Some Weekend WWE, TNA, SHINE & More Indy Results


— Here are the WWE house show results from White Plains, NY on 9.22.12:

Credit Rafi Stern and

WWE returned to the Westchester County Center on 9/22.

The show opened with AJ Lee coeing out to make an announcement but she was cut off by CM Punk and Paul Heyman interrupting her. Punk said he doesn’t need to work tonight because John Cena is hurt and is not there to compete. AJ tells him the fans will decide what match he was have and it will be against the Big Show. The choices were Best Two out of Three Falls or a Lumberjack Match and they had the fans voting via text messaging.

*Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated the Miz and Tensai via Swanton bomb on Tensai.

After the match Miz grabbed the mic and says he never lost and is tired of partners losing and holding him down. He says he could beat Rey. Rey comes down the ramp and they start a match…

*Rey Mysterio defeated the Miz via a 619 in a non-title match.

*Michael McGuillicuty defeated Dean Ambrose. The crowd wasn’t into this match but Ambrose got a decent reaction from people who knew him.

*WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro defeated Zack Ryder. A solid match that went back and forth. Crowd was very pro Ryder.


*Damien Sandow defeats Justin Gabriel.

*In a match with special guest referee Aksana, WWE Divas champ Eve defeats Leyla. Match had great spots that the crowd enjoyed. They both were doing a split on the mat while throwing punches at each other. Solid match by both performers. Eve caught Layla with a neckbreaker after she almost nailed Aksana, who purposely stepped in the way. Layla pushed Aksana away, allowing Eve to nail the finisher.

*Brodus clay defeats Heath Slater with a splash and danced with some kids.

*Big Show defeated WWE champ CM Punk via DQ when Punk nailed him with the WWE title belt. The fans decided it’s a lumberjack match. The match starts and CM punk is trying to escape, but gets thrown back by Ryder and Gabriel. There was a nice spot with a chokeslam attempt turned into a DDT delivered by Punk. A few chops from Big Show to Punk. Punk tried escaping a few times and even ran up the aisle, but kept getting thrown back in. Big Show hit his chokeslam finisher on Punk but Damien Sandow put Punk’s foot on the rope. Show nailed several heels who got on the apron. The lumberjacks started fighting with each other. Heyman slid Punk the belt and he nailed Show. Punk worked over Show. Rey hit the ring to make the save but was clobbered with the belt. Cara then hit the ring and was laid out as well. Punk celebrated on the buckles but Show recovered behind his back and KO’d Punk as he came off the ropes. Show left with the Luchadors. An unconscious Punk was dragged to the back by officials as Heyman screamed concern.

Overall, it was a poor show. Not a lot of talent compared to a lot of shows I’ve gone to.

— Here are the SHINE 3 iPPV results from 9.21.12:

* Santana defeated Sienna Duvall via pin

* Leva Bates defeated Kimberly via pin

* The West Coast Connection (Tracy Taylor and Su Yung) defeated Rainbow Bright (Gabby Gilbert and Luscious Latasha) via pin

* Taylor Made (with Allysin Kay and April Hunter) defeated Greek Barbie via pin

* Jayme Jameson defeated Mercedes Martinez via pin

* Jessicka Havok defeated Mia Yim via pin

* Allysin Kay (with Taylor Made and April Hunter) defeated Christina Von Eerie via pin

* Jazz defeated Rain via submission

* It was announced that SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight will be at SHINE 4 to defend the SHIMMER title against Jazz.

— Here are the TNA house show results from Winston-Salem, NC on 9.21.12:

Credit: Chris Shore and

I was cautiously optimistic as the wife and I headed to the LJVM Annex for my first ever-live TNA show. All of the reports we get from TNA live events are good, but those usually come from TNA fans, and sometimes fans can be blinded by their fandom. Not that I’m not a fan of TNA, but house shows are a horse of a different color than what you see on TV and PPV and you never know what you are going to get.

