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ResultsSMACKDOWNWWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for July 23, 2021

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for July 23, 2021



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Cena gets a very loud pop, and a mic so he can speak to everyone. He just plays with the crowd at first, he understands they’re amped up and that it’s been a hell of week.

His surprise return, he was so excited he crashed RAW to address some fan issues most notably him being the only guy left to chin check the lifeless egomaniac that is Roman Reigns. He came back to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal title at Summerslam. Everyone can feel how close they are to Cen and Reigns going face to face, and he couldn’t think of a better place than Cleveland.

He brings up the Indians changing their name to the Guardians, and says he changed his middle name to Guardian because someone has to protect the small amount of respect WWE has left. Smackdown with Roman Reigns as champion has absolutely sucked, but that’s just his perspective and he knows there’s dozens, nay hundreds of Roman Reigns fans who disagree with him.

But the important thing is they can be heard now, no more Thunderdome, no more LED screens, it’s live and in person finally. Summerslam is a chance to stand up for what you believe in, and he asks which team the fans are on. That leads to a fairly large “Cena” chant, and Cena asks if you’re on team Jorts or Cargo Pants. Team Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect or on a team the fans always reject. Are you on Team Cena or on Team Roman Reigns.

Speaking of Roman Reigns where is he? Roman must know that he can’t see Cena, and after Summerslam he’ll realize that the champ is here. Cena wants Roman to show up, he wants to make history. But everyone should know at this point, Roman does things on his time and not yours. Paul Heyman is here with a mic on the entrance ramp. Ladies, Gentlemen, things that live in Cleveland, John Cena has this all wrong. Roman can’t hear Cena because Cena isn’t worth the time to listen too.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch though John, Heyman is giving him his word that tonight Cena will get an answer to his challenge. But only when Roman decides to come out and show everyone that the Tribal Chief is here. Heyman then sings Cena’s entrance song.

Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn

Balor wins with the Coup De Grace.

Winner: Finn Balor

Kayla Braxton interviews Baron Corbin backstage. He’s asked how much money he made from his charity last week. He actually lost money because the man he paid to make his website ghosted him and also stole his identity because he has no credit, credit cards or anything to his name. He also mentioned he had to ride the bus here.

WWE congratulates the NBA Champions, the Milwaukee Bucks.

Out comes Mr. Money In The Bank, Big E. Big E calls Sunday night one of the best nights of his life and as he recalls the events of that night, he’s interrupted by Apollo Crews. He mocks Big E because he only won a contract while Apollo actually won a title by beating him at WrestleMania for the Intercontinental Championship.

Out comes Ziggler and Roode to interrupt, and then Nakamura after them, and then Cesaro. Cesaro says he wants the Intercontinental Title, and says it’s swing time in Cleveland. Everyone brawls with each other, the faces clear the ring and Cesaro gives Apollo the swing before retreating and we presumably will have a tag match of sorts.

We switch over to Rolling Loud with Wale hosting. Wale chants “We Want The Smoke” along with the crowd, which brings out the Street Profits.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Chad Gable

Dawkins wins with The Anointement.

Winner: Angelo Dawkins

Bianca Belair (C) vs. Carmella – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Belair wins with the KOD.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Back in Cleveland, Kevin Owens gives some advice to Shotzi Blockheart and Tegan Nox who are trying to fix their tank. He sees Corbin and Corbin wants to apologize and says he’s really struggling. Owens says he brought a lot on himself, and he mocks Corbin by asking if it’s the same shirt he wore last week.

Corbin begs Owens for some help. Owens takes out his wallet, and gives him some cash. And he says to try not to be a jerk to people. Blockheart hits Corbin in the nuts accidentally with the tank and Ziggler and Roode steal the money. Owens scares them off with a chair while Corbin lies in pain.

Edge is out. He says we have no idea what crowd reactions do to him. We know what he’s done and how hard he’s fought to get this back as well as all of us back. We also know that Edge should be the Universal Champion, but he’s not and Seth Rollins is the reason why.

He thought he had all his bases covered by having the Mysterios neutralize the Usos. He didn’t think Seth would make his presence felt. If he anything he thought he’d screw Roman over because maybe it’d be easier to win the title from him. He’d be wrong. But he realizes this goes back to 2014 when they first met and didn’t finish the job because he didn’t think he’d be back but now he’s in his way.

Rollins doesn’t know what he’s done because Edge has learned from some of the most evil minds in the business. He’s been in The Brood and The Ministry of Darkness. He’s opened up a Pandora’s Box of violence and he’ll find out. Out comes Rollins.

That’s right, it’s grandpa Edge talking about the man he used to be. Rollins cackles, and Edge does us all a favor by telling him to shut up. Why doesn’t Rollins come down here, and Edge promises not to get physical.

Rollins is coming down, he knows Edge isn’t as stupid as he looks and Edge knows what Rollins can do to him so he’ll behave. He was going to come out here and talk about how much he hates Cleveland, and people like Edge and John Cena who come back whenever they want and jump the line to take chances they don’t deserve from people like him who deserve them.

He was going to talk about all those things, but the more he thought about it the more he agrees with the people of Cleveland, he’s thrilled Grandpa Edge is here. Rollins is thrilled Edge is here, because Edge has been such a scumbag that nothing will make him happier than killing Edge’s dream and ending his little comeback story. He warns that if Edge keeps pushing Rollins that in years to come they wont talk about Edge, they’ll talk about the man who ended Edge.

Rollins reminds everyone he could have ended Edge 7 years ago when he brought The Authority back, but he hesitated. But the next time he gets that chance, with his boot on the back of Edge’s surgically repaired neck, he will not hesitate. Edge reminds him of promising not to lay hands on Rollins, but Edge is a liar and they start brawling. Eventually Edge hits the Edgecution DDT, then Rollins runs away from a Spear. Edge stands tall.

Toni Storm vs. Zelina Vega

Storm wins with Storm-1.

Winner: Toni Storm

Dominik Mysterio vs. Jimmy Uso

Jimmy wins with a roll-up with extra leverage given by Jey.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

After the match, Roman comes out.

We come back and Roman is in the ring with Heyman, and Heyman hands him a mic. Roman waits out the boos of the crowd, then tells Cleveland to acknowledge him. They boo in response. He looks to camera and tells all of us sitting at home to acknowledge him, we might as well since everyone including John Cena has acknowledge him.

Cena acknowledged him at Money in the Bank, and RAW, and tonight, and he really did want to acknowledge Cena. Hollywood fooled him though, they put a paint job on Cena and he wanted something new, but all Cena’s doing is a nostalgia act. The same music, same run to the ring, same outfit, same promo, same insults, if Roman wanted that all he had to do was search online for 2005 John Cena, it’s like missionary position every single night.

OK, that line ruled. But the Tribal Chief, they’re not motivated or inspired by that. Cena was right, Roman can’t see him, doesn’t want to see him, doesn’t need to see him, and has no desire to see him. And we’re not gonna see Cena in the main event of Summerslam. Because Roman’s answer is no. This all prompts Finn Balor to show up.

Well that’s certainly a choice. Balor has a mic as he gets in the ring, Roman says Heyman informed him that Balor is here to do what he normally does and follow Cena’s footsteps and acknowledge him. Balor isn’t here to acknowledge Roman, but if Roman isn’t interested in Cena’s challenge maybe he’ll be interested in Balor’s.

Roman chuckles at that, briefly confers with Heyman while the crowd chants “Roman’s scared” at him. Between Heyman and the crowd Roman’s demeanor changes, he gets serious then tells Balor he accepts his challenge. They stare down each other as the episode ends.

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