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WWE Smackdown review

September 7, 2012

Taped 9/4/12 in Moline, Ill.

Aired on SYFY

By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @gregmparks)

– WWE Open.

– The Brogue Kick Sheamus delivered to Ricardo Rodriguez on Raw was replayed, as well as a Tout from Ricardo’s legal counsel, David Otunga.

– Backstage at Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio, Rodriguez (in a neck brace) and Otunga were just leaving the Smackdown General Manager’s office. Rodriguez still appeared to be in quite a bit of pain.

– Smackdown Open.

– In the arena, Del Rio, Rodriguez, and Otunga were coming to the ring. Rodriguez winced with every step. Del Rio got the mic and said he’s on the greatest roll of his career. Huh? He reasoned that he recently beat Randy Orton, Kane, and he destroyed John Cena on Monday. He said in two weeks, he’ll be facing Sheamus at Night of Champions for the World Title. But Sheamus has the advantage, since he has something more dangerous than a steel chair, and something that should be outlawed: The Brogue Kick. Del Rio tried to make a case for it deserving to be banned. Del Rio said kicking someone in the head is a criminal act. Del Rio pointed to Rodriguez, calling him his “only friend.” And now, he might have permanent physical damage. He said dozens and hundreds have suffered from the Brogue Kick. Del Rio defended his finisher, calling it a work of art, among other things. I love how he described his cross arm-breaker.

David Otunga then took the mic. He said Sheamus’ actions toward Ricardo were malicious. Otunga cued up a video package, making the Brogue Kick seem like an instrument of death. He said they met with Booker T. in the hopes of getting compensation and making the kick illegal. Before he could continue, Booker’s music hit and he walked onto the stage. Booker was unhappy, as what they talked about before the show was supposed to be confidential. Booker said Otunga is taking his case to the people, so Booker will do the same. He asked them if the kicks should be illegal. Jury of Ricardo’s peers, I suppose. Booker refused to ban the Brogue Kick, by popular demand.

– Michael Cole and Josh Mathews discussed what just happened on camera. Mathews transitioned into talking about Booker fining Kane for attacking Mathews. Cole also said Lawler was bruised and shaken up after the attack on him before Raw, and Cole deemed the work environment unsafe for announcers in WWE.

– Tonight, we’ll see what happened with C.M. Punk on Raw.

– Next, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes and the Miz.

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Rey and Cara got the better of Miz early on with some teamwork. They cut to break with Cara in control at 1:04 of the match.

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Back at 4:59 of the match with Cara still in control, this time against Rhodes. Miz saved Rhodes from falling victim to the 619, but when Mysterio went outside the ring to do more damage, Miz created a distraction and Rhodes attacked him from behind. Mysterio made the tag at 6:34 and Cara connected with his flashy offense. Miz was yelling directives to Rhodes from the apron, leading to him getting the tag while Cara tried a sunset flip on Rhodes. Miz with a double axe-handle off the top rope for a two count. Mysterio and Miz both tagged in at 9:09. The crowd was visibly behind Mysterio. Boot to the face of the seated Mysterio by Miz for a near-fall. Miz and Mysterio were wearing matching color schemes. Roll-up by Rey, and Rhodes came in to make the kick, but Rey rolled over so that Miz was exposed to take the kick. Cara kept Rhodes at back, including nailing him with a corkscrew plancha on the outside. 619 by Mysterio, then a splash off the top to finish it.

WINNERS: Mysterio and Cara, at 11:03. Looks like Rey will stay in the IC Title hunt, getting a pinfall over the champion here, plus it continues Rhodes vs. Cara.

– The finish of the match was replayed, then the announcers used the iPad to show fans how to visit on one.

– Daniel Bryan was walking backstage, trying to stay calm when Hornswoggle walked up and asked for a hug. Then he said he was just kidding and offered a handshake. Bryan accepted and smiled, but Horny stepped on Bryan’s foot and ran away, causing Daniel to try his best not to erupt.

