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ResultsSMACKDOWNWWE SmackDown Results (1/19/2024)

WWE SmackDown Results (1/19/2024)



Here are the results for episode of WWE SmackDown airing on January 19, 2024.

Roman Reigns is present backstage. Nick Aldis introduces the show by conducting the contract signing for the fatal four way match at the Royal Rumble. AJ Styles, LA Knight, and Randy Orton enter the ring and sign the contract. Paul Heyman arrives to let us know he and Roman Reigns have yet to read it, so the champion will not sign the contract this evening.

Nick Aldis says that is fine. He has enough signatures to make this a triple threat match for the “vacant” Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Heyman quickly backtracks. He tells Aldis that he cares deeply about him. He halfway respects the mediocre job he has done. The fact is, he looks really good in these wannabe Heyman custom suits. There is no way he could sell this to the board, the WWE Universe, or his Tribal Chief. Roman Reigns should be defending his title in a one-on-one match.

LA Knight tells him to shut up. He says this should be his rematch, but suddenly, we get a bunch of guys return and go straight to the main event. AJ Styles says The Bloodline tried to end his career, and Knight lost his match, so he has lucky to be in this match. Knight warns AJ Styles and reminds him to focus on Reigns. Whatever happens, he will be the winner.

It quickly devolves in to a fight between the two, and officials show up to split them. Meanwhile, Randy Orton tells Paul Heyman he knows what he is trying to do. Later tonight, he is going to drop Solo Sikoa and beat him. After that, he will reintroduce the three most dangerous letters to Roman Reigns. RKO.

Logan Paul arrives to get ready to be on the Kevin Owens show.

#1. LWO’s Carlito, Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Legado Del Fantasma’s Santos Escobar, Angel & Humberto – Winners: Legado Del Fantasma

Bobby Lashley and The Pride send a warning to Karrion Kross’ new stable, Final Testament.

#2. Pretty Deadly vs. British Strong Style’s Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne – Winners: British Strong Style

On the Kevin Owens show, Logan Paul tells KO that he is the reason he is in WWE. Three years ago, he embarrassed him at WrestleMania by hitting him with a Stunner. It was then that he realized he needed to prove that he belonged here. Thank you for that. KO says he can barely remember doing it. To him, it may have been traumatic, but to KO, he has been doing this for over twenty years. He thought Logan was just another celebrity guest, but he actually put in the work, so KO gives him credit for that.

As good as he is, Logan is not a superstar like Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, or himself. Logan says he doesn’t want to be like them. He lists all the things he has done. He is a maverick… while Kevin is just, Kevin. Owens says that while Paul can say whatever he likes about him, he can’t say whatever he wants, because Paul is protected. He used the tools and became United States Champion, and that’s great, but to everyone else, that is a joke that has been going on too long. He will put an end to it at the Royal Rumble.

Logan says he wasn’t listening. All those guys he listed earlier, he knocked out all those guys. Owens says all the fans who have been watching the past ten years, knows that he can take more of a beating than anyone and get back up. There is not a punch he can throw that will keep him down longer than three seconds. Owens gives him his word that he won’t have his cast on for the Royal Rumble. In fact, he can take it off right now. As he does, Logan delivers a sucker punch. KO gets up and takes it to Logan. The United States Champion stops KO by smashing his arm against the steel steps.

Backstage, Roman Reigns is laying it on thick on Jimmy Uso, but Solo Sikoa steps forward to take the blame for The Bloodline’s failures. As the Tribal Heir, he will correct this tonight.

All of Damage CTRL are at ringside for the next match. Bayley is on commentary.

#3. [Women’s Tag Team Championship] Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (c) vs. Unholy Union’s Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn – Winners: Carter & Chance retain

The Kabuki Warriors take the champions title belts for a moment, before handing them over to the rightful owners. Carter & Chance want Asuka & Kairi Sane in a future match.

Final Testament respond to Bobby Lashley’s stable with a threat of their own.

Carmelo Hayes acknowledges the ending to last week’s match was how it goes sometimes. Austin Theory finds it awful that he is being rewarded interview time after what happened. Grayson Waller volunteers an unwilling Theory for a match with Hayes for next week.

#4. LA Knight vs. AJ Styles – Winner: No Contest

Solo Sikoa attacked LA Knight and AJ Styles, therefore ending the match. After that, he called out Randy Orton. After the break, we are told a match has been made.

#5. Randy Orton vs. Solo Sikoa – Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, LA Knight strikes AJ Styles, and Orton follows up with the RKO to both men. Roman Reigns shows up out of nowhere to deliver the Superman Punch to Orton. Reigns signs the contract and throws it down in front of Nick Aldis. The Tribal Chief ends the show by setting up a spear, but instead eating the RKO!

WWE SmackDown Results (1/19/2024)

WWE SmackDown Results (1/19/2024)

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