Roughly 700 people joined us for the show, a respectable showing from numbers I have heard from other house shows. Anybody in the area who has any idea about the size of the company doesn’t anymore as TNA runs in the Annex, or old coliseum, here in Winston. That’s not a knock on the company, but it does put things in perspective as to the difference in crowd sizes with both WWE, which fills the actual coliseum in the next town over when they come, and ROH which couldn’t sell enough tickets at this same venue and had to cancel the show.

My first reaction on sitting down was anger I did not bring my camera. Four house lights had been strung to hang just above the ring to light it, and the look was incredibly old school. TNA has a basic ramp with a few lights, but less lights than ROH travels with. The vast majority of fans were on the floor, which were VIP seating. VIP ticket holders also got to be part of a meet and greet earlier in the day.

Jeremy Borash’s voice introduced SoCal Val. I say his voice because Borash is in the UK. I don’t know if it was recorded in pieces and the sound guy waited for crowd response before playing the next, or if Borash just has a feel for how crowds would react, but it played out perfectly, a rare event for recorded audio. Val looked great and did a good job of getting the crowd hyped up. The crowd had decent energy, but held back a lot until the main event when they went nuts. More on that later.

Right out of the gate, Val did something strange, and it was my only gripe with how the show was run. She announced that four people would get to meet RVD later, and that to be eligible, you needed to head to the Direct Auto Insurance table, “right now.” As fans rushed over to the table near the entrance, Val announced the first match. It is a small error, but I can’t understand sending the fans away from the ring just second before the first guy steps through the curtain.

1. Mr. Anderson defeated Crimson. Crimson got little reaction, but Anderson got a big pop that turned to some boos. I’m not sure why. Anderson took the mic and did his asshole bit, which got a good reaction. He called Crimson a douchebag, and the crowd loved that. Anderson won with the Mic Check in a match that was good, but nothing special. Instead of repeating that line for each match, I will point out here that all of the matches were good, but not special. That’s exactly how a house show should be in today’s wrestling business. There is no reason to put your stars at risk for 700 people. You should go out there, put on a good, but basic match, let your star power carry you, and then go home. So while I will not rave about any match, do not think they were bad. They weren’t. They were what they should have been.

Perhaps the coolest moment of the show happened after the first match when Anderson started to do his name gimmick, which Crimson cut off before the match. He stopped and said he had been saying his name twice for 12 years and he was tired of himself, so he wanted someone to help him. He found a kid in the front row on the opposite side of the ring from us and had him say his name, both times, into the mic. The kid even held the “Mister” part for a long time and the crowd cheered him. The mic was cutting in and out all night, and the kid was far enough away so I couldn’t see him well, but it sounded like perhaps the kid had a speech problem or was even special needs. If he wasn’t, it was still a very cool move. If he was, then mad kudos to Anderson for creating a special moment for the kid.

2. Mickie James defeated Gail Kim. Kim got better heat than I would have thought, and Mickie James is till very over. She also held a concert after the show about two minutes from my house. I couldn’t make it this time, but what a smart idea. They also had a bus going from the annex to the concert venue for fans, a nice touch. My understanding is they are doing the same gimmick tonight in Raleigh. James won with her DDT.

3. Magnus defeated Samoa Joe. This is the “weird crowd reaction” match of the night. Joe was introduced and got very little reaction when he stepped out. Then we he played to the crowd in the ring, he got a good reaction. But it was when the match started and he began laying chops on Magnus that the crowd decided they loved Joe. It was strange to watch play out, but by the end, Winston was hot for Joe. I missed the ending trying to find Jonny Fairplay and Bruce Mitchell of PW Torch, but Magnus won, I think with a roll-up.

4. Eric Young and ODB defeated Robbie E. and Robbie T. My wife’s reaction to Rob Terry was my favorite moment of the night. She hit me with the steroid question and I assured her it that Terry was clean. She was impressed. She also liked this match, which was the comedy segment of the night, of course. It also rounded out the show nicely. TNA booked this show very well, with every match being different, and with the card hitting all the spots: women’s match, comedy match, hard hitting match, etc. The crowd loved this match, which started with both teams dancing, and ended with ODB kicking everybody in the nuts for the win.