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– Otunga and Booker were having a conversation backstage. Otunga said he couldn’t believe Booker put the health of his wrestlers in the hands of fans. Otunga showed Booker a slideshow of guys taking the Brogue Kick. Booker relented, saying he’d at least think about making the kick illegal. Otunga said it wasn’t good enough – he would show Booker more proof in the training room.

– The announcers again reacted to the updated Brogue Kick situation. Mathews threw it to a video of Kane and Daniel Bryan hugging it out on Raw.

– Daniel Bryan came to the ring for a match. It’s next.

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The crowd was into the match early, but Bryan stopped it by kicking away at Ryder, yelling “no!” in the process. Bryan kneed Ryder in the chest and got a two-count. Ryder came back with a face-plant and a clothesline. Broski Boot was lined up and he nailed Bryan with it. Bryan begged off when Ryder readied for the finish. He apologized to Ryder as the crowd chanted “yes!” Bryan asked for a hug from Ryder, and of course, Ryder, the idiot, accepted. They hugged, then Bryan turned it into the No Lock for the win.

WINNER: Bryan, via submission, at 2:58.

Bryan applied the move once again after the match. The referee then reversed the decision.

WINNER: Ryder, via reverse decision, at 2:58. I see why Ryder played this part, as they had to have a character oppose Bryan who would get a pop upon the reversing of the decision.

Bryan let his anger get the better of him after the match, yelling and kicking the ropes in the middle of the ring.

– Randy Orton was walking backstage. He’s in action next.

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– Damien Sandow interrupted Lilian Garcia. He had something important to say of course. He said he lost a match by count-out last week, but Booker T. put him in a match he was not prepared for. Sandow said he didn’t have the proper amount of time to prepare for his opposition. He was disgusted about Touts and Tweets that called him a coward. He continued to defend his actions and send those who use social media are the real cowards. He said no fan dare call him craven to his face. Sandow continued his rant, saying Albert Einstein certainly didn’t Tout upon his discovery of the theory of relatively. Finally, Randy Orton’s music interrupted and he came to the ring.

Orton said he’s not here to add to the discussion, but to fight. Orton told Booker to give his scheduled opponent the night off so that he can face Sandow. Sandow protested, to no avail.


As soon as the match began, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero walked to the ring. The bell rang before Ziggler and Vickie came to the ring and again when they got to ringside, so the first one must’ve been a mistake. Ziggler joined commentary and Cole called him Mr. Money in the Bank, and Ziggler said “that’s my father’s name.” Orton began with a shoulder knock-down and Sandow decided to take a breather. On a whip into the buckle, Sandow slid and went under the bottom rope. He circled the ring and climbed the stairs to come back in. Sandow escaped the back-breaker and went to ringside, where Orton took Sandow’s head off with a clothesline. Ziggler stood atop the announce desk to distract Orton, allowing Sandow to back Orton spine-first into the ring post. Sandow even seemed surprised at this development and after backing off, went in to ram Orton’s head into the post. They cut to break at 4:01 with both men back in the ring.

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They returned at 7:32 with Sandow snap-maring Orton. After a missed corner charge from Sandow, Orton began his comeback. Vintage Orton DDT. Again Sandow left the ring, but this time, he ran all the way up the ramp and to the backstage area.

WINNER: Orton, via count-out, at 9:56. Two high-profile opponents two weeks in a row for Sandow.

Orton cut off Ziggler and Vickie as they were going around ringside to head to the back. Orton knocked Ziggler on his back with a punch, then threw him into the ring. Ziggler took the fight to Orton, but Orton powerslammed him. Before he could hit the RKO, Sandow sprinted back to the ring to turn Orton around. Sandow received an RKO for his troubles, but Ziggler managed to escape.

– The announcers again wondered whether Otunga could convince Booker to ban the Brogue Kick.

– In the trainer’s room, Otunga showed Booker X-Rays of a “normal” neck and what Rodriguez’s looked like post-Brogue Kick. Otunga said he had a doctor who could testify to the damage suffered by Rodriguez. Otunga said he’d sue Booker, Teddy Long, Eve and WWE. Booker again said he’d think about it, but then put Otunga in a match…against Sheamus. Booker continued studying the images after Otunga walked out.

