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WWE Smackdown LIVE Results – August 27, 2019: KOTR Continues, Daniel Bryan Wants Apology



Welcome to Smackdown LIVE.

We start with a recap of the Roman Reigns saga.

Roman is asked what response he has about Daniel Bryan and Rowan, and he says we’ll see when they get in the ring.

Out comes Kofi Kingston and we get a recap of his feud with Orton. Kofi says Randy likes to talk about him being stupid. But Kofi knocked his ass out of nowhere last week. Kofi says Orton made this personal and all he ever wanted as to prove that he belonged and that he deserved to be the champ. But Orton didn’t want that. He made it personal when he brought his family into it when he brought The Revival to try and take out his New Day brothers.

However, the last thing we saw after he beat up The Revival with a chair was Orton cowering with fear in his eyes. He was scared because he saw a look in his eyes that said, “when you mess with my family, I do not play around.” So now, we have a rematch and he’ll prove to him that he was wrong to say he wasn’t ready. At Clash of Champions, Orton will find out why he’s WWE Champion.

We see Orton saying stupid over and over on the titantron. Orton says he’d enjoy nothing more to prove that, but he’ll wait at Clash of Champions. But there’s something he wants to show him. This morning in his hotel room, he wanted to prove how stupid he was and he received a letter, a touching letter and he wanted to share it.

The letter says that Kofi is a good man and that Orton is mean and he should stop hurting him and the New Day. It says that Kofi isn’t just his hero, but he’s his daddy. Orton says he just realized that he’s staying at the same hotel room as his family. Orton says he doesn’t need to be pen pals with him, but he could pay him a visit right now.

Kofi then runs backstage into the gorilla position and brawls with Orton. They brawl before Orton gets a draping DDT and calls him stupid.

We are in the doctor/trainer’s room and Big E comes out. He is asked what happened. Big E says that he can assure us that Kofi will be ready to compete at Clash of Champions. However, after his match against Orton tonight, he can’t say the same about him.

Ali vs. Buddy Murphy

Ali starts with a knife edge chop but it doesn’t phase him. Ali does some backflips and gets a hurricanrana that sends Buddy outside. Ali prepares for a dive but Buddy gets a high knee for a 2 count.

Back from commercial Ali gets a slingshot on Buddy and a jumping dropkick that sends him outside. Ali gets a suicide dive. Backstage, Elias is scouting his opponents. Ali gets another corner kick and goes for a facebuster, but Buddy sends him outside and he gets a dive outside. Buddy goes for a double stomp from the top rope, but Ali dodges and gets a superkick and inverted hurricanrana for a 2 count.

Ali goes to the top rope, but Buddy catches him with a kick to the head and a powerbomb cover with gets 2. He then gets a knee and a brainbuster that gets 2. the two trade hard shots before Ali gets a side kick to the face. He then gets a hurricanrana DDT while Buddy is draped from the ropes and the 450 splash gives him the victory.

Winner: Ali

Backstage we see Bayley with her title and Ember Moon approaches her. She says don’t tell her Charlotte is in her head. Bayley mentions Summerslam, but Ember cuts her off and says she’ll beat her when she steps back in the ring with her again. But she says Bayley is the current face of the division and not Charlotte because people like her get an opportunity when she’s champion.

We then see Lacey Evans and she says that the two need to raise their standards. She says that Charlotte was right when she said Bayley was bringing her an the title down. Lacey says that Charlotte was wrong in that Lacey is the face of the division, not her. Ember and Bayley share a laugh. Lacey says she’ll prove it to Bayley in their match tonight.

Out comes The Miz. We get a recap of last week’s segment with him, Zayn and Miz. Miz says that Shinsuke tried to paint a picture of two poets with the same philosophy. Really? He says Zayn became a spokesperson because he couldn’t hack it in a WWE ring and is riding Shinsuke’s coattails. He says that if Shinsuke thinks Zayn will help him with his career, he’s wrong. And he’s also wrong if he thinks attacking him is his ticket to fame. Miz says he made the Intercontinental Title the most relevant title today, and he challenges Nakamura for a title match at Clash of Champions.

Zayn interrupts him and he says that he’s a liberator and he laughs when Miz talks about the Intercontinental Title as if it’s his, but it’s not his, it’s Shinsuke’s. Shinsuke Nakamura is an artist, a poet and the King of Strong Style and The Miz is the king of Soft Style. He doesn’t expect someone as self-obsessed as Miz to understand someone as sophisticated as Miz, and Sami says Miz needs respect beaten into him. Miz dares Sami to beat that respect into him right now. Sami says that’s not how it works and we don’t please these idiots whenever he wants to. Miz says he’ll beat respect into him out there.

Sami says Miz is making a mistake and Shinsuke attacks Miz from behind and throws him into the barricade before hitting him with the Kinsasha. Shinsuke brings Miz into the ring and hits him with another.

Backstage we see Elias and Kevin Owens. Elias says this is Shane McMahon’s office and Oens should have knocked. Kevin says the door was open and asks what Elias is doing in here. Elias says he’s 3 matches away from being King of the Ring and doing what he wants. He asks what Owens is doing. Kevin says he wants to talk to Shane. Elias says he’s not here. Owens says thanks.