Intermission was next, and Earl Hebner was the only person signing t-shirts at the table. The new shill guy who replaced Don West was very smooth in his delivery, but he wasn’t as “all over the place” like West has been in the past (from what I was told). It was also surprising to see there were no Aces and 8s shirts. I realize storyline wise they are still on the outside, but as Fairplay pointed out, about a third of the show each week is dedicated to the group, with more to come, why not go ahead and sell shirts?

5. RVD defeated Gunner (w/Kid Kash). Gunner is from Greensboro, which is the next town over, yet he didn’t get the reaction I thought he would. Maybe people don’t know. RVD got a good reaction though. Kash interfered again and again, right in front of the ref, and instead of disqualifying him he was ejected. That got a big pop from the crowd. It’s TNA, so we had to have a ref bump at some point, and it came in this match. Kash sneaked back out and hit his moonsault from the top rope, but RVD took him out too and hit the frog splash for the win. RVD played to the crowd for a long time while his music played. For the record, I do not think there is a worse theme in all of wrestling.

6. Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Roode and Storm came out first, and Val announced that they each had mystery partners picked by Hulk Hogan. She let Storm open his envelope first. Storm got very excited and the crowd started chanting for Hardy. Storm had the best pop of the night until one second later when Jeff Hardy’s music hit. Gunner may have been from a closer city, but Winston-Salem acted like Hardy was the hometown boy and exploded when he stepped through the curtain. Aries got a decent reaction from the crowd when he was announced as Roode’s partner.

Aries cut a promo before the match about how he and Roode needed to put their differences aside and work together since they were facing two of the best in the business. This, of course, led to immediate squabbling between Roode and Aries over who would start the match against Storm. Finally, Hardy tagged in and Roode took the first go. All four guys hit their big spots, including one moment where everybody hit a signature move in a row. The finish came when Roode had the title belt and tried to hit Storm with it. Aries tried to stop him, which led to Roode hitting himself with the belt. Roode took the superkick from Storm and then the Twist of Fate from Hardy for the pinfall victory.

Aries cut a short promo on Hardy after the match about how at Bound for Glory they would find out who was the better man, but for now, they had no problems and he wanted Hardy to have his moment in his home state. Aries left the ring, and Hardy stayed to take pictures with fans for $20.

Once again, there was no match that wowed the crowd, but all six matches were solid and well done. Hardy was by far the star of the night, but Winston-Salem wasn’t a one man show either. TNA’s TV product continues to improve, as does their PPV product. On this night at least, their house show product was very good. TNA should just keep doing what they are doing. It’s working. If TNA comes to your town, give them a shot.

— Here are the AAW Defining Moment results from 9.21.12:

Credit: PWPonderings


Defining Moment

Sept 21, 2012

Berwyn Eagles Club

6309 W 26th St,

Berwyn, IL

* J. Miller def Cameron Skyy in 7:48 via double stomp to the back

* Irish Airborne def Zero Gravity in 7:58 via with the tandem spike piledriver

* Lamar Titan def Isaias Velazquez in 5:39 via uranagi to into the knees

* Tweek Phoenix def Marion Fontaine in 5:34 via hitting with his boot

Harvey’s group goes 2-0 on the night for those keeping score.

* Colt Cabana def Jesse Emerson in 9:05 via Go 2 Sleep

* Sami Callihan and BJ Whitmer def Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly in 22:32 via Callihan tapping O’Reilly out via rear naked choke

* Danny Daniels def Waylan in 5:08 via piledriver

* Marcus Crane vs Davey Vega vs Mason Beck vs MsChif vs Austin Mannix vs Trevor Court: Mschif wins via making Marcus Crane tap in 7:08

* ACH def Shane Hollister in 12:00 via implant DDT

* World Title vs. Heritage Title: I Quit Match, No Time Limit: Michael Elgin def Silas Young 39:02. Mike Elgin wins the heavyweight title and retains Heritage Title

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