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– R-Truth and Kofi Kingston came to the ring to observe the next match. The participants were already in the ring.


Each member of a team had a man in the ring. Primo and Jey fought over a pin on Darren Young early on. Epico and Primo did a number on Jey in their corner. Titus got the tag from Young and he showed off his power. Impressive slam on Epico. Northern Lights suplex by Young on Epico for two. Tornado DDT by Epico to turn the tide; then he collided with Jey on a double clothesline. All three men were down at 2:45. Jimmy came in and took the fight to both men. As per the usual, most ended up being sent to ringside. Jimmy hit Young with a Samoan Drop, then flew over the top and onto O’Neil and Epico after a tag. Primo tripped up Jey on the top rope. Young gave his finisher to Primo, but Jey hit a splash on Primo. He went for a cover, Young pulled him off and tossed him out of the ring and made the pin.

WINNERS: Prime Time Players, at 4:21. I despise that Triple Threat finish. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

The new old challengers jawed with the champions after the match.

– Sheamus vs. David Otunga is still to come.

– Next, the latest chapter of the Cena vs. Punk feud.

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– “Champions,” featuring Kevin Rudolf, Limp Bizkit, Birdman, and Lil Wayne, is the Night of Champions theme.

– The Raw Rebound aired.

– A graphic aired plugging Punk vs. Cena at Night of Champions. They showed Tweets from various wrestlers reacting to Paul Heyman joining forces with C.M. Punk.

– Once again, the announcers talked about Booker’s Brogue Kick decision, and his choice to put Otunga in a match with Sheamus.

– They showed a Tout from Eve, who is overseas, discussing Smackdown events.

– Long and Kaitlyn were discussing the possible Otunga lawsuit backstage when Ziggler and Vickie walked up. They wanted a face-to-face with Booker after what Orton did to Ziggler tonight. Ziggler wanted a shot at Orton at Night of Champions. Long said he’d advise Booker to grant Ziggler’s wish. Ziggler said by Night of Champions, he’ll already be champion. Vickie got in a zinger on Long before they walked up.

– Up next, Wade Barrett’s return.

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No entrance for Tatsu. Barrett has new music. Again. He looks good with the beard. Knees to the face of Tatsu while Tatsu was caught in the ropes, even though it was obvious the knees were hitting Tatsu’s elbows. Shots to the ribs by Barrett, then a headbutt. Tatsu tried to get back into it with kicks, but Barrett gave Tatsu a kick of his own to the mid-section. Hard forearm shot right to the head finished it.

WINNER: Barrett, at 1:49. An okay return for Barrett; effective, but nothing really memorable about it.

After the match, Barrett grabbed a mic. He said taking part in meaningless matches like that doesn’t interest him. In fact, it nearly bores him to tears. Barrett wanted to be in the thick of the title action, and said he’s open for business.

– Sheamus was walking backstage. The main event is next.

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– Alberto Del Rio was introduced first. He came out in his car, then accompanied Otunga to the ring. Del Rio actually looks really good as a second in that suit.


Sheamus caught an Otunga punch and clotheslined Otunga. Otunga ducked a Brogue Kick, sending Sheamus to the apron. Otunga then kicked Sheamus in the leg to send him to ringside. Del Rio was watching from a seat next to the announcers. Diving shoulder tackle by Otunga back in the ring, for a one-count. Sheamus came back with an Irish Hammer and a knee-lift. Forearms to the chest of Otunga, in the section of the ring closest to the announcers (and Del Rio). Sheamus hit White Noise, then set for the Brogue Kick. Before he could hit the move, Booker interrupted on the mic and announced that the Brogue Kick is now banned. Dude has like three finishers anyway, so this really shouldn’t be a big deal. Del Rio laughed at ringside as Sheamus bantered with him. Otunga was still down. Del Rio headed to the back as Otunga jumped Sheamus, only to fall victim to the Irish Curse back-breaker. Texas cloverleaf locked in and Otunga tapped.

WINNER: Sheamus, at 4:59.

Sheamus celebrated in the ring to close the show.

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