ROH TV (11/30) Results: Cole Vs. Sydal


[Show: ROH TV] [Location: Lakeland, FL] [Date: 11/30/14] 

Welcome to the first of many to come of ROH TV play by play results here on! We see a graphic of our main event between Matt Sydal vs. Adam Cole and then we get a live shot in the Lakeland Center. Our opening contest is… 

QT Marshall vs. Cheeseburger 

They shake hands, QT slaps Cheeseburger and we begin. Cheeseburger with a back kick, he nailed a drop kick and a splash in the corner, but QT reversed and sent him to the apron. Cheeseburger drops the top rope and QT goes flying to the floor. Cheeseburger nailed a springboard dive to the outside. Cheeseburger with a big boot, but QT sends Cheeseburger face first into the apron. QT sends him into the steel barricade and then back into the ring. Cheeseburger with a punch to the gut, but QT cuts him off with a big time knee to the gut of Cheeseburger. QT lifts him up, but Cheeseburger slides out and lands a forearm shot. Cheeseburger goes for a second, but caught and QT powers him down to the mat for 2. WT with another power slam and goes to the middle rope, off the rope and misses an elbow drop. Cheeseburger with a back elbow, he hits a big boot and lands a few forearm shots. A quick roll up by Cheeseburger for 2. Cheeseburger goes for a sunset flip, but blocked, QT picks him up, but Cheeseburger counters and rolled him up for 2. QT misses a splash in the corner, Cheeseburger off the top rope, but misses. He runs at QT and hit a big time DDT for 2. Cheeseburger went for a springboard crossbody, but blocked and QT nailed the terminator for the win.

Winner: QT Marshall 

After the match, QT Marshall grabbed the mic and said that he came back to ROH to face the best, not the ROH fans favorite wrestler. He said that there needs to be a change to the final battle card because he needs to be there. He name drops Jay Briscoe, who makes his way down to the ring. Jay pushes QT Marshall and they start brawling. It appears we have a match.
QT Marshall vs. Jay Briscoe
Briscoe with a big time forearm shot and a series of right hands. Briscoe with a clothesline in the corner and then a big boot out of the corner. Briscoe lifts him up, but blocked and QT nailed an enziguri. However, Jay off the ropes and hit a hooking clothesline. Jay nailed the Jay Driller for the win.
Winner: Jay Briscoe
After the match, Jay spoke into the camera and told Adam Cole that he was going to kick his ass this Sunday at Finale Battle. 

-Commercial Break-

Adam Page is set to face Roderick Strong this Sunday at Finale Battle. 

Adam Page with BJ Whitner vs. Aaron Solo 

Page with a series of right hands, he nailed a headbutt to Solo. Page off the ropes and Solo caught him with a drop kick for 2. Page sends him to the floor and then into the barricade face first. Back in the ring, Solo begins to make his comeback with several back elbows. Solo nailed a flying knee to the shoulder and followed it up with a neck breaker. Solo gets the fans behind him, he nailed a knee to the chest of Page in the corner. However, he shoots off the ropes and Page connected with a big time clothesline for 2. Paige hit the guillotine driver for the win. 

Winner: Page 

After the match, BJ was about to speak, but Page stopped him and took the microphone. Page said that after a few months he has learned from legends like Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitner and from Roderick Strong. He said that Strong taught him not to do. Page said that he will take his opportunity this Sunday and he will make sure that Strong knows that Strong is his bitch. Outcomes Strong and he chases after them to the back. 

-Commercial Break-

A series of video packages are shown hyping Final Battle.

Jay Lethal is on commentary for the following match.

Adam Cole Vs. Matt Sydal 

They lock up, both exchange shoulder holds and then Cole nailed a shoulder block. He gets a waist takedown, but Sydal rolls through and nailed a drop kick. Sydal with a takedown followed by a leg drop for 2. Sydal with a kick to Cole’s leg, Sydal with a back elbow and then a head takeover. Sydal with a drop kick and Cole rolls to the floor to regroup. Back in the ring, Sydal chases Cole around the ring, but once they are both in the ring, he nailed a series of heel kicks to the face of Cole. Sydal works the left arm of Cole, but Cole with a kick to the gut and then goes for a waist takeover, Sydal throws him over the top rope to the floor, Sydal nailed a drop kick to the back of Cole through the middle rope. He goes back to the well and Cole put up a fight when he nailed a forearm shot to the face of Sydal. Cole send shim into the barricade back first and then taunts the fans. Back in the ring, Cole nailed a float over suplex for a near fall. Cole sends him into the corner, but Sydal reversed and nailed a back elbow. Sydal goes for a springboard drop kick, but Cole drop kicked him out of mid air for a near fall.

-Commercial Break- 

We’re back from break and Sydal misses a drop kick, which leads to Cole covering him for a pin fall of 1. Cole with a forearm shot, the fans are fired up. Sydal with a kick to the legs of Cole and winds up with a flurry of chops the chest of Cole. Sydal off the ropes, but cut down with a back elbow by Cole for a near fall. Cole with a powerslam, he locks in a headlock. Sydal fights back and lands a chop. Cole cuts him off with a clothesline and we go to break. 

-Commercial Break-

We’re back from break with Sydal winding up with several kicks, he rolled him up for 2. Sydal heads to the top rope, he misses a dive and Cole goes for a big boot, but caught and Sydal hit a standing moonsault for a near fall. Sydal goes for a suplex, but blocked and Cole goes for one of his own, but blocked and Sydal hit a standing leg drop for a near fall. Sydal goes for a standing moonsault, but blocked, Cole with a kick to the gut and a neck breaker for a near fall. Cole locked in the figure four leg lock, but Sydal makes his way to the ropes. Sydal back to his feet, lands a series of chops to the chest of Cole. Sydal slapped Cole and Cole nailed a series of forearm shots to the face. Sydal off the ropes, but Cole caught him with a back elbow. Cole off the ropes and Sydal hit a head scissor takeover. Cole rolls out of the ring and Sydal takes him out with a flying knee off the top rope down to the floor. Jay Lethal talks trash from ringside and a brawl breaks out between Sydal and Lethal. Back in the ring, Sydal to the top rope, but Lethal hops on the apron. This distracts Sydal. Cole connects with a superkick for a very close near fall. Cole, goes for another one, but blocked and Sydal hit a back kick followed by a power slam. Sydal to the top rope, Lethal distracts Sydal again, Cole with a German suplex followed by a superkick and another German suplex for the win. 

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