Slammiversary XV Results – 7/2/17


Welcome to the Slammiversary XV Results Page. No need for a spoiler disclaimer tonight. Thank you for stopping by and let’s enjoy the show. 

Tag Team Championship Fatal Fourway: LAX vs Garza Jr & Laredo Kid vs Drago & Fantasma vs Marufuji & Ishimori


High flying action throughout. Diamante and Homicide interfered a couple of times throughout. Homicide hit the vertebreaker onto Garza Jr on the apron. Drago & Fantasma had a great double team move set up but Drago slipped off the ropes for a botch. There was a great spot Ishimori had Santana on the ropes for a slam, and Ortiz climbed the ropes and grabbed Ishimori for an inverted powerbomb but Mujifuri came in with a forward powerbomb and all four came off the ropes at the same time.

The finish came when Garza Jr sent Diamante over the ropes onto Mujifuri and then got sent to the outside. LAX hit their Super Blockbuster finisher onto Laredo Kid for the win.

Winners, and Still Tag Team Champions: LAX

After the match, Konnan said LAX is expanding and there’s a new member.

Tag Team Match: Moose & DeAngelo Williams def Chris Adonis & Eli Drake

Race car driver, Austin Dillon, and Cleveland Browns TE Gary Barnidge were at ringside. Moose & DeAngelo’s entrance also included cheerleaders. The big surprise here was DeAngelo Williams performance in the ring. He hit some nice wrestling moves including a code breaker and a standing moonsault. He also took some nice bumps. Moose did a couple of high flying moves including a moonsault to the outside onto both Adonis and Drake. The end came when Drake had Moose laid out on a table and was ready to come off the ropes. DeAngelo Williams pushed him off the ropes to the outside. Moose then laid out Adonis and put him on the table and DeAngelo Williams hit a frog splash for the three count. The table didn’t break.

Winners: Moose & DeAngelo Williams 

After the match, Moose and DeAngelo Williams brought Eli Drake into the ring an Moose powerbombed through the table. It broke this time.

Strap Match: EC3 vs James Storm

Hard hitting match. Both took turns whipping each other in the beginning with Storm getting the better of EC3. On the outside, EC3 grabbed handcuffs and he attempted to cuff Storm to the corner but Storm reversed it and cuffed EC3 instead. He proceeded to lash EC3 32 times. One more than what he received. The ref uncuffed EC3 and he fell to the outside. The strap came off his wrist and he pulled James Storm head first into the outside post, knocking him out. He hit the One Percenter but Storm kicked out. Storm hit the Last Call Superkick, and EC3 fell into the corner. Storm was lining up again before just falling face first to the mat, unconscious. The ref tried to call it but EC3 picked him up and hit a vicious pedigree for the three count.

Winner: EC3

After the match, paramedics came down and assisted Storm to the back.

No DQ Tag Team Match: Joseph Park and JB vs Josh Matthews & Scott Steiner

JB & Joseph Park were scared at first. Josh started against Park and showed nice moves. Steiner was tagged in and beat down on Park and chased them to the back. The match turned to a Final Deletion style where Joseph Park and JB ran away and Steiner and Josh chased them. There was an appearance by the man who Decay once sodomized. Steiner and Josh made chase. Josh and JB battled in a pool. A fin was shown in the pool and Shark Boy attacked Josh. JB escaped the Pool and Josh made chase. As Joseph Park lay unconscious, a man emerged, Reverend James Mitchell. He handed Park a mask.

Back in the ring, Steiner and Josh have JB trapped. Josh puts JB & the Steiner Recliner but Shark Boy comes out. He takes down Josh but Steiner lays him out. Steiner puts JB in the Recliner and the music for Abyss hits. James Mitchell appears on stage and Abyss gets in the ring behind Steiner & Josh. He takes them both out. Lays out tacks. Delivers a Black Hole Slam to Josh. JB comes off the ropes with a splash for the three count.

Winners: JB & Abyss

After match, they celebrate on the ramp with James Mitchell and Shark Boy while Josh was disappointed on the outside.

Full Metal Mayhem: Eddie Edwards & Alisha vs Davey Richards & Angelina Love

The action started early with the ladder and table being brought in. Edwards and Alicia took turns hitting Richards & Angelina with trash can lids. Angelina took Alisha out and then attacked Eddie Edwards. she brought in a cup of tacks and they poured them into Eddie Edwards mouth. Richards hit a roundhouse kick. Alisha back in with a kendo stick and started hitting both of them. Edwards back up and they setup the ladder and a table on each side of it. Edwards and Richards were on the top of the ladder. Angelina took out Alisha and then climbed the ladder, distracting Edwards. Richards grabbed him and was ready to deliver a superplex off the ladder but he blocked it. Alisha back in and she grabbed Angelina and powerbombed her through one table. Edwards did a sunset flip powerbomb to Richards through the other table and scored the three count.

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Alisha

X Division Title Match ~ 2 out of 3 Falls: Sonjay Dutt vs Low Ki

The match started as a technical match with ground moves and counters. Low Ki took control and thwarted off any attempt at Sonjay making a comeback. Low Ki hits the Warrior’s Way for the three count.

Low Ki wins Fall #1

Sonjay Dutt was down for a while after the first fall. The ref started a count and Dutt got up before ten. Low Ki moved in but Sonjay was playing possum and took control. He hit a couple of high octane moves before Low Ki took control again. He goes for Warrior’s Way again but Sonjay counters it into a roll up for a three count.

Sonjay wins Fall #2

The two starts brawling to start the third fall. Low Ki hits a vicious kick and goes for Warrior’s Way from the top rope but Sonjay moves. Low Ki is down with a hurt ankle. Sonjay moves in but Low Ki was playing possum this time. Kicks Sonjay off the ropes to the outside and then slams him onto the steps. He goes for Warrior’s Way onto the steps but Sonjay moves and Low Ki is really hurt. Sonjay takes him into the ring and lays him out. He goes to the top and delivers a back flip double stomp for the three count.

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