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ResultsSMACKDOWNWWE SmackDown Results (5/17/2024)

WWE SmackDown Results (5/17/2024)



We bring you coverage for the episode of WWE SmackDown airing on May 17, 2024. Missed RAW? You can find the results here.

#1. [Queen Of The Ring Quarter Final] Bianca Belair vs. Tiffany Stratton –  Winner: Bianca Belair

#2. [King Of The Ring Quarter Final] LA Knight vs. Tama Tonga (w/ The Bloodline) –  Winner: Tama Tonga

We have a contract signing between Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul ahead of their match at King & Queen Of The Ring in Saudi Arabia. Cody Rhodes opens by asking Logan Paul what happened right here 32 years ago right here. It was WarGames ‘92 between Sting’s Squadron against The Dangerous Alliance. Unlike Logan, he is a fan of what he does. He is nothing but a tourist. He should get off the train so he can become the United States Champion and Grand Slam Champion.

Logan Paul says he is just repeating what others said before him. He didn’t come here to talk; he came to sign a contract. The fans shower him with chants and jeers, so he calls them a horrible crowd. Logan Paul rips up the contract because it is not what he signed up for. He agreed to wrestle for the Undisputed WWE Championship, and not to put up his United States title. He tells Nick Aldis to get Cody to sign this new contract. Nick Aldis won’t stand for it.

Cody Rhodes thanks him for doing a great job. We’ll clear up the details later. He just asks them to have the ring. Nick Aldis agrees and leaves. Logan Paul says Cody Rhodes has done nothing to earn a shot at the United States title, while he has the right to every title in this industry. Rhodes lays down the situation. He will find out who Logan Paul really is. In eight days, a WWE Hall Of Famer will beat his brother, and then he will beat him. They start fighting until Paul escapes. Rhodes powerbombs one of his cronies through a table, and then holds both championships, before throwing the US title to Logan.

#3. [Queen Of The Ring Quarter Final] Nia Jax vs. Jade Cargill –  Winner: Nia Jax via DQ

Jade Cargill got angry and hit Nia Jax with a steel chair to get disqualified. The fight continues afterward, and officials struggle to break them up.

#4. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa vs. Angel & Berto (w/ Legado Del Fantasma) –  Winners: DIY

AJ Styles isn’t sure where to go after all the losses. Next week, he will go to Nick Aldis’ office and see where they go from here.

#5. [King Of The Ring Quarter Final] Randy Orton vs. Carmelo Hayes –  Winner: Randy Orton

The Bloodline appears to remind Randy Orton who he has next. He tells Tama Tonga that he will shove his boot so far up his *** before introducing him to the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment. RKO.

WWE SmackDown Results (5/17/2024)

WWE SmackDown Results (5/17/2024)

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