Bayley vs. Lacey Evans

Bayley starts with some arm drags and a series of punches to the face. He gets another arm drag and turns that into a wrist lock. Lacey then gets a scoop slam and a kick to the face. Lacey gets Baley to the corner, but Bayley brings Lacey outside the ring and gets a big clothesline. Flair comes out as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Lacey gets a shot to the gut and a gator roll before dropping her arm on the apron. Lacey brings Bayley back into the ring and stomps away and then gets a plancha for two. Lacey goes back to work on the arm. Then Bayley reverses and works over her left arm before getting a dropkick to the ropes for 2. Lacey gets a big boot and slaps her.

Bayley replies with a shot and sends her face first into the top turnbuckle. She drags her and does the same to the parallel turnbuckle. She then catches Lacey’s leg on the rope and gives her some shots. Bayley then gets a series of clothesline while holding onto her left arm. High knee in the corner connects and she then gets a leg lock before Lacey reaches the ropes. Lacey shoves Bayley out but Bayley gets a facebuster to the ropes. Bayley goes for the Belly to Belly before Lacey sends Bayley shoulder first.

Lacey goes to the top turnbuckle and gets a moonsault for 2. Lacey and Bayley head outside before Bayley gets a barricade assisted suplex. Both Bayley and Lacey beat the count of 10. Bayley goes for a pin that gets 2. Jackknife cover for Lacey gets 2. They trade shots before Bayley gets a knee to the side of the head. Bayley gets a Belly to Belly but Lacey gets her hand on the rope.

Lacey works over the arm again and gets a slam before Bayley reverses into another Belly to Belly. Top rope elbow finishes things.

Winner: Bayley

Backstage, Daniel Bryan says he displayed to Roman the perpetrator of his attacks and they have yet to receive an apology. Bryan says he and Rowan are not going to leave the ring until they hear an apology from Roman.

Randy Orton vs. Big E

Big E starts with a series of shots to the gut and sends him outside. He then sends Orton shoulder first into the steel steps. Big E tells Orton he has hell to pay and it’s time to collect before sending Orton over the announcer’s table. Big E goes in the ring to break the count and heads back out. Orton then pokes Big E in the eye, but Big E then sends Orton over the barricade.

Big E then brings Orton back into the ring and covers him for a 2 count. He then gets the abdominal stretch on Orton before getting a high elbow for another 2 count. Orton then gets another thumb to the eye before sending Big E into the barricade. He then gets a shoulder drag and sends him to the other turnbuckle but Big E gets a rebound lariat and a series of clotheslines. Big E goes for a splash on the apron but Orton gets out of the way.

Orton then gets a suplex onto the announcer’s table. Back from commercial, Orton goes for another suplex on the table before Big E gets a suplex on the table of his own. Big E brings Orton back into the ring but Orton gets a standing dropkick which gets a 2 count. Orton then stomps on Orton’s hands before Big E gets a series of overhead suplexes and a Belly to Belly. Big E goes for the big splash, but is cut off by The Revival. Orton goes for the RKO, but Big E reverses.

Big E goes for the Big Ending, but Orton reverses and The Revival get a shot to the face to Big E. Orton gets the RKO and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, The Revival lift up Big E for another RKO by Orton. The three pose on the top rope.

Backstage, Chad Gable is asked about Benjamin’s insults to him in recent weeks. Gable says that he should know better than to underestimate him. When their match is over, it will be Benjamin looking up for Chad. Benjamin comes backstage and says he’s asking for Chad backstage and asks the interviewer if he’s seen him. He says when you do, tell Chad that he’s coming for him.

Back from commercial, we see Elias sitting on the throne. Elias calls the people of Baton Rouge a bunch of filthy swamp people and says that we will soon be calling him King Elias. He is then interrupted by Kevin Owens. He attacks Elias and gets a stunner. R-Truth the comes out and tries to pin Elias to win the 24/7 Title, but Drake Maverick takes Truth out of the ring and steals the pin for himself.

New 24/7 Champion: Drake Maverick

Chad Gable vs. Shelton Benjamin

Gable begins with a series of shots before Benjamin gets a huge spinebuster. That gets a 2 count. Benjamin gets a stomp and a suplex. Bejamin talks down to Gable before Gable gets a jacknife cover for two. Benjamin with a hard Irish Whip into the corner for 2. Benjamin with more trash talk before Gable slaps him in the face and hits him with some shots. A kick to the gut and a front flip kick and neckbreaker brings Benjamin down.

Gable gets a rebound German Suplex, but Benjamin responds with a clothesline. Benjamin eventually gets an AnkleLock, but Gable sends Benjamin out. Gable goes for a dive, but Benjamin sends Gable into the barricade.

Both men get to the top rope where Gable gets the advantage. Gable goes for the moonsault, but he lands on his feet. Benjamin gets a high knee and goes for a powerbomb, but Gable reverses into a sunset flip for a 3 count.

Winner: Chad Gable

Roman Reigns comes out to the ring and before he says anything, he is interrupted by Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Daniel Bryan says to simply say “I’m sorry”. Roman asks the crowd if he should apologize, and they say no. Roman says that we’ll check out a video he found, and we’ll see if he should still apologize. The video shows that man in the orange beard walking by. It is revealed to be Rowan, and Bryan slaps him in the face while saying he hates liars.

Bryan asks for a microphone and he said he entrusted Rowan while saying that Rowan lied to him. Rowan betrayed Bryan and he said someone told Rowan to do it, and it wasn’t Bryan. He said Rowan lied to Bryan the entire time before Roman spears Bryan and that’s that.

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