the count, trade strikes back in the ring and Cody hits a slam but misses the elbow drop. Daniels locks in the koji clutch, but Cody makes the ropes. Cody spits water in Daniels’ face and hits cross Rhodes for 2. Daniels hits the slam, but Cody avoids the BME, but Cody counters angel’s wings into a RANA. They trade roll ups and Cody hits cross Rhodes to win the title. Cody defeated Champion Christopher Daniels @ 19:23 via pin to become the new champion

– Post match Cody mocks Cary Silken as he has to award him the title. Bullet Club arrives to celebrate with Cody

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