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ResultsSMACKDOWNWWE SmackDown Results December 23, 2022

WWE SmackDown Results December 23, 2022



Happy Holidays and welcome to WWE Friday Night SmackDown coming to you from the Allstate arena in Chicago, Illinois. EWrestlingNews is covering the results for today, Friday December 23, 2022!

Our night begins with universal WWE champion Roman Reigns and The Bloodline coming to the ring. Paul Heyman speaks on the next two weeks of SmackDown being historical for The Bloodline. This week The Usos defend their Tag Team championships, next week Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn will take on Kevin Owens and John Cena. Roman talks about going to Tampa next week to “smash somebody”. Reigns turns his attention to Sami Zayn who seems to have something on his mind. Zayn says he now feels like he found where he belongs in being a member of The Bloodline. He says Kevin Owens is a black cloud over all of that which should make him happy. Sami promises to mangle both John Cena and Owens next week.

WWE universal Tag Team championship: The Usos defeat Hit Row

Jey Uso and Ashante Adonis begin the match. Jey and Ashante exchange some brief blows before Top Dolla is tagged in. Top Dolla sling shots Ashante into Jey in the far corner and he is laid out with a clothesline. He makes a quick tag to Jimmy Uso who takes Top Dolla down with a drop kick and follows up with some aggressive stomps.

Returning from commercial we see The Usos with the double team assault on Top Dolla. Top Dolla lands a spinebuster and makes the hot tag to Ashante, but Jey a tag as well. Ashante lays out Jimmy and takes to the top rope for a crossbody and a quick two count. Jimmy lands a Samoan Drop, also only for a two count. Top Dolla attempts a double slam on The Usos but his leg gives out. The Usos capitalize with a 1D and score the pinfall.

Raquel Rodriguez wins Gauntlet match for #1 contender for WWE SmackDown Women’s championship

Emma and Xia Li begin the match, this following Xia Li’s interference in the WWE Women’s Tag Team title match last week costing Emma and her partner, Tegan Nox the victory. Emma starts off strong with a high back body drop and a hard clothesline and drop kick into the corner of the ring. Xia Li lands a high kick to the back of Emma’s head however and gets the pinfall for elimination. Tegan Nox comes in next and is put away quickly by Xia. Raquel Rodriguez enters as we go to commercial.

Xia Li has Raquel Rodriguez in a headlock as we return. Raquel attempts to power out but it ends with both women out on the floor. Xia targets the injured arm of Raquel with strikes. Back in the ring Raquel fights back and lands a fall away slam. She lands a corkscrew elbow drop for a close two count. Xia goes for another hard kick but Raquel ducks and hits the Tejana Bomb and scores the pinfall elimination.

Liv Morgan comes in fast and goes right to work on Raquel’s injured arm. Raquel gets Morgan up for a powerbomb but Liv rolls into a pinfall attempt. Raquel kicks out. Liv gets a sleeper hold in and Raquel begins to fade. She fights to a standing position and slams Morgan to the mat.

Following the commercial break both competitors are down. Making it to their feet Raquel fires away with a few clotheslines and backs Morgan into the corner. Liv gets an arm breaker on Raquel and hits a missile drop kick for a close two count. Morgan locks Raquel into a double arm bar but Rodriguez stands up, looking for a slam, but Liv pulls her face down into a knee strike. Raquel catches a fall away slam and lands a corkscrew elbow for another close two count. Liv attempts a move off of the ropes but Raquel catches her and slams her to the mat for a pinfall elimination.

Sonya DeVille comes in next and takes it to Raquel with punches and kicks in the corner of the ring. Raquel attempts to fight back but Sonya lays her out with a knee strike to the jaw. A close two count. Sonya then turns her attention to the braced injured arm of Rodriguez, slamming it into the ring post. Raquel catches a quick slam on Sonya that is only good for a two count. DeVille locks up Raquel’s arm in the corner but Raquel arm whips her off of the top rope and scores the pinfall.

WWE SmackDown Women’s champion Rhonda Rousey comes out and tells Raquel that she hasn’t won anything yet. Shayna Baszler enters. She goes right to work on Raquel’s arm. Raquel endures many painful twists of the arm before she catches Shayna in a quick roll up and gets a three count. Raquel rolls from the ring quickly as Rhonda Rousey runs in.


We are given a playback of the introduction of Uncle Howdy from last week on SmackDown. Bray Wyatt makes his ominous entrance to the ring. Bray talks of the surreal feeling he has being famous. He says he is unsure who the real Bray Wyatt is. He also reminds us that he is not Uncle Howdy. Bray loses his train of thought and drops to his knees. He then attacks a cameraman with a mandible claw. WWE official Adam Pierce has Bray Wyatt removed from the arena and has consulted other WWE officials on how to handle the matter.

Rey Mysterio defeats Angel (Los Latharios)

Angel attempts to play head games with Rey Mysterio and gets a slap to the face. Scarlet and Karrion Kross can be seen watching from the crowd. Rey unloads with a heavy offense but is quickly put down by Angel. Mysterio turns the tide with a flying head scissor into a hurricarana. Rey lets Karrion Kross know that he is watching. Angel attempts to give Rey a 619 but its reversed and Mysterio hits a 619 into a DDT combo and scores the pinfall. Rey beckons Karrion to fight but he stays put in the crowd.

Emma confronts Karrion Kross and Scarlet backstage for their disrespect towards Rey Mysterio. Emma slaps Scarlet. Karrion tells her that she has no idea what she has just done.

We are treated to a history of John Cena’s 20 year career on SmackDown.

A final promo package is played for Lacy Evans. The narration states that the mission comes to an end next week!

Braun Strowman and Ricochet defeat Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci

Braun starts things off for his team and makes easy work of Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Ricochet follows up with some offense and the action spills to the outside. While Ludwig has Ricochet in an arm bar Giovanni strikes Ricochet with a candy cane. Ludwig grabs a chair but Strowman punches it into his face. Next he send both men into the Christmas tree decorations on the entrance stage. A quick reversal and Strowman is double suplexed on the entrance way. Ricochet comes to the rescue and brings Vinci back into the ring. Ludwig lands a chair shot to Ricochet as he attempts a high risk maneuver. Giovanni and Ludwig open one of the gift wrapped boxes at ringside to reveal a ballerina who dances her way out of the arena. They open another to reveal the New Day dressed as nutcrackers. They low blow Vinci and Kaiser. Braun Strowman returns to the action with his running shoulder blocks. Braun revives Ricochet with mistletoe and a kiss from the ring announcer. Kaiser is sent through a table by Stowman while Vinci catches a running powerslam. Ricochet takes to Braun’s shoulders and splashes Vinci from up high. Ricochet covers and they score the pinfall victory.


Next week’s SmackDown will feature Solo Sikoa versus Sheamus. Lacy Evans returns! Also, newly crowned #1 contender Raquel Rodriguez will take on WWE SmackDown Women’s champion Rhonda Rousey for the gold. Then, in the main event, universal WWE champion Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn will take on Kevin Owens and John Cena!


Remember to refresh this page throughout the show for live coverage results and be sure to check out our comments section below to engage with viewers in real-time.

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