​ROH TV Taping Results 11.22.14 – Baltimore, MD


Credit: Yuriy Kleyner & PW.net

The Briscoes took photos with
anybody who brought a toy for Toys for Tots.

In a pre-show match,
Romantic Touch beat QT Marshall with the help of a local traffic

They taped three hours of TV (before, when i went, it would be
four hours taped).

Hour One

1. Briscoes beat Jay Lethal and J
Diesel in a tag wars match.

2. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and
Frankie Kazarian) beat Decade (BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacoby) in a tag wars

3. Matt Sydal and ACH beat The Young Bucks in a tag wars match.
Very good match, with YB getting a lot of cheers, but the new tag team also very

Hour Two

Adam Cole came out and worked his feud with
Jay Briscoe. He saw the Briscoes father in the audience and talked to him. Papa
Briscoe talked back and it ended with a shove from behind by Cole, and Jay
chasing Adam out of the ringside area.

1. Roderick Strong beat

2. Michael Elgin fought Hanson to a no-contest when Elgin tiger
drove Hanson off the apron. Fans were a bit confused about why this warranted a
no-contest, while a lot of other very crazy action did not. There were many good
spots, especially by the amazingly athletic for a man his size Hanson. Before
the match, Elgin told Hanson his message his being misrelayed, his beef is not
with him and not with the fans, but with ROH, continuing the worked shoot. Elgin
played heel, getting surprisingly few cheers. I don’t know what this was all
about, but it looked like a small young black male was destroyed at ringside by
Hanson during this match. I could not see where he came from.

3. Caprice
Coleman and Will Ferrara beat Brutal Burgers. Bob Evans was upset with
Cheeseburger afterwards and shoved him. Bob felt very sorry, apologized and
hugged Cheeseburger, and they walked out of the ring as friends.

Tomasso Ciampa beat Cedric Alexander in a crazy no-DQ match that wow’ed even the
experienced ROH audience. A superplex onto a ring barrier piece between two
chairs was nice. Cedric pulled up the ring apron and the mat under it in one
ring corner, but Tomasso was the one who took advantage and won with a back
suplex off the second rope onto cardboard.

5. Moose beat a local wrestler
in a special match for the internet. I did not catch the apparently local
wrestler’s name and have not seen on ROH TV. Afterwards, Prince Nana was
revealed as the mastermind for the Moose turn. Ramon announced his own new name,
but I did not catch. He pretty match let Prince have the mic after

Hour Three

1. Adam Cole beat Brian Kendrick. Cole is still
very popular.

2. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly beat The Briscoes,
Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian, and Matt Sydal & ACH in a
four-way elimination match to retain the ROH Tag Titles. ReDRagon came out with
two sets of belts, but they were not announced as IWGP champions. Very Good
match, order of elimination: ReDRagon eliminated Briscoes. Sydal/ACH eliminated
Addiction. ReDRagon beat Sydal/ACH to retain title.

Afterwards ReDRagon
shook Sydal and ACH’s hands. As Fish and O’Reilly were left alone in the ring
and lights came on, they got on the mic. Fish acknowledged the new set of gold.
O’Reilly said all teams keep thinking they are the best, but they keep beating
them, and they will do the same to the Time Splitters at the pay-per-view. He
then thanked everybody for coming on behalf of ROH.

Noticeably absent:
Michael Bennett, Maria, and Matt Taven.

Overall, an uneventful taping,
but filled with several very good and very over matches. I have gone to various
wrestling shows lately, and ROH are ages ahead of everybody else as far as how
over their act is with the audience.

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